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THE LEVELS OF WITNESSING: “Personal,” Subject-Object, and Pure, Part One

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An Advaita forum focusing on Realisation, enlightenment, non-duality, Real Love, peace, freedom, Your original nature, abiding naturally, the Oneness, the Nothingness, and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Here, there is nothing that is believed, so there is no one here who wants you to believe anything, either. Here, the invitation is to be free of all that you have been programmed, conditioned, acculturated, and domesticated to believe so that you can be free, period.

FROM A SITE VISITOR: f, As If living is the norm now, but occasionally something will be seen that will bring about feelings of outrage. Must be the last stubborn "justice" or "fairness" persona? Mind still exists?

F.: First, kudos for use of a tool you were offered when here last year during a retreat: when experiencing emotional intoxication, seek “the WHO,” that is, the persona that thinks it is being hurt or insulted or interfered with or offended or overly-concerned or attached. Find where a desire or a fear or both are involved and find which persona or personas are being driven by desire or fear or egotism or all three.

In this case, has the role of “The One Desiring Justice” been assumed? (By the way, that one would actually hate it if the relative justice he deserves were meted out!) Is “The One Desiring Fairness” truly concerned about the manifestation of universal fairness, or is there an ego-state that thinks it has been treated unfairly (or might soon be)?

So, you might be spot on with the “self”-assessment mentioned in your e-mail, in which case, seeking to uncover the personas at play would be the appropriate undertaking. Until the relative existence happens spontaneously as a result of Reality having been overlaid upon it completely, and until fixed totally in the AS IF mode of living you mention, then those occasions when some “person” feels outraged will call for additional consideration and understanding.

Understand this as well: while the Realized will feel, and will witness feelings as they rise and fall, only ego-states can emote. Understand, too, that Realization does not erase the relative. Understand that the relative still IS even after Reality has been overlaid upon it; yet, whatever happens during the remainder of the manifestation will happen without emotional intoxication. Meaning? When Realized, feelings are felt but “outrage” certainly has a ring of emotional intoxication which indicates, in turn, the assumption of one or more ego-states.

However, there is even more involved as well as much that is misunderstood about all that is involved in such scenarios as you describe and about what is really happening in such instances. It might appear that the Realized can experience outrage. Some conclude that was the case when Maharaj tossed visitors from the loft. Was outrage involved? Was emotional intoxication involved? Not in the least.

For a more complete understanding, consider the levels of witnessing. First, there is the delusion-based form of witnessing (which can be labeled “personal witnessing” for the sake of discussion) where the non-Realized believe that they are persons who are witnessing something.

Next, there is what can be called “level one” witnessing, but even that should happen without emotional intoxication. While it is “level two” witnessing, or Pure Witnessing, that sees the Oneness, it is level one witnessing that is dualistic, subject-object witnessing.

As an example, the deer in the neighborhood here have been seen to run away when they (subject) see a child (object) running toward them, trying to pet them. The teachings do not try to end such S-O witnessing. The teachings merely make clear that (a) whatever appears before the eye is not what it seems to be and that (b) perceptions among the non-Realized about anything in the relative are never accurate.

Next, even as I AM and I AM THAT are "simultaneously" valid (and are actually free of any element of duality since they are "not two") so too shall relative, level one witnessing continue to happen even as Realization has happened. What will not happen is the belief that what is being witnessed in a subject-object manner is what it might appear to be.

To know the Oneness does not suggest that there is some part of the teachings that says:

“If you are Realized and understand the atonement (the ‘at-one-ment’), then a oneness that does not exist should still be acknowledged as Oneness.” If Realized, You understand that You are not at-one-with lies and distortions and warped thoughts and nonsensical words and perverse behaviors.

For example, the teachings would never suggest that the Realized should say, “Throughout this relative existence, I see injustice and an absence of fairness and corruption and warped thinking and personas and phoniness and persons being driven by desire and greed or by fear and by all sorts of distorted behaviors, and I, being at-One with all, am automatically at one with all of that; furthermore, since I am at one with that, I accept it all.”

How could the Realized be at-one-with that which is a mirage? Moreover, the notion that everything in the relative is acceptable is nonsense. If that were the case, why Realize? The notion that “everything in the relative is all good because it is all god” is a double dose of nonsense.

Additionally, the teachings do not suggest that, post-Realization, the Realized do not see nonsense as nonsense, will not know that the unacceptable is unacceptable, and must conclude that mind-noise and insanity and ignorance and arrogance are welcome. They are not welcomed here, and they were not welcomed in the loft.

Therefore, Realization does not suggest that the Pure Consciousness must accept, and even approve of, exposure to relative nonsense that is witnessed. To the contrary, the Pure Consciousness rejects outright the warped, blocked consciousness and rejects outright all of the perverse, relative conduct of those trapped in ego-states (which are always driven by egotism and other ego-defense mechanisms).

It was the Pure Witnessing's rejection of the blocked consciousness—as a result of understanding that the blocked consciousness is the sustainer of all distortions and delusions and false identities and bogus concepts and insane beliefs—which led that Realized speck of pure consciousness called “Maharaj” to expose the illusions of the “mind” and the “mind’s” content for what it is.

For a brief period, the pure consciousness will tolerate the presence of the blocked consciousness if it is seeking to have the blockages removed. If any other agenda is exposed, then the welcome mat will be withdrawn and the location of the exit will be noted.

In addition, while it might have appeared that level one witnessing was happening when persons were sent from the loft, and while it might have appeared that some “Maharaj” (subject) was outraged after observing some “self-important person” (object), such was never the case.

The pure consciousness will only tolerate the presence of blocked consciousness if enough light is seeping through the blockages for the blocked consciousness to understand to at least some degree that it is blocked and is seeking to be unblocked.

Meanwhile, throughout the post-Realization relative existence, level one (S-O) witnessing will continue to happen, but there will never be a belief that the object observed is real or that it is as it appears to be. The pure consciousness differentiates between the true and the false, and even as the relative continues—along with all sorts of relative nonsense—whatever feelings might be generated are witnessed as they rise and fall.

What does not happen among the Realized, though, is any degree of emotional intoxication. The consciousness can only witness and cannot be outraged. What was happening with Maharaj (that speck of pure consciousness) as a visitor was being sent forth from the loft?

That speck was observing it all, just as last night while “floyd” slept, I (the consciousness) watched that sleep as it happened. As it happened, I saw to it that the heart continued to beat, that the lungs continued to contract and expand, and that all other natural functionings of the plant food body continued.

But there was no one doing anything; there was no one emoting about anything; there was no one glad or sad. All was simply being witnessed.

Please enter the silence of contemplation. (To be continued)

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