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The mind is filled with learned concepts, beliefs and opinions – none of which are your own. Apply logic, and you will see that this is true. All so-called knowledge has been acquired through language, and language by its very invention is created by others, and through its structure differentiates and separates. Understand, that one of your beloved concepts is that your mind is filled with your own learning, your own beliefs, your own opinions. Accept once and for all that they are not your own – this is all second-hand knowledge. When you accept that the mind is filled with fiction created by others, see how it functions for you. This fiction plays incessantly in the form of an internal dialogue of programmed tapes. These tapes never switch off; the tapes are steeped in duality – either they are propping you up as the hero of your individual tale, or they are tearing you down as not good enough. The tapes run in the same evaluative way in relation to everything perceived.

You will argue of course that it is impossible to function and survive in this world without a mind. This is not true. It is yet another idea you have learned second-hand and plagiarized for your own. Animals function naturally and spontaneously without a mind. Does the swallow need to study weather patterns and migration patterns to fly south to warmer weather in winter? Does the squirrel need to study the seasonal changes and effective methods of storage to gather acorns to feed on during the cold winters when food is scarce? Just these two examples are of highly complex behaviours which happen spontaneously and naturally when these animals are in a natural, wild setting. Let’s imagine what would happen if humans migrated south in winter. Imagine the books, the training courses, the navigation instruments, the “train-the-lead flyers” seminars; the migration stress-relieving power vitamins, and other nonsense that would be invented to accompany this migration. Imagine if humans gathered nuts to hoard for winter. Imagine the courses and books on effective nut collection and hoarding; the magazine articles on how to choose the most nutritional nuts; and the middlemen who would offer to collect and hoard the nuts for others – for a price. Can you see that where the consciousness is unconditioned, without attributes, the functions of being human simply happen effortlessly and naturally? After the fact, people have claimed intellectual ownership over these natural functions – and added all sorts of false dualistic notions which prevent humans from seeing the intuitive functioning. Where the consciousness is corrupted and conditioned, these natural functions are hidden from view with layer after layer of false mind-based nonsense.

Yesterday, the following pointer from Maharaj was shared:

Just as you do not need to worry about growing hair, so I need not worry about words and actions. They just happen and leave me unconcerned…

In the process of learned enculturation and conditioning, were you ever told that words and actions just happen? No. You were told that words and actions happen through the self-directed activity of the individual mind-body apparatus. This is unnatural functioning. For the jnani, there is no concern about whether the words are “right” or “wrong”, if the action is “loving”, “forceful” or involves “no-action”. The particular event and the word/action response are one movement in consciousness – there is no separation. In this relative world, which is only the temporary phenomenal aspect, there is simply the natural functioning of the Unicity. This temporary play will have its ups and downs. Not all swallows fly south in winter. A few may be injured which prevents flying and perhaps they may even die when the cold north winters come. Some may be pecked to death by ants. Some squirrels may hoard enough nuts for winter, or some may be eaten by wild cats. The major illusion is this futile attempt to stabilize on the side of what you believe is “happy” and “good”. Realize once and for all that the differentiation of “happy” and “good” are only possible because there is “unhappy” and “bad”. See clearly what you are asking for – you do not want non-duality; you want duality but only one half of it. Give it up. What is good and happy for you, may cause misery and difficulty for another. Who will win this hopeless game?

Freedom comes with the final acceptance that non-duality encompasses everything – the rain and the sunshine; the thoughts of “getting it” and the thoughts of “not getting it”, the dark and the light – there is no separation. You are not an object or individual in this manifest kaleidoscopic play; nor are you the kaleidoscopic play. From the ultimate subjectivity, the play of light and form can be witnessed. You are beyond what is physical; You are beyond what is non-physical. You are beyond all duality.

The LOVE whisperings of Advaita remind You that there is natural, spontaneous functioning; that the intuitive knowing can re-awaken and reveal this knowledge, just like the acorn contains the knowledge and imprint of the oak tree. The acorn does not require a book, a manual, a training course, a degree, or a mind for this innate spontaneous functioning to sprout and shoot into the oak tree. Why should it be different for a human being just because there is a capacity for words and action? Do You think this intuitive knowledge is the preserve of the learned and the great? Maharaj was a simple beedie-seller with no formal education, yet with the realization of true identity, the intuitive wisdom sprouted and was expressed. This innate wisdom and knowledge is already contained within You – ready to sprout.

To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

(For the explanation of the cycling that explains how the beingness appeared and how the source and the end are the same point, see From the I to the Absolute – A Seven Step Journey to Reality. Click on the “Non-Duality Books” link on the right hand side of this blog.)

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In “PART TWO” of this book, it will be seen why many criticized Maharaj for “changing his message in his later talks.” It will be seen that the changes were not about changing the message per se as much as about changing his methodology as he experimented with one version of the Ultimate Medicine after another in order to try to find an effective means for addressing the Ultimate Sickness.

He tried a religious version of the Medicine, a Spiritual version of the Medicine, and finally settled on a version which addressed to Sickness at its core . . . at the mental and emotional level.


“Dangerous” is a term that can only apply during the relative existence, but of those who do commit suicide, for example, how many shoot themselves in the foot over and over until they “bleed out”? None. They shoot themselves in the head. Why? In order to try to stop the noise - to try to stop the chatter of a thousand monkeys – to stop the noisy mind which is the area that stores the ideas, notions, concepts, mind-stuff, etc. which drives them into the depths of insanity.

And what are those ideas, notions, concepts, etc. called, collectively? "Their beliefs." The irony? They are not their beliefs at all. They are the beliefs of “others” that were set in place via programming, conditioning, etc. and which persons then think are their own.

And what are those beliefs rooted in, and what reinforces those beliefs and convinces persons that they are sacred and worth fighting over and even sometimes worth dying for? Blind faith.

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