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MAHARAJ: “There’s No Such Thing As Peace of Mind,” Part N

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Today's Considerations

Interesting, is it not, the way that persons hate when their teachers, preachers, gurus, guides, etc. “grow” in wisdom? They are usually only comfortable with the familiar, “Lite” version of any messages (that is, with "kindergarten level" messages, as Maharaj classified them). So when he stopped sharing non-duality + religion messages and stopped sharing non-duality + spirituality messages and focused on the actual mental roots of the Ultimate Sickness, the critics said:

"The later books of Maharaj do not enjoy the same clarity as 'I Am That'. It seems that he himself got complicated or rather evolved himself or declined maybe as happens to many teachers. It is also the lack of quality of translation in the level of "I Am That"


"His direct disciples who later on became notable teachers are of an especially low quality (e.g. Ramesh Balsekar, Wolinsky and others) which makes one to wonder how come"


"At first when he was still listening to his guru he was telling the truth, like he did in 'I AM THAT.' In his other talks, his ego made him start telling things he dreamed up on his own that were not true."

And of course when he suggested that it would be science - not dogma or "spiritual awareness" - which would eventually prove the validity of non-dual pointers, hundreds of thousands had to conclude that dementia or Alzheimer’s or some other type of mental complications or decline must surely have set in.

How dare he suggest that . . .

“All scriptures say that before the world was, the Creator was. Who knows the Creator? He alone who was before the Creator, your own real being, the source of all the worlds with their creators”

or that

"First of all you identify something as being good or bad for yourself. Then, in an effort to acquire good or to get rid of the bad, you have invented a God. Then you worship such a God and . . . you pray to that God for something good to happen to you."

The minds of individuals are the “creator of all worlds” and the minds of individuals “invented a God”? How dare him indeed, huh?

When Christ was parroting the words of the rabbis and the Torah at the age of twelve: cool.

But when he began sharing non-duality pointers in the years just prior to the crucifixion? Not cool at all.

And nothing among those identifying as “Super Catholics” will generate as much doubt about a pope’s infallibility as when he thinks and talks and behaves like Christ rather than when he thinks and talks and behaves like most "Christians."

Here, the case was the same: the audiences were large during the days when “floyd” was invited to speak in churches or to speak to the members of “spiritual groups” or when the content of a blog post dealt with super-spiritual subject matter and reinforced seekers' who had self-identified as “the spiritual one.” 

After the different understanding came – the same understanding which came to Maharaj which led him to stop focusing on non-duality plus religion and to stop focusing on non-duality plus spirituality and to focus on the psychological roots of the Ultimate Sickness, ummmm, not so much. 

The discussion will now continue with excerpts from CHAPTER TEN entitled “MIND” and PERSONALITY: What Cultures Consider “Assets” Are Actually “Liabilities” (Part Three)
This is part of what is offered in that chapter:

The major “problems of the planet” are rooted in personality assumption and in the warped "mind" that generates and supports false identities or a false Identity; furthermore, the treatment for identification with personality will never be sought simply as a result of being diagnosed with a personality disorder. Most persons will either remain blind to their disorders, will deny their disorders, will discount or dismiss their disorders, or will minimize the relative effects of their disorders. Some will even use their personality type to justify their behavior and dismiss any suggestions that they consider getting free of the effects of personality, claiming, "That's just the way I am." Usually, major consequences are required in order for most persons to be inspired to even try to become free of the impact of personality and the destruction associated with their personality-driven conduct.

While some cultures make exception for those suffering from clinical mental illnesses (“innocent by reason of insanity”) most do not understand at all the far more prevalent nonsense and suffering generated by personality. Thus, both the problem (personality) and the solution (abandonment of all identifications) are being discussed in order to allow visitors to know where their problems are likely rooted and to know that the solution can - in some cases - be provided via the non-dual teachings and Full Realization (that is, full freedom from learned ignorance and full restoration to sanity).

If serious relative-existence-consequences from the mind / personality nonsense and misery and suffering are somehow avoided, then persons will never exert any effort to become free of personality defects and the relative-existence-effects of those personality flaws. Seekers are those who come to know that “something is wrong in this picture” or who sense that "something is missing” or who at least consider the possibility that “maybe some of my ideas and beliefs and thoughts are contributing to my problems.” The non-seekers living under the influence of mind and personality will continue along their destructive path and can eventually become sociopaths who will never seek any change or any alternate perspective. They will fight to defend their false images / personas to the “end.”

Three factors especially lead persons to attach to their false identities, to be driven to fight to defend their false personality / personalities, to descend into the depths of what some professionals term “an unhealthy psyche,” and then to suffer the effects of personality disorders. Those three factors are (1) stress, (2) extreme piety or spirituality, and (3) the linking of money / income with a persona. For example?

One who receives money as a result of playing a spiritual role will become far more attached to the role than one playing a spiritual role for ego-gratification only but is not receiving money as a result of assuming that role. As another example, a person sitting in a congregation playing the role of “The Super Christian” becomes far more trapped in that role if she / he is subsequently hired to serve on the staff of the church and is paid to work in that position. All three areas will be reviewed.


The enneagram method of "personality classification" and "behavior forecasting" is highly accurate in showing that certain types will disintegrate into behaving like another type when under stress. (No recommendation is being made to become an “expert” in personality functioning. It will only generate another ego-state, it might give credibility to personality rather than help all personality dissolve, and it is certainly not necessary to become an expert in mirages to understand a mirage is a mirage.) The pointer is, persons who are stressed will cling to their personas, will fight to defend their image(s), and will stay absorbed in personality until it drives them into those levels of "an unhealthy psyche."


It should be easily understood why a persona that generates income will drive a person to attach to and defend that persona.


That leaves extreme piety and / or spirituality. Most who play those roles, even including non-dual seekers who are following some "path," haven’t a clue that they have merely fixated in another role when the goal is to be role-free. Others will claim that their religion or spiritual program is “getting them in touch with the Great Reality” or “makes then kind and loving” and "does nothing to create anything that separates them from others." Records of the historical conduct of those two personas as well as objective observation of their conduct nowadays attests to the contrary. Those roles do represent the third of the seven steps to Reality, but to fixate in the playing of those roles will prevent Full Realization.

Now an additional obstacle to Realization can be seen. A basic irony involved in the search for Realization and freedom from personality is that the very reasons which inspire many seekers to undertake the “journey” are also the very reasons that they cannot complete the “journey.” Some seekers want to be stress-free and at peace. Some seekers long to be free of all role-playing and to know "the True Self" and to find the answers to the age-old questions about "the functioning of the Totality." Some want to live in a simpler fashion and to be free of the money games and the accumulation games in which they are trapped.

Yet stress, role-playing “the good roles” of “The Religious One” or “The Spiritual Giant,” and co-mingling role-playing with money accumulation are the three buttresses that support the assumption of and defense of phony roles . . . of false identities . . . of personality . . . of the nonsense-filled minds of the masses.

Maharaj dismissed those playing "good roles" by saying sardonically: “You are already full of spiritual wisdom. You know a lot in spirituality, and I am in no position to address you. You are spiritual giants. I am a spiritual pygmy before you.”

To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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And what are those ideas, notions, concepts, etc. called, collectively? "Their beliefs." The irony? They are not their beliefs at all. They are the beliefs of “others” that were set in place via programming, conditioning, etc. and which persons then think are their own.

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