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MAHARAJ: “There’s No Such Thing As Peace of Mind,” Part P

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Today's Considerations

The masses are driven by (A) the content of their minds - a.k.a., "their beliefs" - and by (B) the hidden agendas of the personality identifications stored therein. Because the subconscious agendas of personalities determine the thoughts and words and actions of the masses, then the masses are not making any conscious choices at all.

To be freed from the ignorance and the insanity which Maharaj identified as key symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness and to be freed from the ignorant and insane effects of ignorant and insane programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and indoctrination and brainwashing, identification with the body and the mind and the personality must end.


To end identifying with the body, one need but understand that the body is nothing more than a “composite unity.”

To be freed of the delusional beliefs regarding birth, rebirth, reincarnation, an afterlife, heaven, hell, eternal rewards, eternal punishments, etc., one need but understand that the body is nothing more than a composite unity of elements, air, and conscious-energy, all coming together temporarily and all destined to come apart (see the "Second Law of Thermodynamics"). 

So, the composite unity involves a temporary coming together of elements and energy, and while elements and energy have continuity, no individual composite unities (or fictional parts thereof, such as the "soul" or "spirit") will have any continuity at all.

Some people last week celebrated what they took to be a fact . . . that “floyd” turned sixty-eight years old on Monday or that “floyd’s” body has had sixty-eight years of continuity. The wise know that is totally false.

The cells making up the skin that is covering the body here are only twenty-eight days old, or less. They are cycling in and cycling out as plants are consumed (directly or indirectly) and as plant cells are converted into skin cells and are replaced every month. The gastric acids in the stomach require that cells therein are replaced weekly. The stomach that is manifest today is not the same stomach which was manifested last week. See? No continuity. 

Brains cells also come at one point and go at another. Brain cells develop early on and allow the brain to expand in adulthood into a three-and-a-half-cup size organ. With age or with abuse, the cells go; that is, they die off or are killed in a variety of ways: head trauma; Alzheimer’s; dehydration; cerebral hypoxia; Lyme Disease; strokes; 

alcohol abuse; amphetamine abuse; antipsychotics; the use of nicotine or cocaine; exposure to air pollution and carbon monoxide; exposure to lead and mercury and certain pesticides and welding fumes; and exposure to other chemicals (such as the primer and cement used with PVP products); and by stress, sleep deprivation, lack of use, and many other factors.

Throughout the manifestation, the body is forever in flux, forever changing, forever unstable. Only that which is permanent can be said to be “real” rather than a “not-real perceived image or misperceived entity." That which is temporary is never “real” in that it is never what it is perceived to be.

Look at a brick under an electron microscope and it can be seen at its subatomic level to be a swirling masses of energy. Look at a brick with the naked eye, know that it is a swirling mass of subatomic energy, and then it can be understood that it is not at all what it appears to be. That of which it is composed is real, but that which it appears to be is not real.

So it is with the body, and so it is with the content of the mind to the degree that reality and truth are never what the mind perceives reality and truth to be.


The German word “Zeitgeist" is often attributed to the philosopher Georg Hegel, but he never actually used the word; however, he did use the phrase “der Geist seiner Zeit” (“the spirit of his time”), claiming that "no man can surpass his own time, for the spirit of his time is also his own spirit." To the contrary, that is exactly what happens with “the Realized”: they transcend the “spirit of their time” and “the popular beliefs of their time” and "their attachment to 'the Big Name Teachers' of their time” (Maharaj) and "the trends and popular movements and fashions and vogue and fads of their time.”

Yet Hegel was spot on if his claim is applied to the masses in general who are controlled by their “Monkey See, Monkey Do” mode of operation. They are totally attached to - and limited to - what they see as "popular" or "in vogue" or "a part of the conventional wisdom" (which is itself a false concept, there being no "group wisdom" at all).

And why are most humans forever trapped in flux and instability? Because of their attachment to “The Super Seeker” role (and to many other related roles as well which most will never abandon) which drive them to constantly change which monkey they are looking at and listening to and parroting at any given time.

Thus, Christians believe certain things about Christ, yet what they are told about Christ is only a more recent version of the many ancient myths which circulated about gods and prophets and saviors long before the one called Yeshu’a (nowadays called “Jesus”) ever came on the scene. What is believed to be "the reality and truth about Christ" are misperceptions, all rooted in the fiction-filled minds of those yet suffering from the Ultimate (Mental) Sickness and who, therefore, buy unquestioningly into whatever they are told.

Take this ancient story about a religious figure / God: “He was born on December 25th to a virgin; his birth was predicted by a star in the eastern sky; he was worshiped by three kings; he became a teacher at 12 and was later baptized; afterwards, he was joined by twelve followers; he traveled about performing miracles; he was betrayed; he was crucified; and he resurrected after three days.”

Was that first told about Christ? Hardly. That was the version offered by priests to Egyptian worshipers about a God / Son named Horus more than 5000 years ago; it would be 3000 years later before the story was plagiarized and repeated by the writers of the “New Testament” which was written by men who never saw or heard Christ because they wrote their tales about him in the "Bible" 80-100 years after he had died.  

The only difference in the two tales is that Horus was said to have been betrayed by Typhon while Christ was said to have been betrayed by Judas.

Moreover, Christ was not the second “savior or religious leader or God / Son” - after Horus - who was supposedly born of a virgin but was actually the twenty-third. The dogma of twenty-two other religions before Christianity included tales containing the same or similar elements as the accounts of Horus and Christ.   

Nor was Jesus the first to speak of "blood and body and communing with god"; that very popular and widely-circulated concept had also been around for over 3000 years before Christ referenced the concept and applied it to himself.

All of the current beliefs which are based in myth and superstition and which has been passed down for thousands of years are now stored in billions of minds, and what is in those minds is not real and is not truth; instead, the content of any and all minds is, as Maharaj said, nothing more than “learned ignorance.”


Similarly, the assigned and assumed identities / personas / personalities / roles / stage characters / etc. which are stored in the mind are not real, either. They are all played for a relatively short period of time; they are all only played temporarily; therefore, they are all bogus as well.

Yet the relative effects? Now that’s a different story. The effects can be quite real throughout the relative existence. Some might claim to have only “a little sinus problem” to cover up the fact that they have a cold (or worse) which they are about to expose you to. Some might claim that their spouse is a total egomaniac when they are an even bigger egomaniac (see “psychological projection”); some might claim that a brick is made of many smaller pieces of brick; some might claim that their bodies and minds and personalities define who they are.

None of their claims are spot on, but the effects of such beliefs can exert major relative impacts.

So it is when the masses are driven by the content of their minds and the hidden agendas of the personality identifications stored therein; when they are driven by the subconscious agendas of personalities which determine every thought and word and action; when they are not making any conscious choices at all; when they have not been freed from learned ignorance and imposed insanity; and when they are being driven by the ignorant and insane effects of ignorant and insane programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and indoctrination and brainwashing.

The words “freedom” and "liberation” refer to being free of all of the influences which are catalogued in the previous paragraph.
To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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