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MAHARAJ: “There’s No Such Thing As Peace of Mind,” Part “E”

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Today's Considerations

An adage in its vernacular form has been shared here on occasion to illustrate (a) humanity’s tendency to engage in psychological projection, failing to see one’s own worst personality traits but seeing them in others; and then (b) continuing to deny in oneself the presence of the three key symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness (which Maharaj identified as “ignorance, stupidity and insanity") while constantly continuing to spot those symptoms in “others” and pointing those traits out in others and complaining about others who have those traits. The adage which points to that mindset is this:

“My caca smelleth not; thou poop doth much offend.”

The messages for those types:

If you spot it . . . you’ve got it.”

If you can see it . . . you can be it.”

As with all other dualistic concepts which support the commonplace beliefs in “different-from-ment” and “better-than-ment” – which lead to arrogance and conflict and chaos – it’s all just so much mind stuff. After coming to at least a partial understanding of non-duality, the one called “Jesus” and “The Christ” was reported to have offered this pointer: “Dual-minded persons are unstable in all ways.” Here, the point is, “Minded persons, period, are unstable in all ways.”

Maharaj said that “there’s no such thing as peace of mind.” How could there be, when it is the mind which blocks any and every chance at finding peace? Here, the point is that there is only peace if you are out of your mind, meaning no longer abiding under the influence of a part of the brain that has been filled with nonsense (which is now subconsciously determining the thoughts and words and actions of the sleepwalking and sleep-talking masses).

To that end, some excerpts from the book “There’s No Such Thing As Peace of Mind” (There Is Only Peace If You Are Out Of Your Mind) are being shared. To continue, the following excerpt is from “CHAPTER FIVE," entitled “MIND” and MEMORIES: When Nature’s “Assets” Become Warped into “Liabilities, Part Five.” This is offered there:

To review, the brain (which was intended by nature to function in a “sustain and preserve” capacity) has now been overridden by the “mind” (which is bent toward chaos, destruction, and self-destruction). The parts of the brain that store and retrieve memories are overshadowing and overpowering all of the rest of the brain in determining how persons emote and behave. 

Historically, humankind in general attempted to take all necessary action to survive. That has changed. Today, honor is bestowed by some on those who brag, "I'm willing to die for my country." Today, other persons attached to their perverted dogma are willing to strap on a dynamite vest and blow up their own bodies and the bodies of those whom they dualistically view as “others” simply because those “others” have different beliefs stored in their “minds.” 

A normal brain would send the message, “This is stupid. Do not do that,” but the dualistic beliefs that make up the “mind” say, “Do it anyway. They are different, so they deserve to die.” Supernatural (i.e., religious or spiritual) thinking has perverted the “mind’s” original role and has produced more dualistic concepts than any other single source. That single source, in turn, has resulted in more relative existence human deaths during the last 5000 years than all other causes combined (after natural causes).

NOTE: When such pointers are offered, volumes of mail arrive, asking, “Do you hate religions and spiritual movements?” The response is, “What WHO could be present to hate anything?” If the bag containing your household garbage for several days is finally discarded, are you discarding it because you hate it? Or is it just the sane thing to do? As you are taking the garbage out to the collection site, are you resenting it? No. As the garbage is sitting there awaiting a crew to collect it, are you hating it? No. You are not paying the least bit of attention to it at all because you understand without a doubt that it is just a bunch of garbage. Here, that is what happened with the content of the mind.

If your neighbors have not taken out their garbage and really want to hang onto their garbage for a few more days, or even forever, do you hate them for clinging to their trash? Of course not, as long as they are not exposing you to their garbage. (That is why the so-called "Realized" can enjoy the solitude and the quiet: the "non-realized" masses use talking as the means by which they expose others to their garbage. With Maharaj, the consciousness was speaking; it was not "Maharaj talking.")

If those who come this way want to hang onto their garbage, so be it, but all who realize that there is nothing of value to the garbage that they have stockpiled have a chance to enjoy real freedom. Garbage is to be tossed, not valued. The same kind of "tossing" happened here with the content of the mind. The same can happen with the content of your mind. The problem with humanity? Most do not see that the fate of their accumulated mind garbage should be the same fate as all of their other garbage.

If sane, then the tossing of the trash happens without emotion or attachment because you can look at it objectively and see clearly that it is garbage. And if a roommate or spouse says, “This trash has been here too long. It’s having a negative impact our lives. Would you throw it away when you go out, please?” Would you ask, “Why do you hate the garbage so much? Why do you suggest I get rid of it? I was taught to love the garbage. I am even willing to fight to preserve the garbage. What is wrong with you that you do not love the garbage?” 

(Actually, the garbage served a purpose for a time, but it cannot serve a purpose for all time. There comes a point in the history of all garbage when the sane thing to do is to cast it aside and move on. Today, most garbage is stored in that part of the brain called the "mind." It's time to discard the garbage. Will that happen? Only among a very small percentage of the earth's population. So it is.)

To continue, here are a couple of current examples of the “mind” overruling the brain, and the subsequent consequences:

1. The brain of one might say, “You people have no right to start a war and to drop bombs on a country that has done nothing to your country.” Similarly, the pure consciousness, aware of the Oneness, would never even consider such an act. But a person functioning under the control of a distorted “mind” which has been programmed with dogmatic nonsense can claim that he has talked with a god from another realm and can claim that his god told him that he should drop bombs on a country that has done no harm to his country. (For more, read those very comments made by George Bush to explain and justify why he bombed Iraq. Note too that those who claim to hear god talking to them are schizophrenic at best and totally bats**t crazy at worst.)

It should be seen that all conduct that is considered harmful or destructive in the relative existence is a result of programmed and conditioned “minds” overriding the natural aspects of persons' brains. Therefore, all harmful or destructive conduct (relatively speaking) is based in that which is supernatural or in that which is unnatural (all inspired by the content of the warped “mind”). None of that conduct is inspired by the brain or by the pure consciousness.

2. Consider as another example the case of a person who has weak coping skills. As pressure mounts, that person might begin to abuse alcohol to escape. One night, that person might consume alcohol until consciousness is lost. The next day, the brain registers the physical condition of the body and sends the message, “That hurt . . . don’t do that anymore.” The brain-inspired mouth says, “That hurt. I’m not going to do that anymore.”

Later, by around 6 P.M., the body will have processed much of the alcohol out of the system and the person might be feeling somewhat better physically; but more stress comes; the person then says at the end of the workday, "Well, maybe I'll stop back for one drink only, two at the most"; then, he / she repeats the same process of alcohol poisoning again. That is a case of the brain's earlier spot-on-message being ignored as the mind takes control and overrides the brain and determines behavior, no matter how insane that behavior is.

Where the brain would normally have prevented the insane and harmful repetition, the “mind” nowadays overrules the brain. The person over-drinks again because of the influence of the illogical, unnatural “mind” while ignoring the messages being sent by the logical, natural brain.

The “mind” - intended by nature to function in coordination with the brain in order to inspire sane, constructive, and self-constructive behavior (relatively speaking) - now short-circuits the natural process and drives destructive and / or self-destructive behavior instead. Thus today the unreal, fictional “mind” drives persons more often, not the real brain and not the real (pure) consciousness. 

The “mind” - no longer a register of things perceived properly - has become a storehouse of beliefs and concepts and dogma and lies and distortions and illusions and all other kinds of faulty perceptions. Whereas the “mind” and brain were intended by nature to work in tandem, today the “mind” supersedes the brain, and since the “mind” is false and corrupt, it reinforces continued belief in the false and corrupt.

To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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