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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Nine

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Today's Considerations

To review: yesterday, it was seen how totally warped humans’ perspectives can be when viewing their own relationships (even as they are often exposed to and occupied with and preoccupied with those relationships more than anything else). Even when something is obviously “not working,” distortion can prevail and can inspire persons to “put a spin on their current 'reality'” and on the current state of anything and everything that they are involved with, including these examples which were actually witnessed here during 2015:

The true state of their marriages (Monday: “We’re doing pretty well now. Got through some rough waters but seem to sailing along smoothly now.” Tuesday: “She left me! Can you believe it! That bitch! After everything I’ve done for her!”)

The true state of their children (Daycare owner: “We’ve tried to work with you and your child for several months, but we’re sorry to say nothing has changed. He’s still climbing on tables and file cabinets and putting himself in danger and he's still encouraging other children to join him in that; he's still knocking girls down; he's still spitting on my staff workers when they try to set boundaries; he's still refusing the food and snacks we offer and he's still throwing food across the room and he's still throwing fits because we won’t serve the malted chocolate protein shakes that he comes in with as his breakfast; he's still trying to open the door and go outside where cars are racing by; and he's still unable to talk at the age of four though we’ve recommended you take him to a speech therapist for evaluation, which you have not done. He requires more supervision and management that all of the rest of the children combined and it’s a situation we are not staffed to handle, so we’re going to have to withdraw him from the program.” The mom: “You people are idiots who can’t do your simple job. He opened the doors at home so we put an extra bolt on the top of the doors. Duh! Is that so hard to figure out? He likes protein shakes. What kid doesn’t’? So put some protein shakes in the frig. Problem solved. Give me a break! As for all of that other stuff, he’s a very independent and energetic child. Go get the training you need to be able to work with all types of children instead of just the dull, dependent, low-energy, goody-goody kids you obviously prefer!")

The true state of their own emotions which are often unstable as a result of personality identifications and their subsequent personality disorders such the passive-aggressive disorder and / or the borderline disorder: (From “A Husband” / “Super Husband”: “Sometimes I love her and sometimes I hate her.” Later, “The Wife's” view: “At times, he seems really close to me and is very affectionate; other times, he ignores me and acts like I don’t exist; at other times, he’s in my face, pulling down the shower curtain while in a rage; then today he told me he wanted to throw me off the third story balcony of our apartment. He’s seeing you tomorrow. Can you try to help?” The next day: “So, how's the wife doing?” "Going fine. She’s really is a good woman, Floyd.”)

And the inability to see "reality" clearly is as prevalent as the inability to see "Reality" clearly. 

The truth implied by the summative statement of non-duality (“I AM THAT; I AM”) is that "reality" and "Reality" are presently one. Later, the AM-ness of any given form or space will end, but what is Real will be forever.

Maharaj said: “To see reality is as simple as to see one's face in a mirror. Only the mirror must be clear and true.”

See, an unclear and untrue perspective will block the clear and true seeing of the clarity and truth offered via that non-dual summative statement. The invitation is to see reality (that is, all of the truth involved with one’s own reality, with one’s own present but temporary existence) and to see Reality (the capital “R” used not to suggest a higher level of importance but to distinguish that / THAT from what is presently temporarily manifested).

For example, a brick is "real," but it is a temporary manifestation / form / space. Per The Second Law of Thermodynamics, whatever comes together will eventually come part (including a brick, a human body, a relationship, a universe). By contrast, that which is "Real" is permanent (including matter / energy, one form of energy being “conscious energy”) and that which is "Real" will last forever, having no time-bound beginning, middle, or end.

A brick can be “created” only in the sense that it is human actions which result in it having taken its temporary form, just as with a house made of bricks, just as with a baby, just as with any and every identity that is assigned or assumed.

For those who claim that “nothing is real,” the invitation is to step back fifteen steps from a brick wall, bend over, aim the top of your head at the wall, begin running as fast as you can, and crash head first into the wall. After you come to, let me know if you still believe the wall is not real.

The actual understanding is that a brick is real but that it is not what it appears to be to the masses, a fact that can seen by looking at it through an electron microscope and seeing the invisible-to-the-naked-eye-swirling-mass of subatomic particles which are really what the brick is. Any "Reality vs. reality" distinction (any THAT vs. AM-ness distinction) is only a matter of perceiving or misperceiving, of understanding or not understanding.

And that mass of energy at the "core" of the brick can neither be created nor destroyed. That which cannot be created or destroyed is the part that is absolutely, permanently real as opposed to the outer appearance of any temporary-manifested brick which is misperceived via the naked eye perspective of humans.

The brick can represent reality (the present AM-ness) but the energy is Reality (the THAT-ness). The brick is temporary; the energy is permanent. The brick can also represent those who are looking at an image but thinking they are seeing reality though they have no clue at all about the true state of their marriages, the true state of their children, the true state of their own emotional instability, the true existence of their own misery, and no clue at all about "reality" as well as "Reality."

The warped perspectives at play around the relative existence mirror the warped perspectives at play around that which is beyond the relative existence and which is also misperceived, inspiring such identity assumptions as “I AM THAT only" and "I am a Supreme Self” and “I am at one with God” or “I am God.”

To focus only on something deemed to be "Special" and to focus alone on that which is "beyond-the-relative existence" both result in being dissociated from the relative existence, and being dissociated from the relative existence is more evidence of mental illness – of the Ultimate Sickness – even as one proclaims his or her "Ultimate Self-ness." In that regards, in the book mentioned earlier

some examples of the perspectives held by “the Realized” which differ from those commonly-held by the members of “the non-Realized” masses are shared:

Consider these pointers from that book:

*** Because the post-Realization, post-Nisarga understanding allows for abidance as the Awareness - which will not even be aware of awareness post-manifestation - what justification can be offered for being “concerned” with any of the following labels, if Fully Realized?

“Absolute,” “THAT,” “Brahman,” “God,” “energy,” “energy-matter,” “Consciousness,” “Awareness,” and “something.” Are not all of those still man-made labels generated by persons?

*** Here, there is no justification for concern with any label or identity.

*** Here, the final understanding leads to an end to any desire to "be something" in the relative, including something that is supposedly "beyond the relative" or that is "metaphysical" or that is thought to be "Truly Special."

*** Here, there is no recognition of any who-ness or WHO-ness at all; there is no belief in some "one" at all. It was once explained this way when the question was asked if people ever have the power to "bother Floyd":

“How could persons possibly bother “Me”? Personas are no more bothersome than mirages, and both are exactly the same; furthermore, people do not have even the slightest clue about where I truly live. Only a few on the entire planet called “earth” have a clue. Some might enter what is called ‘floyd’s house’ or ‘floyd’s home,’ but that is not where I live; in fact, ‘where’ I live has nothing to do with a ‘where’ at all.

"In that regard, there is actually only a ‘how.’ ‘How’ I abide is as the awareness, as the Original Nature, as the natural state which has no boundaries, which has no defining traits, and which does not change. ‘How’ I abide is without limitations, without qualifications, and without conditions or conditioning. In that regard, in fact, the abidance happens not only without any influence at all from earlier conditions and conditioning but also without any influence from earlier programming or domestication or acculturation, either.

To abide during the relative existence - during the AM-ness / the IS-ness - while functioning in a THAT-mode” allows Reality to be overlaid on reality; allows sanity to be overlaid on the relative existence; allows learned ignorance to be cast aside; and allows a clear and true perspective to prevail. 

Meanwhile, to "talk to you from the perspective of the Universal Consciousness" does not require that one talk of nothing other than "THAT." The manifested consciousness is temporary, the unmanifested Awareness is forever, yet both are happening now; therefore, Maharaj answered queries regarding war, regarding the death of a son, regarding "relationships," etc. 

In every case, though, he tried in the end to facilitate seekers that were interested in understanding how to view "war" and "death" and "relationships" from a proper perspective instead of via a warped perspective.

To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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