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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Twenty-One

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Today's Considerations

In the end, Maharaj rejected all concepts, including religious-based concepts such as those regarding births and rebirths and reincarnations and multiple lives and karma and retribution, etc.

The bogus concept of karma is validated by predictable patterns of human behaviors rather than by some “Governing Body” or “Governing Principle” or “The Universe Which Can Know and Store and Process Information”  or “A Celestial Accountant Who Is Keeping Up With Records of All Human Actions” or “A God Who Keeps Track of Such Things” as “the good deeds done by each of the planet’s 7+ billion people” vs. “the bad deeds done by each of the planet’s 7+ billion people.”

[Really now, if you were all-powerful and all-knowing, wouldn't you just get rid of persons' "bad deeds" rather than keeping a tally of them?]

It is patterns of human behavior – driven by humanity’s attachment to duality and the always-accompanying instability and volatility which mark their lives – which set the stage for persons to meet societal standards of behavior one moment but to violate them the next; to behave in ways that are “constructive” one moment but “self-destructive” the next; to drive their fellows to heap praise or rewards on them one moment but heap criticism and punishment the next moment; and which therefore result in persons confusing the subsequent “what goes around comes around” patterns with "karma."

Thus, it not a god or the universe or karma which causes such patterns. It is humanity’s instability – making lives roll out in a manner similar to a roller coaster ride - which drives such patterns. And all understand that roller coaster rides have high’s and low’s. It is instability - not karmic highs / rewards or karmic lows / punishments - which guarantees that persons’ lives will unfold in the same up and down, rewarded and punished fashion and generates an appearance of karmic laws supposedly at play. That is a bogus appearance, rooted in humankind’s commonplace warped perspectives.

So much talk among Easterners deals with karma while much of the talk among Jews and Christians tries to explain away the inconsistency and instability and unpredictability of their God who evidences the Borderline Personality Disorder, pleased and nice one moment but pissed off and mean the next; therefore, Easterners blame their misfortunes on karma while Jews and Christians regularly offer their excuses for God's behavior by explaining “Why Bad Things Happen to Good People.”

Consider the key pointer of this exchange:

Questioner: “Is it destiny that ordains?”

Maharaj:  “Calling it destiny explains little. When it happens you cannot say why it happens and you merely cover up your ignorance by calling it ‘karma’ or ‘grace’ or ‘God's will’.”

Maharaj called karma a “drug,” and drugs – contrary to the belief of many – do not provide lasting clarity but actually obstruct perspective in the long haul. To believe in false concepts is to move through the relative existence with false perspectives.

So add “the belief in karma” to the list of the other traits of the Ultimate Sickness (which Maharaj identified as “ignorance, stupidity, and insanity”) to see the sources of the irony involved with the reasoning fallacies which evolve from the ignorance which is rooted in warped perspectives.

Here is the U.S. right now, the 50% of the population who are Personality Type Sixes and who are forever-anxious, forever-stressed, and forever-afraid are dang-near paralyzed with their new fear-focus, namely, “being killed by a terrorist.”

It is not karma but one of the greatest warped-perspective-rooted examples of irony that the citizens who are “proud to be an American and proud to live in the greatest country on earth” are concerned with the fact that “foreigners who are members of a different religion are invading our nation and wanting to impose their religion and its laws on all of us and want to kill us if we do not agree to accept their religion.”

Well imagine that. My Cherokee grandmother would never have said to those types, “Oh really? You think that is a problem, do you? You think that is not ‘right,’ for people to invade this land and kill those who do not accept their religious beliefs, do you? Well join the club!” However, from what I was told about some of my ancestors who were rounded up in Texas and marched to Oklahoma and the western part of North Carolina - with many dying along the way - they might well have said something like that.

Someone sent this A.M. a part of a duality-based statement from perennial presidential candidate Republican Rick Santorum who said last night that “Islam is different.” He said, "I know this is going to come as a shock to a lot of people and I mean that sincerely, Islam is not just a religion - it is also a political and governing structure.”

Do you see the irony of his warped perspective? He could have as accurately said, “Christianity is not just a religion. In the U.S., it is also a political and governing structure,” in part because of all of the headway Santorum made when holding a national political office as he joined forces with those who imposed their Christian agenda on the population through many of the national laws they wrote.

Now the evidence of a warped perspective is there, again bringing with it heaps of irony because Santorum’s election platforms have always included his desire to return the U.S. to its earlier theocratic form of government when the political and governing structure was based totally in Christian dogma, (in Santorum's case specifically, Catholic Church dogma is preferred).

The political and governing structure that Santorum’s Christian-right agenda promotes is marked by his anti-science, anti-birth control, anti- a woman’s right to choose, anti-gay, anti- the ban of Christian prayers in schools, anti-environment initiatives which cut into the profits of business, and pro the demonization of all persons except for white, heterosexual, right-wing Christian males.

The irony of his warped perspective is that it has blinded him and those like him to the fact that there is no difference at all between what they call "radical Islam" and Santorum’s version of radical Christianity: he would end the secular state, just as radical jihadists would do; he is anti-education just as they are (saying Obama is “a snob” to suggest that all young people in the U.S. should be given an opportunity to attend college);

he would make Catholic dogma the law of the land, just as jihadists would make Sharia Law the law of the land and just as the Tea Party Christian Reconstructionists in the U.S. would make Old Testament law the law of the land; furthermore, Santorum would impose the same kind of right-wing, anti-female, “keep-‘em-barefoot-and-pregnant-and-in-the-home” mentality which right-wing Muslim males show.

Those two examples involve

(1) persons in the U.S. who are afraid of and hating people who would invade “America” and who would impose their religious beliefs and laws on everyone here and who would support the killing of people here (yet many of those same U.S. citizens admire their ancestors who invaded and imposed their religious beliefs on the people here, ancestors who killed 150,000,000 of the indigenous people in North, Central and South America during their invasion);

and involve

(2) persons who criticize religious fanatics while being religious fanatics.

Via those two examples,  one is offered evidence of how blinding and how ignorance-perpetuating warped perspectives are. Such is the result of programming, conditioning, etc. from early on. Of that, Maharaj said:

“A man blind from birth knows not what darkness means”


“It is your fixed ideas that blind you”


“It is misery which you have created for yourself through blind acceptance without investigation”


“You are so blinded by what is personal, that you do not see the universal.”

A warped perspective mentally blinds persons and prevents their seeing their own truth and the ignorant and insane ironies that their warped beliefs generate, resulting in their talking in their sleep while hating in others the very traits that are their own (a.k.a., "psychological projection" which guarantees the continuation of blindness and irony and "ignorance" and "stupidity").

To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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