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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Fourteen

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Today's Considerations

Critical for seekers of truth is the understanding that all talk comes from one of two perspectives: either it comes from a clear perspective or it comes from a warped perspective.

If from a clear perspective, it originates from the universal consciousness and flows through the inner resource. If it comes from a warped perspective, it originates from the human mind and flows through the mouths of the human masses - those temporarily-manifested composite unities - that are functioning under the crippling auspices of the blocked consciousness.

Especially during his later talks, Maharaj talked from the perspective of the universal consciousness, a rarity on planet earth; the masses speak from the warped perspective of their programmed and conditioned and acculturated and domesticated and brainwashed and indoctrinated minds (which Maharaj said are marked and marred by these symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness: “ignorance, stupidity, and insanity”). 

The problem faced by seekers: there are speakers who have mastered the ability to present themselves as sweet-talking “Oracles of Truth” who know exactly what the masses want to hear. Those types were labeled by Maharaj as the “Big Name Teachers," and he warned seekers to stay away from them.

Seekers who are not aware of those two perspectives may well listen to the Big Name Teachers and feel certain that what they are hearing is coming from the universal consciousness when it is actually coming from the false identities assumed by those who have used the message to become millionaires and multimillionaires (or "powerful" politicians on the national or international level, or influential religious or spiritual leaders who delight in having a global following).

The rub? In order to differentiate between the two perspectives, a clear perspective is required. That's the "Catch-22," aggravated by the fact that talks coming from the warped perspectives of those with hidden agendas who have mastered the art of talking the talk can be confused with those that talk from the clear perspective of the universal consciousness.

Understanding certain terms and definitions might facilitate distinguishing between the two. Talk from the blocked consciousness or from the consciousness that is plagued with a host of personality identifications speak in ways that use the following types of statements:

Inanities: “Remarks or statements which are so silly and ignorant that they lack even a slight trace of any wisdom and, therefore, lack any significance or meaning or sensible points.” (The female body automatically ends a pregnancy on its own in the case of a legitimate rape).
Platitudes: “Remarks or statements, especially those with some degree of moral or religious or spiritual content, that have been used far too often to be insightful, always spoken by those who are sleep-walking and sleep-talking.”

Clichés: “Remarks or statements or phrases or opinions which have been so overused that they betray a lack of originality and true understanding.”

Banalities: “Remarks or statements so lacking in originality that they no longer even register among listeners.”

Insipidities (i.e., "Stupidities"): “Remarks or statements without any distinctive qualities and without even a hint of truth.”


“He’s a self-made man”

“We live in the greatest country on earth”

“He came back from the dead ( . . . and told us of the glories of heaven”).

“God will take care of you.”

“God will take care of everything.”

“God is the answer.”

“The dead and their families are in our thoughts and prayers.”

The problem with that? Thoughts come from the mind, and the mind is the source of all “ignorance and stupidity and insanity.” So much for their thoughts.

Prayers are to a god or gods, and all of the thousands of gods dreamed up over the last 5000 years have been nothing more than conceptions, made up by humans for selfish or fear-based motives:

Maharaj: “"First of all you identify something as being good or bad for yourself. Then, in an effort to acquire good or to get rid of the bad, you have invented a God. Then you worship such a God and . . .  you pray to that God for something good to happen to you."

By contrast, an example of the universal consciousness in action is modeled by the deer in this neighborhood that all operate from the perspective of the universal consciousness. Maharaj talked of the peace of the deer that “rest in the cool, blue shade” as opposed to humans who seldom rest at all. 

The deer experience little drama; they are not attracted to things deemed by humans to be sensational (so they are not addicted to peeking into windows to watch the news on a human’s television in order to get a daily dose of detailed reports about shocking and often trauma-inducing events in order to be titillated by images of misery and suffering);

they are so tuned in to the silence that they never brag about their inherent right to free speech, much less use that right endlessly the way that the human masses do; they do not seek diversion to try to avoid facing their actual relative problems and challenges; and though the innate will of the consciousness for continuity is present within them, they seldom behave like alarmists and they seldom overreact to events happening around (abrupt, loud, human-generated noise notwithstanding).

And most significantly, they see all with a clear perspective and nothing with a warped perspective such as that which is rooted in programming or conditioning or brainwashing among humans.

Oh that the human masses were capable of even the slightest degree of that manner of seeing clearly and seeing via a sane and sound and proper perspective.

Presently, many among the 2.2 billion Christians on the planet are giving their annual lip service to "peace on earth." They are claiming that peace on earth can only come through their God and their savior Jesus Christ.

That plan has had over two millennia to prove it can bring peace on earth but has failed miserably year after year for more than 2000 years. Maybe they need, what? Just one more year? This is the year peace on earth will come?

Other religions and philosophies have had up to 5000 years to accomplish the goal. They have also been total failures.

Is it possible that all such persons need to understand what Maharaj said, namely, that "there's no such thing as peace of mind" and that peace can only come if the mind goes and humans reach a place of "zero concepts"?

John Lennon understood the workable plan:

"Imagine there's no heaven"


Imagine "no hell below us, above us only sky"


"Imagine all the people living for today"


"Imagine there's no countries"


"Nothing to kill or die for "


"No religion."

If one can imagine those possibilities, then one can move beyond imagining all of that and see that what is beyond all of that is Truth. One could see that all of those things - heaven, hell, living for the future, killing and dying for one's religion or country - all of those concepts were just dreamed up and are only imagined to be real. Moreover, those can never bring about peace because they are at the very root of what causes a lack of peace.

If free of belief in those concepts, then only can one be rid of the mind and all of the beliefs stored therein, setting the stage for Maharaj's plan to kick in and truly allow peace to manifest.

Yet because of the overwhelming influence of programming, conditioning, etc., that will never happen on a global basis; however, it can happen on the basis of one person at a time if she or he transcends humanity's attachment to beliefs which are rooted in the false sense of past and future; in the false sense of personhood and self and "Self"; and in the false sense of religious pride and spiritual pride and xenophobic pride in country.

To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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