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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Forty-Four

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Today's Considerations

(Also from the eBook A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE: Additional Perspectives Which Came During The Movement Along The Direct "Path" To Realization):

The presence of the Addictive Personality Disorder is near-universal among humans now, though what they are addicted to varies, ranging from alcohol or drugs or nicotine or work or money or "love" or sex to shopping or gambling or porn or video gaming or religion or spirituality and spiritual exercises to seeking (including seeking attention or seeking enlightenment or seeking god or seeking salvation and eternal life or seeking escape or seeking to avoid or seeking knowledge). Then add to that list the very common addiction to chaos, which persons generate in their effort to escape boredom or depression or misery.

Such variety notwithstanding, what all programmed and conditioned and acculturated persons display is the presence of the two most common major addictions of all humans: (1) the primary addiction of humanity, which is an addiction to control, and (2) the secondary addiction of humanity, which is an addiction to power and / or to “powers” and / or to “a Power” and / or to a “Higher Power” which they believe can enable their primary addiction to control.

The more that persons believe they have power, the more they believe that they can affect when it rains or stops raining; the more they believe they can influence who heals; the more they believe they can keep “loved ones” alive through the power of prayer or can hasten the demise of “hated ones / enemies” through the power of prayer; the more they believe they can impact the paths of hurricanes;  the more they believe they can control who wins wars and who loses; the more they believe they can control who receives blessings and who will be cursed, ad infinitum.

Supernatural beliefs are the compost from which spring the illusions of megalomania, egomania, and self-aggrandizement; therefore, while religion and spirituality need not necessarily be avoided entirely, they are to be transitioned. They are but one step along a "path" to the freedom which manifests when the understanding of “natural functioning” displaces their delusion-based manner of thinking and talking and behaving (which all evolve from unnatural and supernatural thinking).

When a restoration to sanity brings to an end the condition whereby persons are driven by the warped perspectives which were passed down to them, then their belief in all distorted, dreamed up delusional concepts will end. For example, consider:

In order to be “reincarnated” or “to have a resurrection” or to “have life eternal,” one would have to have (1) continuously-existing, recognizable personalities / permanent identities; and they would also have to have (2) a body which is exempted from having the laws of nature applied to that body. Especially, they would have to be exempt from the Second Law of Thermodynamics which points to the fact that whatever comes together will eventually come apart, including the earth elements which come together temporarily to make up plant food bodies).

If that exemption is not available, then the composite unity which all living humans are (that is, a triad consisting of elements, air, and conscious-energy) would require the dreaming up of a fourth part to be added to the mix . . . a part which might be called “a soul” which would be a non-physical, invisible part which would still be capable of feeling physical pain (or capable of feeling physical, carnal pleasures for those men who believe that - if they die while killing infidels for their god – he will have waiting for them a reward which includes not only several dozen virgins but also thousands of beautiful, faithful wives as well as thousands of really-hot, really-nasty-behaving, non-virginal, sexually-skilled-and-adept concubines).

[Once you understand that concept of "heaven," you can also understand exactly why the suicide bomber who drove an explosives-laden vehicle into a building housing U.S.and French troops in Lebanon in 1983 was said by a guard to have been "sporting the biggest smile I've ever seen on any man's face." Heck, I guess so: in his warped, programmed and acculturated mind, he was just seconds away from arriving at a heavenly brothel where he would spend an eternity participating in the greatest orgy imaginable, "imagined" being the key element there. That is what a warped perspective looks like in action. The same happened with the World Trade Center bombers, some of whom went to a strip club the night before and watched naked women dancing, a preview in their warped minds of things to come to them the next day. Faith? Dedication? Piousness? Or sexual desire?]

Additionally, if there is available such a physical / non-physical, fourth, body-like-soul-part which can nevertheless supposedly feel pain or pleasure, then there would supposedly also be available a place for the continuation of the mind which would also supposedly survive “death” or “mahasamadhi” even though the mind is also a physical section of a physical organ where taught beliefs are stored and which could, per the scenario dreamed up by persons with warped perspectives, supposedly survive “death” or “mahasamadhi” intact, allowing what was learned on earth to also be accessible in “heaven” (or “hell” for all of you really bad people and all of you totally sinful infidels).

[Whatever a wonderfully-imaginative and inventive speck of consciousness which is engaged in the writing of fiction can dream up is nothing when compared to the bizarre and uncanny and fantastic and weird and nonsensical concepts and ideas and notions and perceptions and misperceptions - a.k.a., “beliefs” - which the warped perspectives of programmed and conditioned and domesticated and acculturated and indoctrinated and brainwashed humans can concoct.]

Here, the consciousness speaks to you of the no-self, no-Self, no-SELF Reality . . . and reality.

All these "teachings" are just words which point to the freedom and peace of the no-word silence and the no-concept bliss.

If one’s decades of religious effort and spiritual practices had provided one with the ability to understand the truth (which, by the way, cannot be stated), and had provided an ability to be comfortable in the silence, and had provided an ability to be content in an awareness of wholeness and completion and absolute independence, then that one would not still be seeking.

There are only two types that do not seek: (A) those who erroneously believe that they already know it all; or, (B) those who sought and truly found.

If one has been engaged in seeking for years or decades, disparage not those decades of effort; instead, transition the playing of all religious and spiritual roles just as one that would be restored to sanity must transition beyond the belief in any and all of the other false identities and roles which have been played or which are still being played now. Otherwise, one will continue to “stand in the subdued light of dawn while insanely believing that she or he is being bathed in the full light of noon.”

In response to, "Floyd, millions of people who believe in Him can't be wrong!":

What has been seen is this: “Indeed, your notion is accurate; in truth, it is not millions who have been deluded in their beliefs. It is trillions upon trillions.”

There are no "different persons" at "different levels" of enlightenment or at different levels of goodness or badness. There are quantities of manifested conscious-energy that are obscured (or not) by varying quantities of concepts.

There are no virtuous vs. sinful persons; there are no good vs. bad persons; there are no decent and respectable and upright persons vs. evil persons; thus, those who – per a culture’s dreamed up definitions – have been labeled “sinful” and “bad” and “evil” are actually suffering from three of the key symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness (which Maharaj identified as “ignorance, stupidity, and insanity”).

Either way, ultimately, all of the manifested conscious-energy (obscured or not) will unmanifest and will merge into the vast pool of conscious-energy that is not manifested, and that's that (or THAT).

To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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And what are those ideas, notions, concepts, etc. called, collectively? "Their beliefs." The irony? They are not their beliefs at all. They are the beliefs of “others” that were set in place via programming, conditioning, etc. and which persons then think are their own.

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