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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Forty-Eight

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Today's Considerations

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In the post yesterday, a pointer from the Advaitin Shakespeare was shared in which he referred to the “insisture” - the “fixedness” - which is seemingly displayed in nature and which persons so long for. If change comes and is expected, such as with the seasonal changes he mentioned in that pointer, then persons can better cope with those expected changes. For the most part, though, any changes throw persons for a loop to one degree or another, and it is the unexpected which generates the most chaos and misery and suffering.

Consider “The Husband” when approached by the one playing “The Wife” role (which is the co-dependent, counterpart to “The Husband” role which cannot “be” without the counterpart player being willing to keep on playing). If he has a totally warped perspective about the actual state of their marriage and has put a positive spin on all of the past problems they’ve had and is practicing denial around any lasting effects of those issues and is minimizing their actual effects, then consider his shock the day she (predictably to most others) says to him: “I’m leaving” or “I want you to leave – it’s over.”

While Shakespeare said that truth can only be found in that which is natural, programmed and conditioned persons want to believe in things that are supernatural and / or want to attach to things most unnatural; therefore, some suggest that nature provides proof that there is a God because, they claim, “Nature is so orderly.” 

They say, “If I find a rock, well I might believe a scientist who tells me how that rock came to be naturally. But if I find a watch which runs with perfect order, just like this universe does, then I know that watch did not come into being naturally but had to have been made by some force or power that is beyond that . . . that is supernatural, if you will.”

The defect with that warped perspective? The universe is not orderly at all but is instead in a constant state of flux. The only "order" in the universe that exists is this constant: disorder. 

The universe, like the human body which is a microcosm of the universe, is in a constant state of flux. Thus, on occasion, Shakespeare made clear that mutability and change and disorder are the “norm.” In a sonnet he referenced humanity's “mortal rage," a term he coined to point to the rage which humans feel when confronted with the principles of mutability . . . with change . . . with the concept of “decay” . . . with "death" . . . with the awareness that, indeed, all that comes together will eventually come apart

As for the supposedly orderly universe, consider these images:

Here, a star – described as “being in it final stage” and “dying out” – is shown to be emitting gases into the surrounding space:

 Here is an image of a colossal explosion as hot clumps of gas are ejected into space at over 150,000 kilometres per hour:

Here, a small section of the expanding remains of a massive star that exploded about 8,000 years ago is shown, with all of the subsequent “shrapnel” that is quite like that which is tossed out when a grenade explodes:

The only “order” in the universe, and the only “order” on planet earth, is the orderliness by which disorder manifests as the rule rather than the exception. The rub: the disorder happening millions of light years away from planet earth (or as nearby as in the sun around which the earth is cycling) will exert no immediate effects, but the disorder which the human mind generates will guarantee that constant disorder will be the order of the day on the planet right now.

Thus, the non-dualist Shakespeare said of the typical human’s “life” on earth: “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Of the transience of the manifestation and the false roles played during that period, he said: “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances,” just as the assumption of false identities along with the Second Law of Thermodynamics guarantee. As with Maharaj, Shakespeare understood that all duality - and the chaos which it generates - is rooted in the mind, so he said, “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”

So, from the eBook A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE: Additional Perspectives Which Came During The Movement Along The Direct "Path" To Realization, here are some other perspectives which differ from those which the masses cling to and which further explain some of the other words used in the Advaitin Shakespeare’s quote which was shared yesterday:

Natural living recognizes that the laws of nature have “the right of insisture,” but, ironically, what is fixed and immutable about those laws is the mutability which they guarantee. The most that can be said is that either (a) life is lived naturally according to the “customs” of the universe or (b) persons violating the natural “order” will collapse and self-destruct.

Those opposed to that natural order will seek to abide supernaturally, trying to entice some heavenly power to suspend the laws of nature just for them and allow hurricanes to change their paths and strike other people in other areas; and allow them and their loved ones to survive disease; and allow them to recovery promptly from serious accidents; and allow them to keep on living and living and living.

Such is the desire of the warped consciousness: it wants permanent continuity, so humans long ago upgraded “this world” and dreamed up another world, a better world, to abide in forever after leaving behind this one. Then they began passing  down that senseless concept and still do so to this day. 

So now, persons who have been fooled by nonsense that was dreamed up by ignorant persons who lived thousands of years ago in some of the darkest ages speak of “Heaven,” “Valhalla,” “Nirvana,” “immortality,” “Paradise,” “The Promised Land,” “the afterworld,” “Arcadia,” “the uninterrupted bliss state,” “Canaan,” “The Kingdom of God,” “Shangri-la,” “Utopia,” “Zion,” “Eternal Rest,” “The happy hunting ground,” “life everlasting,” “the next world,” “the life to come,” ad infinitum.

“The Realized” move through the relative existence in a manner that is fixed by nature even though they appear to be moving as they please. Rather than trying to exert any force, they accept that happenings happen. Thus, Maharaj said, the post-Realization existence happens "spontaneously."

Among "the Realized," nature has “priority” over efforts to control or manipulate. “The Realized” abide within the framework of the natural laws that have “insisture,” understanding that all will happen per the natural order of things; and understanding that all will happen for them in “proportion”; and understanding that the natural order is disorder in that all which come together will come apart, including elemental plant food bodies, including “relationships,” including “the family,” including . . . everything that is a part of the relative.

Persons (the “non-Realized”) seek to control and manipulate so they will not have to accept “proportion.” They work to accumulate and to have more and to appear to be greater than what is proportional. They imagine that they have an actual need for more than is proportional or necessary.

“The Realized” move along lines that are “customary” rather than along paths that are unnatural or supernatural. To think supernaturally is to think magically, and magical thinking is delusional.

All is energy / matter. Either there is One, or there is duality and / or multiplicity.

Either there is a prime cause and creation (and therefore a prime causer and creator) or there is neither creation nor destruction. The former is dreamed up fiction; the latter is scientific fact.

Science has proved that there is neither creation nor destruction. All is energy / matter, and energy / matter can be neither created nor destroyed. Wherefore a causer or a creator in that reality?

The cause of all is . . . all. Where is there any possibility of a creator (or a creator-sustainer-destroyer god or creator-sustainer-destroyer gods and goddesses) when That Which Is, Has Always Been; when That cannot have been created; when That cannot be destroyed; and when all merely cycles . . . or not?

Persons who are programmed to believe that their bodies-minds-personalities shall last in one form or another "for infinity after death" do not pause to consider that, if infinity is a possibility in one "direction" on their dreamed up timelines, then it must also be a possibility in the opposite "direction" on their timelines. Infinite is infinite. Whatever has the ability to exist "forever after" also had to have the ability to exist "forever before." And what existed forever before was neither personal nor Personal but was merely energy / matter.

The Realized can feel, but they feel without attachment and without a chain of reactions that result from emotional intoxication.

Feelings among the Realized are merely witnessed as they rise and fall.

Emotions, on the other hand, are "experienced" only by persons—by those believing in their false roles and assumed ego-states.

As a result of their persona-generated emotions, the “non-Realized” are continually in a state of emotional intoxication and are constantly reacting and over-reacting to what they take to be "personal experiences" that are driven by the desires and / or fears of their assumed personalities.

Contrary to some charges, the non-dual understanding does not result in “the Realized” always "living a robotic existence." It does result in the remainder of the manifestation happening in a fashion that is free of mental, emotional, religious, and spiritual intoxication, and the ignorant and insane effects of all four of those states of intoxication can be seen on display any day or night on any local, state, national or international news broadcast.

The egotism that always accompanies the assumption of false identities never shows up more often than when one believes that she or he is in a "relationship" (be that "relationship" with a person or supposedly with a god).

In a reality which is non-dual in nature, how can "one thing" possibly relate to "another thing"? ("Advaita" does mean, "one without a second" or "not two.")

Consider the history of the expectations that persons traditionally bring to "their relationships": besides egotistically wanting a clone of self ("we have so much in common!") they expect "partners" to conduct themselves in a fashion that they find "right" and "acceptable." And what one thinks is "right" and "acceptable" is generally based in what one's parents taught them is "right" and "acceptable." Is there any greater degree of insanity than expecting a "partner" to conform to the expectations of the very persons who were the source of the majority of the lies and the nonsense that persons believe?

The only way to alleviate "relationship anxiety" is to accept that marriage might happen . . . or might not. And if it does happen, the only way to avoid emotional intoxication and to avoid misery and to maintain peace is to witness whatever happens without playing phony roles or adopting false identities and allowing those – rather than the universal consciousness – to determine subconsciously every thought that is thought, every word that is spoken, and every action that is taken.

Persons believe that they are in a relationship with someone they know and that they really have an "object of their affection." What a deception. (1) If "you" are not even what you think you are, how could "he" or “she” be what you think she or he is? (2) Once you move beyond the image and begin to discover what that person is really like, then you will know that you don't know him or her at all, and then you may well shout at her or him someday in anger, saying, "I'm leaving! I don't even know who you are!" Correct you will be.

Persons sleep next to strangers for decades while each proclaiming  an intimate knowledge of the "other." That, and all thoughts, are nonsense.

Persons with warped perspectives can be led to ignore their more immediate relative threats and to focus on what is being pontificated about on the national news. Thus, they fear the "terrorists" whom they are told are coming to get them, so in the U.S. people ignore the  fact that 3,400,000,000 persons are stalked every year; ignore the fact that 2,040,000,000 of their stalkers are people they are close to and have known for some time; and ignore the fact that - if they are harmed - it is far more likely to be by people they know rather than by some unknown "terrorist" or "boogieman."

They ignore the fact that they are far more likely to experience relative harms as a result of alliances between corrupt business people who are enabled by corrupt politicians who block regulating corrupt businesses. 

The greater relative threats always come from within, not from without, and that mirrors exactly the source of the greatest relative threat of all. Referring to what? To what happens when the mind drives persons to engage is self-defeating and self-destructive behaviors. "Thoughts" are the real threat to health and happiness and well-being during the manifestation. If it is thoughts that you wish to be free of, then address in meditation or in the quiet the falsity of the particular ego-state that is generating the thoughts, not the thousands of thoughts that the single false ego-state is generating.

Originally, only one purpose of meditation was intended: not to dose off or to reach a delta or theta state but to be fully awake in order to consider a pointer offered until that point is completely understood. Consideration and understanding, not “motionless consciousness,” was the intent.

Therefore, meditation originally was intended to wake people up, not put them to sleep.

Exercises conducted in the quiet along the “journey” are tools, yes, but when a homeowner’s house is built, he puts away his tools and then simply enjoys "the new place he’s in."

Once “Realized,” it is understood that there is no need to continue to use tools if a job is completed, so WHO is it who believes that (a) he or she has completed the construction of a new house but simultaneously thinks that (b) she or he must continue the building process? That would be, among other assumed identities, "The Person Who Needs Maintenance" (and who has not realized that there is nothing to maintain) or “The Super Seeker” or “The Super Knower.”

Understand that everything which you take to be “Spiritual” and “Noumenal” is really nothing more than an accumulation of relative and phenomenal concepts.

According to the earliest teachings shared among the Indigenous Peoples, that which is “true” is only the space between exhalation and inhalation. Close enough.

“True Self” is not "A Special Self" or “God,” though many who have morphed the teachings into a religion or spiritual process will adopt and defend that Self-God, false-self concept as well.

Ultimately, to try to support any “identity” alongside “the no-concept, non-dual Reality” is itself contradictory.

At the “highest level” of understanding, any “identity” is seen to be conceptual.

“Bliss” is merely an undisturbed, unconcerned vibration.

To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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