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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Forty-Nine

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Today's Considerations

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Duality-based beliefs can only take root after the universal consciousness has been blocked and after a totally warped perspective manifests, both of which are a result of exposure to warped programming, conditioning, domestication, acculturation, indoctrination, and brainwashing. Then duality becomes the root of all notions about being different from and, therefore, better than; of all arrogance and egotism and malignant levels of narcissism; of all conflict and fighting and war and killing; and also provides much of the inspiration for the excess of sociopaths and psychopaths on the planet nowadays.

To continue with the warped perspectives which drive ignorant and insane thoughts which lead to ignorant and insane words which lead to ignorant and insane actions, a few more examples will be offered. These involve the U.S. Because visitors from over 80 different countries visited this site last year, the invitation to those is to become aware of, and fully awake to, any and all examples that are happening where you live or, more to the point, that are happening in your own lives.

One commonplace illustration of a warped perspective involves a farmer closing the barn door after all of his horses have already gotten out, illustrating the lunacy of trying to stop something undesirable from happening when it has already happened and the situation cannot be changed:

Consider another example: How warped would a family’s perspective have to be if they were already being held hostage inside their home and if they were being threatened to be killed by another family member who had been living under same roof for many years but then all of the family members voted to lock all of the doors and windows and block every entrance with stacks of furniture to keep out everyone else who might be a threat?

Yet in the U.S., that is the case. Reactionary factions among those seeking to be the right wing party’s nominee in the 2016 presidential election are whipping their supporters into a xenophobic frenzy by appealing to the basest emotions of people who are body-identified, prejudiced, ignorant and driven by fear.

The fact is that the most dangerous persons (relatively speaking) are not the ones who are trying to get into the country but are the ones who are already here and free to move about and attack whomever they choose. That is, the wildest, most dangerous horses (relatively speaking) that can kill with a kick are already out and about and running free and quite able to attack whomever they choose. They are the nation's "domestic terrorists" who have been here long before the 9 / 11 attacks by "foreign terrorists," and "domestic" can apply as much to a single home as to the homeland.

While there is talk of “closing our borders” and “building a 1,933-mile long wall along the U.S.-Mexican border and a 5,525-mile long wall along the winding border shared with Canada” and “refusing to let Muslims enter the country,” the more immediate relative threat would already be inside those walls. Consider:

There are currently 784 identified hate groups that are functioning inside the U.S. with over 50,000 radicalized members who just happen to also be U.S. citizens, mostly white, and mostly Christian. (Those do not quite fit the popular profile of "the most dangerous and most fearful," n-est-ce pas?)

Their members are promoting the same brand of hate and extremism which some national politicians who are seeking to be the President of the U.S. are advancing. Add, to the relative threats which those people bring, the number of persons who are members of the ultra-right-wing political group which has elected scores of their members to the U.S. Congress.

That faction now controls over 68% of the members of Congress and their goal is to bring to an end the current U.S. Government, to default on the payment of all of the nation’s debts, and then to build a Christian theocracy while replacing the current U.S. Constitution with Old Testament Jewish law. Their followers are not in the thousands but are in the millions, and their financial backers are millionaires and billionaires.

Moreover, 60% in the U.S. report that they are most worried about “all of us being killed” and about “the nation being destroyed by outsiders . . . by radicalized foreign terrorists."

By way of contrast and by way of attaining a far more factual take on the reality of what is, and what is not, a relative threat, consider the totals involved with these U.S. hate groups of extremists whose beliefs and activities are well-documented:

There are 142 different groups of Neo-Nazis

there are 119 different groups of Racist Skinheads

there are 115 different groups of White Nationalists

there are 72 different Ku Klux Klan groups

there are 37 different Neo-Confederate groups

there are 21 different “Christian Identity” groups


there are 165 different anti-LGBT and similar groups.

To the insane family being held hostage by a family member while locking out all others, and to those concerned about “threats from outside”: the closest that you are going to come to “a threat” is where you already are, and the closest that you are going to come into contact with someone who may well be a relative threat . . . you are already close to and already in contact with. The greatest relative threats are from within, not from without, and that applies to the masses and their minds as well. Their real threat is from within, within their minds, not from without.

And those 784 are only the groups that are well-known because they are organized, because they often have charters and bank accounts and websites, and because they openly profess their hatred for 

(1) all non-whites – that is, "for all people of color, specifically blacks, browns and yellows who are the real enemies of democracy and freedom and the America way of life”; 

for (2) all non-Christians;

for (3) all people living in the Northern states; 

for (4) all people living along "the liberal eastern and western coasts"; and 

for (5) all people who have a sexual orientation which differences from their own.

Lot of hate going on, yes? Lot of false sense of separation, yes? Lot of duality, yes? And, therefore, a lot of chaos: Dual-minded persons really are unstable in all ways.

Could there be any more concrete evidence of what is generated when persons are ruled by their warped perspectives? By their dualistic beliefs? By their arrogant notion that they are different from and, therefore, better than?

Again, duality-based beliefs can only take root after the universal consciousness has been blocked and after a totally warped perspective manifests, both of which are a result of exposure to warped programming, conditioning, domestication, acculturation, indoctrination, and brainwashing. 

After that exposure, then duality-based thoughts and words and actions lead to ignorant beliefs about being different from and, therefore, better than; become the root of all arrogance and egotism and even malignant levels of narcissism; become the root of all conflict and fighting and war and killing; and also become the driving force of the exceedingly high number of sociopaths and psychopaths who are on the planet nowadays.

To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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