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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Thirty-Eight

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Today's Considerations

A totally different perspective comes when one becomes able to differentiate between the true and the false and thereafter speaks from the perspective of the universal consciousness; yet among “the truly realized,” that speaking or "sharing" only happens if persons first made clear that they are interested in hearing that consciousness speak.

Here in 1989, a shift began back to the totally pure form of witnessing which had been present during the earliest years of the manifestation of "Floyd" when a full-blown rebellion had taken hold beginning around the age of 4 or so and became firmly fixed by the age of 6 or 7. That rebellion was against (1) the nonsense being heard all around me; and against (2) the nonsense that adults were trying to pass on via nonsensical programming, conditioning, etc.; and against (3) the ignorant and insane concepts being expressed by parents and by the culture and in the church I was being taken to several days a week.

The revolt came when (to use Maharaj’s words) amazingly “ignorant and stupid and insane” statements inspired the questioning of - and then the rejection of belief in - the claims being made by adults all around me. Why, when all of my peers were buying into those claims? Because here - as with almost all Personality Type Fours, including Maharaj - the statements passed on by those in positions of authority were intuitively recognized as being total nonsense, all based in complete and utter impossibilities.

And that is a key point for those who would seek and eventually find: acquiesce to authority and the acceptance of whatever "the authorities" say (without any challenging or defiance at all) requires listeners who are devoid of any proper perspective and who cannot differentiate between "the possible" and "the impossible."  For those who would find, the ability to distinguish between those two must be present.

A few examples of the kinds of things that were heard in a Southern Baptist Church and were challenged at ages 4 to 7 included these:

1. "The first human ever was named 'Adam' who was created by a Creator, and the second was Eve who was created from one of Adam’s ribs and they had two sons, Cain and Abel. Cain was 'the first person ever born on earth' and Abel was 'the first person on earth to die' when Cain killed him, so Cain was also 'the first murderer on earth.' That is how the human race began on earth, and the story is true because it is told in all three of the holy texts that came out of the Middle East, including the Jewish holy text and the Judeo-Christian holy text and the Muslim holy text."  Now while most of my peers nodded in agreement or thought “Whatever . . . who cares?” the perspective here was, “That’s impossible unless incest was on God’s ‘approved sex acts in the garden of Eden’ since Cain would have either had to have sex with his mother in order to begin his own family or with some sister who was born later on.”

2. “We are all God’s children, and He loves us unconditionally.” The perspective here: “That's impossible, because you said that later on - as more and more people inhabited the planet and all except for a man named Noah and his family became evil because they had no faith in God - then God first became angry and then became homicidal and then brought down a flood and killed all of his ‘children’ except for the members of the one family that He approved of. It is impossible for (a) unconditional love of one’s children and (b) a willingness to kill one’s children to co-exist, and that includes being willing to 'sacrifice one's own son' to bring about the forgiveness of all of the sins of all people."

3. “We are all God’s children, and He loves us unconditionally, but if you do not please Him, he will send you to hell where you will burn forever.” It is impossible for a God to love his ‘children’ unconditionally but to be willing to cast them into fire eternally."

4. “Jonah was swallowed by a whale and lived in its stomach for three days but God kept Jonah alive and caused the whale to regurgitate Jonah and he lived.” The perspective here: “That’s impossible, period, end of story (and what a story it is”).

Later, I would use a word that Maharaj often used (though his friends and publishers edited his talks to exclude the word). The word? “Bullshit.” Instead of wasting the breath required for me to say, “That is impossible,” it was easier to simply say, “Bullshit.”

No one can realize – that is, "realize the truth" – without being able to identify BS as BS. It is totally impossible to be realized while being unable to unequivocally differentiate BS from truth, as impossible as it is for a human to become a God (which some Advaitins and some Vedantins and all Mormons and all of those who now think that they are “divine” nevertheless believe).

Thus, this teaching was also questioned and responded to with rejection: 

5. “Eve misled Adam and caused him to lose favor with God, so forever after, all women were cursed with pain during their menstrual cycles, and really bad women have the most painful cycles of all.” The perspective here: “BS. Stop blaming others for your actions. And by the way, science - not religion - explains why menstrual cycles are painful and why some are more painful than others. Get free of the ignorance and insanity that was passed on to you and find facts because only those can lead to finding the truth.” 

So did that clear perspective (which was in place at age 4 and age 5 and which became fully fixed in place by age 6 or age 7) remain intact without interruption from age 4 to the present age of 68? Absolutely not.

The rebellion against the nonsense being passed on (or imposed) by all sorts of authorities went on for years, but eventually – in order to get a job and keep a job – some acquiescence began. Later, for a spell, the desire to try to please a wife and the desire to sustain the false identity of “The Husband” also led to some acquiescence as well. Yet eventually, living any lie began to prey heavily on the underlying inclination toward authenticity (which also comes with the Type Four personality) and that inclination eventually exerted itself and triggered the shift back to the original, early state.

Now, “awakening” and “enlightenment” and "realization" might begin with a flash, with a peripetia, but the one who has been asleep does not reach a state of full physical awakeness instantaneously. As is said of many things, “awakening” is a process, not an event.

Thus, it was in 1989 when the shift back began. The process unfolded continually, not continuously. The same happened with Maharaj. It was a very long process that moved him beyond guru-bhakti and then to bhakti yoga and then to jnana yoga (all with sprinklings of nisarga yoga pointers) and then to using a religious / non-dual version of the Ultimate Medicine and then to using a spiritual / non-dual version of the Ultimate Medicine and then eventually to using a psychologically-based version of the Ultimate Medicine and then finally to a pure Nisargan message. See? With Maharaj, it was a process – a very long process, in fact – not an event and not a single, instantaneous happening.

With Maharaj, an awake-and-aware-and-conscious-and-non-dual version of witnessing moved along through phases. The same happened here. But, in the end, the process allowed in both cases for a clear and accurate and proper perspective to prevail, a perspective which comes only after the complete unblocking of the consciousness happens.

So, to review from yesterday:

In the end, that perspective removed in both cases all beliefs, including the belief in any identity or Identity. Maharaj said that in the beginning he was involved in the business of spirituality and “The Self” and “The love of the Self,” but he said that even that interest eventually ended.

He came to see that at the point of mahasamadhi or the unmanifestation, the elements forming the elemental plant food body shall return to the universal pool of elements; that any remaining air that was being circulated at the point of mahasamadhi will be released into the universal pool of air; and that the manifested conscious-energy shall unmanifest and return to the omnipresent, universal pool of energy.

He understood that there is no birth and no creation so there can be no death and no destruction and no re-birth. He saw that there is no truth to any conceptualized “you” or “You” and that there will be no “one” who will exist post-manifestation. He understood that what is actually happening on this planet is merely a cycling of elements and air and energy. He understood that none of those three could honestly be said to "have value" and "deserve admiration." That was the final perspective there, and it is the perspective here.

Again, if those perspectives manifest, then the assumption of egos can end, the use of egotism to support such false identities can end, and that clear and proper perspective will allow all things relative to be perceived accurately and modestly and reasonably and logically. After that, a respite from having to observe and react can happen, the exhaustion of endless seeking can end, and the joy of abiding naturally can begin.
To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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