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MAHARAJ: “Lightment” vs. Enlightenment, Part “XXX”

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The key non-dual pointer: there will be heaviness when personality identifications are at play; there can be a sense of lightness if no personal identifications are assumed; but there will be, guaranteed, untold heaviness marking and marring the existence of all persons who believe that false identities are real. When was the last time persons enjoyed unconditional happiness? The last time that they were not burdened with any assigned or assumed personal identities and the last time that they had no ideas, concepts, notions (a.k.a., "beliefs") about anything. And when was that? During "The Child No-Knowing State." Maharaj: "Go back." 

 He said: “. . . You should go back, reverse, to the source” 


“Follow the same path by which you came.” 

What does that involve?

As the conscious-energy manifested within a space which developed inside a human womb, that space / elemental plant food body eventually moved outside the womb and entered what was called “The Child Ignorance Stage" or “The Child No-Knowing State.” Each child "arrives" with a brain but with “a blank tablet” in the parts of the brain which will have later on the capability to store and retrieve information. 

The early, blank tablet days will soon end as the child is exposed to nonsensical programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and brainwashing and indoctrination. Thus, what will be “written on the tablet” is nonsense, and when skeptical children first begin to hear nonsense from adults, they generally question the nonsense. Why? Because children are far more dubious, far less easily fooled, and thus far wiser than the adults who have all already undergone the process of programming, conditioning etc. and who have developed blind faith and who accept, unquestioningly and foolishly, what they are told by persons in positions of authority. 

The child will also soon be stripped of that tendency to question by being programmed and conditioned to accept, to believe, to have faith, and to “stop challenging authority figures, dammit!!” The process will pull the child out of the No-Knowing State and will burden the child with belief in personality identifications, mind identification and body identification. 

Once those last three steps are taken, then the child will be as far removed from truth and the ability to spot untruths as one can be. If the misery and suffering which come with body and mind and personality identifications eventually register with a child-adult, then at some point – after a period which often involves around four decades – some will begin to question again: 

“What the heck is this all about?” 

“Why have I allowed so many people to fool me so consistently?” 

“Why do I think the way I think, say the things I say, and do the things I do, even as all of those have led to so many problems and disappointments throughout my entire existence?” 

“I am intelligent, but I have done some of the most insane things imaginable. Why? What has been driving me subconsciously throughout my entire life?"

"I can look back and see that I have been imprisoned all my life in my mind. How did that entrapment come about? Along the way, I’ve tried to be better, to get rid of the person who is doing bad things or making crazy decisions and be a good person instead. Why haven't I been able to succeed at that?"

"I’ve tried religion. I've tried philosophies and ideologies. I’ve tried several spiritual groups. I’ve been driven recently to travel the world and visit holy places and speak to supposedly wise people, and while I think time and again that change has come, it never lasts. I go back to the same old destructive and stupid and insane ways. What can I do to change my condition?” 

One of the indigenous peoples in the U.S. says in a song, “Winds of life are blowing across the reservation and I can hear the voice of a new generation . . . and it's time, yes it's time, to live.” How about with you? Is it time to live, meaning to live freely . . . to live naturally . . . to truly relax and take it easy . . . and to leave others alone to do the same? 

In Chapter Twenty-Three of The Relative Results of Returning to "The Child Ignorance Stage" or "The Child No-Knowing State" entitled “Entrapment in the ‘Good’ Roles is Still Entrapment,” this is offered:

Mention has been made of ducks, squirrels, deer, bears, birds, fish, and persons ("persons" being a term which points to all of the "human spaces or forms" with ideas and concepts and beliefs which drive them to accept multiple false identities as being real). Of the millions and millions of life forms in those groups, and of the trillions and trillions of life forms which have ever lived on the planet, only the members of one group have developed (that is, regressed) in ways that drive them to assume that they are "different," that they are "better than all other spaces and forms," and that they can "control" and have "dominion" over all of the other spaces and forms in other groups. Some members of that group of "persons" or "human spaces or forms" also assume that they should have control and dominion over all of the "other persons" or "other human spaces or forms" in their group. 

Of the millions and millions in those groups that move about planet earth, and of the trillions and trillions that have ever lived on the planet, all have an elemental brain, but only the members of one group have developed (that is, regressed) in ways that have also resulted in a "mind" filled with ideas and concepts and beliefs. 

And of the millions and millions in those groups that move about planet earth, and of the trillions and trillions that have ever lived on the planet, only the members of the group with "minds" have mental problems which drive them to fight others who believe different ideas and concepts and beliefs; who have mental problems which drive them to inflict pain on themselves or others; 

who have mental problems which drive them to continue to engage in behaviors that have been proved to be harmful to their elemental bodies; who have mental problems which drive them to cut or shoot themselves or others; and who have mental problems and such arrogance that they feel entitled to engage in controlling and invading and colonizing and enslaving and committing acts of genocide. 

Only the members of the group with "minds" have mental problems of such severity that they actually believe that they are the roles they play; that they really believe they can be something that they are not; and that they truly believe it when other persons tell them that they are either "good" or "bad" (although the criteria for such labeling varies from culture to culture); 

have such mental problems that they really believe that they are "different from" others; that they actually think that they are "better than" or "worse than" others; and that they should abandon the roles that their cultures tell them are "bad roles" and that they should assume and play the roles that their cultures tell them are "good roles" to assume. 

Only the members of the group with "minds" have such severe mental and emotional and "personal" (personality) problems that they think they must spend years - or even a lifetime - of searching and seeking and working to "improve" or "enhance" themselves (and "others"). 

 Many so-called "non-dual teachers" have taught such concepts as "how to change your thoughts"; "how to succeed"; "how to get power"; "how to develop an ageless body and timeless mind"; "how to fulfill your desires"; "how to fulfill your dreams"; "how to achieve spiritual advancement"; "how to progress"; "how to elevate to a higher level"; "knowing spiritual laws"; "how to find your "ultimate calling;" and "how to know God."

None of that is even remotely aligned with any accurate non-dual understanding. It is all nonsense, added to the message to attract the masses who are attached to "gain" and "improvement" and "attainment" and "receiving benefits by way of the teachings."

Maharaj's take on all that? 

He taught that at the core of all human misery and suffering is personality, ego-state adoption, and egotism. He said, "I have no mind" (so he had no thoughts to change); "success" is a persona-based concept, he taught, as is "power" and as is "A Power" or "Powers." 

To that end he said: “The nearer you get to the truth, the more you lose interest in worldly affairs. Such a one will not have any interest in the world, but will act like an ordinary person.” 

He made clear that the body is a temporary form and that the "mind" is finite as well, not "ageless." 

As for "fulfilling desires," he taught that all misery and suffering are rooted in personal fears or in trying to fulfill personal desires; and contrary to "fulfilling dreams," he made clear that dreams are something to be rid of after seeing they are not the Real. 

As for "spiritual advancement," he said: "There is no progress" 


"There is no question of elevating to a higher level. Here it is only a question of understanding." 

As for "spiritual laws," he said: "Whatever spiritual things you aspire to know are all happening in this objective world, in the illusion. All this is happening in the objective world. All is dishonesty. There is no truth in this fraud." 

As for being "called" to some "ultimate calling" and as for "knowing the caller" or "knowing God," he said: "First of all you identify something as being good or bad for yourself. Then, in an effort to acquire good or to get rid of the bad, you have invented a God. Then you worship such a God and . . . you pray to that God for something good to happen to you." 

All such concepts and ideas adopted by persons run counter to the no-belief, non-dual, no-identity, no-concept, no-idea, natural abidance and normalcy which mark the relative existence of all forms on the planet except for persons. One has never seen a deer trying to improve or enhance itself. One has never seen a deer being burdened - as humans are - with a sense of heaviness.

That which believes it can change or grow or develop into something that is different from what it already is is nothing more than a speck of consciousness that has been fooled. That which believes it can become enhanced or improved or made better or made worse or ungraded or downgraded is a speck of conscious-energy that has been fooled. 

Maharaj said, "Only that person will visit this place whose virtue and sin have [both] come to an end." All concepts and beliefs such as those referenced above are rooted in the duality of either (1) an egotism-based notion of being "very good" or even "great" or (in true narcissistic fashion) "incredible"; or (2) a guilt-and-shame-based notion of being "bad" or "unworthy." 

Moreover, it is only the members of the group with "minds" who buy into dualistic beliefs, ego-states as identities, egotism, a false sense of greatness, and the arrogance-generating delusion of many members of that group that they are part of "an exclusive and superior group or race or species." 

Also, it is only the members of the group with "minds" that buy into "self-destruction" and "destruction of others" as a result of first buying into guilt and the notion of being "bad" or "unworthy" or, conversely, "exceptional." 

Is it any wonder that Maharaj invited those trapped in the delusion of body-mind-personality identification (and those being driven by their false ideas and concepts and beliefs) to abandon all of the learned ignorance which is inspiring them to live unnaturally or inspiring them to try to live "supernaturally"? 

Is it any wonder that Maharaj spent decades inviting persons to abandon all beliefs and to then abide naturally instead, as do ducks, squirrels, deer, bears, birds, fish, and all other "spaces-or-forms-cum-temporarily-manifested-consciousness" with the lone exception of "persons"? 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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