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Everyone Becomes Pulled Into “The Dance,” but the Key Question Is: “How Are YOU Dancing?” Part Twelve

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Maharaj: “It is the dance of the conscious presence.” 

During a previous discussion of the current topic, someone wrote angrily: “You talk about an invitation to the dance, but your hero Maharaj used to kick people out of the dance. How is that supposed to be a SHOW OF LOVE!?” 

Before addressing that question again, visitors are invited to see an example of the reason that sages have long advised persons to be rid of their personality identifications. [Maharaj: “In reality there is only one state; when distorted by self-identification it is called a person.”] So what is the reason sages have advised persons to abandon their fictionalized sense of personhood? 

It robs persons of the ability to choose consciously what they say and do because the hidden agendas of false identifications always control the thoughts of “non-realized” persons; moreover, thoughts determine the words which persons say and then the words which persons say invariably lead to the actions that they take. 

Maharaj’s final understanding - which led him to abandon the use of the earlier versions of the Ultimate Medicine which he had offered - also led to an end of the use of any form of dogma and to an end of the use of any form of spirituality. Because he came to understand the psychological roots of the Ultimate Sickness, he understood that the mind and personality identifications have long been the bane and the blight and the curse of humankind’s relative existence; thus, he shifted his focus from "the soul" or "the spirit" to . . . humanity's warped minds.

So consider what the person wrote above and understand why he wrote what he wrote (because you can know his motive even though he will likely never have a clue regarding what drove him to write the words he wrote):

A friend who is a therapist hears several times a month statements like this: “That was then, this is now, lady, so let’s stick to what's real.” Her answer is usually something like this: “Sorry, but that which was then is still impacting you now, so the effects remain and are very real for you.” 

Persons do not understand the lingering effects of trauma nor the lingering effects of the words and actions of the adults who were around them during their youth. Maharaj said that “the cause of all is all,” and what causes one’s present thoughts and words and deeds are all that has happened before. 

Thus, what is placed in the mind never leaves, though it is often repressed or forgotten. Yet the effects remain. They are forever, and they will control present-day perceptions and misperceptions as well as determine what is desired and what is feared: 

Maharaj: “Desire is the memory of pleasure and fear is the memory of pain.” It’s all about memories, and memories are distortions, so present-day perceptions and misperceptions and desires and fears are all based in distortion. 

So why, really, did a man write angrily about someone else being asked to leave a non-dual session, and why was he so invested in his version of "love" being shown? He might say because he is realized and in touch with the Oneness and, therefore, cares for all and cares about all.” But his words came from his thoughts, and his thoughts are being controlled by certain memories from his past which were misperceived then and which now trigger misperceived and distorted memories or no recall at all about what happened then that is nevertheless driving him now. 

(Maharaj: “When the mind takes over, remembers and anticipates, it exaggerates, it distorts, it overlooks. The past is projected into future and the future betrays the expectations.”) 

So what place might the writer have been thrown out of, or when might he have have felt like he was being ignored? When might he not have been shown the degree of or kind of love that he wanted? What is allowing him to identify with and defend one whom he thinks was slighted or mistreated? What slight or mistreatment remains in his subconscious which is now triggering an unconscious reaction and anger? 

Past events as simple as those can controls one’s thoughts and words and actions and can affect one's emotional state for a lifetime. Maharaj said, “Words are of the mind and the mind obscures and distorts,” and that is why he made clear that the mind must go. Thus he advised: “Remove its [the mind’s] distortions and impurities.” 

The mind (which nature originally intended to be a tool to be used to assist with the survival of the species) is no longer the friend of humanity; it is no longer an asset for humankind; it has become the source of all problems, all discontentment, all misery, and all suffering. Maharaj: “Surely, the memory of an event cannot pass for the event itself,” yet that is exactly the perception which is commonplace among “the non-realized masses.” 

When all is being misperceived, as is the case among the masses, then any memory about what actually happened which is stored in the mind must also be . . . a misperception; thus, the way an event was thought to be at a time in the past was not really the way it was at all, so any lingering memory about the way any given event might have been is also . . . a misperception. Maharaj: “Your personal universe does not exist by itself. It is merely a limited and distorted view of the real.” 

So what about someone leading a non-dual discussion who asks someone to leave? Is she or he uncaring, conscience-less, sociopathic, and pathological (as the egos of some observers conclude)? If not, how does he or she differ from those types? 

Visitors who have been stopping by this site for a few months might remember a term used by some therapists and psychologists to discuss what many take to be three of the most serious personality disorders. They term they use, “The Dark Triad,” refers to “The Narcissistic Personality Disorder,” “The Sociopathic Personality Disorder,” and “The Psychopathic Personality Disorder,” all three of which involve high levels of vanity, self-absorption, selfishness, conceit, and self-importance. 

The levels are so high among those with any of those disorders that they care nothing about other humans; and the levels are so high that such types are fine with the notion that any who disagree with them should vanish, or even die. So when Maharaj kicked people out of the loft, was he being narcissistic, sociopathic, or pathological? Or was he being caring? 

Those who were kicked out were there to show off their knowledge, to try to outwit Maharaj, or to try to show how superior their degree of understanding was from that of the other seekers in the loft. Their agenda blocked all of the others from having any chance to receive what was going to be offered, so in order for the interests of the majority to be protected, Maharaj had to bring to an end the interests of narcissists who were there to disrupt the processings. 

Besides, the readiness is all, and if persons are obviously not ready, it is a favor to them to allow them to go out and have more of the miserable experiences which can facilitate the reaching of a state of readiness. “The realized” care about humanity without caring in the least about humanity’s distorted perceptions and opinions, and that is why some must be asked to leave the dance going on at any given moment. 

So consider these pointers from the book Dancing Lightly:  

Much has been written regarding AS IF living, living AS IF any of this is real or important but knowing it is not. From that position, husbanding or wifing can happen . . . or not; employment can happen, bill-paying can happen, dancing the Advaita dance can happen; yet it is understood that there is no husband, no wife, no employee or employer, no bill-payer, no dancer, no … "one" . . . only One. 

Over the years, some have written or shared at times when visiting here that they finally “got it”; some wrote to advise that I would burn forever in the torturous flames of their hell; some wrote to say that they are having fun doing this dance with me; a few have reported that they are now "Advaitin Teachers"; some said they love me; some said they hate me. So it is. 

Here, the dancing happens in the absence of any "Dancer," so none of those statements have any effect. If you relish the applause of the village, be prepared to accept the scorn of the town.

Being free of any and all concern about public image and public opinions has nothing to do with “not caring” about humankind in general. 

Next, consider this from the same book: 


Someone might see me ask a person to leave satsang or a non-dual seminar, as happened last week. Less than five minutes into what was to be a fifty-five-minute-one-on-one session, the session was ended because the person sitting opposite me went into an anger-based, resentful rant about two co-workers. 

As he reported the details regarding the ways that other persons had offended him, the volume of the voice and the physical twisting and shifting increased as the original emotional reaction was re-sent through the body and mind of the man via this re-telling of his tales. That re-sending of the original effects of the supposed offenses drove him to re-experience and even magnify the original reactions via the re-telling. 

Consider the way that re-sending supported and renewed “resentment” by understanding the roots of the words involved: the French sentire = “to feel” and the French resentir = “to feel strongly” and / or “to feel bitter or indignant about.” Resentment was supported and amplified by re-sending the effects throughout a body-mind-personality triad. 

The man was interrupted and was informed that the session would have to end. It was explained that, as in the case of oil and water, this speck abides as THAT, so one abiding in his fashion (with such intensity and anger and histrionics that were being used to reinforce his sense of separation and better-than-ness) cannot be engaged in the dance of unicity. 

Recall the earlier pointer: Maharaj taught that “what is Real can never combine with the unreal.” 

That is why the deer resting in the front yard here move back into the woods if loud and bothersome humans come along and mess with them and interrupt the peace they are enjoying. The silence is real; noise is fabricated by restless humans and is, therefore, not real; the enjoyment of peace is real, while all which disturbs the peace is manufactured by living things which have no peace. 

There will come from "the realized" whatever spontaneous and automatic action is required to maintain the silence and peace.

If the pet owners in the area here were to take their dogs for daily walks, the dogs would at peace. Because most owners never do that for their pets, their dogs are restless and have no peace and, therefore, make all kinds of noises. The same happen with humans. 

Behind the loudest human mouth is a restless, peace-less mind.

If one is dancing lightly, then talk seldom happens. Silence prevails except for the lovely sounds coming from instruments being played and generating a sense of harmony and accord as all move about with a sense of synchronization which reflects the unicity, the unity beyond the misperceived multiplicity, the Oneness, the at-one-ment. 

To be continued. 

 Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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