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Everyone Becomes Pulled Into “The Dance,” but the Key Question Is: “How Are YOU Dancing?” Part Fifteen

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Maharaj: “It is the dance of the conscious presence.” 

The pointer was offered that the Light must come first before any lightness – any sense of lightness at all – can manifest. 

Maharaj came to understand that the problems of humanity and the absence of light among humans and the absence of any sense of lightness among persons have nothing to do with humans having been taught too little dogma or with humans having a “spiritual malady” or “sick spirit.” Instead, he came to see, the problems of humanity are centered in the mind (and specifically in the darkness of the mind). 

The mind is dark when the light of full consciousness and awareness are blocked by the piling up of contaminants in the mind part of the brain by way of programming, conditioning, domestication, acculturation, brainwashing, and indoctrination. Consider:

Among the top ten complaints that women have about their partners’ sexual style or methods are these: 

“He acts like sex is some kind of race.” 

Another said, “He needs to listen to the Pointer Sisters and really understand the words to their song Slow Hand when they say: 

I want a man with a slow hand. 
I want a lover with an easy touch. 
I want somebody who will spend some time, 
Not come and go in a heated rush.” 

Now the key point here lies beyond one's sexual style and is really about the style or fashion by which one is moving through the relative. One cannot compartmentalize having an easy touch sometimes but not at other times. If one is fixated in the understanding, then all happens in a slow and easy and no-rush manner. 

Thinking about entering a bar frequented by gays and shooting all of the people? Calm the hell down. Thinking about going with your wife to your workplace and mowing people down with assault rifles? Calm the hell down. Thinking about pulling a black driver over because he has a "wide nose" - just like a robber had - and then shooting him? Calm the hell down. 

Thinking about shooting police at an otherwise peaceful rally? Calm the hell down. Thinking about strapping on a suicide vest and blowing yourself up in order to kill "infidels"? Calm the hell down. Thinking about becoming a sniper and using a U.S. military rifle with Bible verses etched into its metal to kill the so-called "enemies of America"? Calm the hell down. The rub with that suggestion? 

A totally insane, ever-in-motion, warped mind cannot do that. Yesterday, fanatics were discussed. As shared in posts from several weeks ago, fanaticism is rooted in several personality disorders, meaning fanatics are - without exception - burdened with several personality identifications and personality disorders and neuroses and psychoses and are being driven by a condition which also has a physical / chemical component. 

The earlier discussion of this topic was included in a discussion of the Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder. The “obsessive” part of the disorder involved thinking about something constantly as an ego-state reflects on what was considered to be “a slight,” “an offensive comment,” an action that showed “disrespect,” or a word or action from another which leads to the arrogance-based thought that “I don’t have to put up with that! I am deserving of far better treatment. I am entitled, dammit!” 

Obsessiveness assures that whatever an obsessive person is hung up on, the thought of it will churn and churn and churn away in the mind, over and over and over. Then comes the “compulsive” part. Obsession is about the mind; compulsion is about behavior. After so much thinking and obsessing about something, eventually one will be driven to act: 

“You did not treat me in the way I deserve, so I’m leaving you” 


“You have offended our nation. We declare war.” 

[Regarding obsession, how widespread are its effect? Understand that it is also at the root of one of the most prevalent problems on the planet, namely, addiction. It has been noted that 99.9+% of all humans are addicted to something, starting with an addiction to control and an addiction to power in order to try to control. 

Consider the role that obsession plays in regards to the Addictive Personality Disorder: in his understanding of the roots of alcoholism, a man name Bill Wilson concluded that alcoholism is a two-fold illness involving a physical allergy and an obsessive mind. The physical allergy is actually a sugar addiction. If a child has a sugar addiction and eats a candy bar, a desire for another candy bar will be triggered. A second might be eaten. Then, the desire for sugar is twice as strong as before. The same happens with alcoholics. 

When Wilson was writing a book about alcoholism, his plan was that seventy-two percent of the book would contain stories of experiences contrasting life before the storytellers quit drinking and what their lives were like afterwards. But many of the writers of those tales were involved in Christianity and told Wilson that their stories could not be used unless he offered a “three-fold” view of the illness, saying that alcoholism involves a physical allergy and an obsessive mind and “a spiritual malady” and that becoming spiritual will clear up the body and mind issues. So obsessive was he about publishing the book and so in need of their 72% share of the book that he succumbed to their blackmail.

If you witness carefully the thoughts and words and actions of those few who remain in that “program” for more than a year, you will hear and see the obsessive mind at work, and that obsessiveness reaches greater and greater heights among those few who hang around for 5 and 10 and 15 and 20 and 30 years. 

Their physical allergy is not being triggered because they are not drinking, but their obsessive minds continue to churn right along. I spoke with a man recently in the U.K. whose wife and children are sick of him. After decades in the program, he is still going to his room in the evening and listening for hours to talks of some of the Big Name Speakers in various AA groups. In spite of his claim to fame (namely, years without a drink + being a Spiritual Giant) he is no farther away from his obsessive mind than the day he entered that program. His wife and children are all ready to leave. They might as well since he has already left them, both mentally and physically.

Might you conclude that he has not gotten this message: “I want a man with a slow hand. I want a lover with an easy touch. I want somebody who will spend some time, Not come and go in a heated rush”? When it was explained to him that the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder has both a mental component and a physical / chemical element as well and that he needed treatment for both, he was gone, retreating back into his room and listening again to the Big Name Teachers who were (or still are) as obsessive (and therefore as sick) as he is.]

I had colon cancer years ago. Do you think I still want to this very day to sit in a room alone and listen every night for the rest of my life to colon cancer survivors talk about “their experience and strength and hope”? Were that the case, then I might be free of colon cancer, but I would not be free of obsessing and I would not be free of being a big damn fool. 

“Super Religious Fanatics” (be they Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Evangelicals, whatever) do not have slow hands or an easy touch but race about in a heated rush as they proselytize and try to convert all to believe what they believe. 

“Spiritual Giant Fanatics” do not have slow hands or an easy touch but race about in a heated rush as they focus on their "new and improved identities" which have supposedly replaced their "former, bad roles."

“Super Alkie Fanatics” do not have slow hands or an easy touch but race about in a heated rush as they become subsumed by their new activities.

“Super Seeker Fanatics” do not have slow hands or an easy touch but race about in a heated rush as they sink deeper and deeper into the depths of their spiritual workaholism.

“Super Achiever Fanatics” do not have slow hands or an easy touch but race about in the heated rush of their going and doing and zooming. Their doingness and business / busy-ness preempt any chance for an enjoyable sense of mere beingness to manifests. 

The fool driving a truck into the Bastille Day crowds on the Promenade des Anglais” in the town of Nice did not have slow hands or an easy touch but raced about in a heated rush as his Sociopathic and Psychopathic Personality Disorders drove him.

The questions asked here in the past are still relevant now:

“How much fun are you to be around, really?” 


“Are you taking yourself and your agenda so seriously that you are a total bore, a total boar, a total Neanderthal, a total pain in the rear?” 


“Are you trapped in the darkness of anger at those who fall short of your expectations and demands or who do not believe what you believe but certainly should because you think you are so perfect that everyone should be just like you?” 

Next, how mentally sick would a spouse or children have to be to enjoy being around a husband or father who is so overly-serious and so obsessive that he comes home and goes into his room and listens compulsively to tapes of people talking about themselves and their disease over and over and over, for decades? 

How nuts did persons have to be to have listened to Bin Laden and his constant bitching? 

How nuts do persons have to be to listen to the miserable Al-Baghdadi and his constant bitching? 

How nuts do persons have to be to listen to a spouse and his or her constant bitching? 

What mental condition must persons be in to listen to and believe the nonsense being broadcast on their televisions by Big Names Televangelists or by a guru telling his followers to walk on hot coals or by a hate-fueled, egomaniacal politician or by a woman telling women who have been raped to love the rape and love the rapist and invite him over for dinner

Totally Nuts? Complete fools? Amazingly obsessive? Wholly compulsive? Utterly Fanatical? And thoroughly trapped in the depths of the Ultimate Sickness and the symptoms identified by Maharaj as “ignorance, stupidity, and insanity?” 

Got a problem? Is it leaving you trapped in a sense of darkness and driving you constantly to obsess and to behave compulsively? Address it and then move the heck on. Do what is required to be free of the darkness, to enter into the light and to see truth, and then enter into the dance and dance lightly. 

Yet understand: that would first require being free of all of one’s ego-states and free of the egotism which is supporting those false identities and being free of the darkness and heaviness and weightiness and excessive seriousness and grand sense of importance and one's imagined significance which makes the trivial seem to be of the greatest magnitude. 

To be continued. 


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