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Everyone Becomes Pulled Into “The Dance,” but the Key Question Is: “How Are YOU Dancing?” The Conclusion

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Maharaj: "It is the dance of the conscious presence." 

The dance which is spoken of by “non-dualists” is a dance of conscious presence. Those that are awake and aware and conscious dance the dance lightly. Those who are unawake, unaware, and unconscious – walking about as if in a dream, talking in their sleep, driving in their sleep, forming relationships in their sleep, breaking relationships in their sleep – cannot possibly dance lightly. They stomp. They trample. They march about in the most stiff and rigid manner imaginable. 

Every human is in either one or the other of those two groups. A few are awake and aware and conscious. Most are not. Yet they do often share one thing in common: whatever they think or say or do involves a desire to return to experiencing consistently the unconditional happiness which last manifested during their earliest days and months and which was last enjoyed only before exposure to the nonsensical programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and brainwashing and indoctrination which every child is exposed to as soon as their parents and other adults around them begin to expose children to those processes. 

Once personality develops as a result, then everything that a person thinks and says and does will be determined by the hidden, subconscious agendas of one or more of the nine basic personality types which develop as a result of programming, conditioning, etc., and will be determined later on by one or more of the scores of false personal identities which they are assigned or which they assume. From that point on, everything that they do is driven by a desire for happiness. 

What’s wrong with that? At first glance, nothing, but after the actual effects of being driven become obvious, everything about being driven by hidden and unconscious motives can be seen to have devastating effects on the existence of every human involved (relatively speaking). 

The problem with that subconscious longing to return to the state when happiness was manifesting more often than not is that – actually – even the seemingly-unconditional happiness of a child had certain conditions which had to be met before happiness could follow, and the child had no power to make those conditions happen. 

The child cannot force someone to change its wet or soiled diaper. It can only scream at the top of its lungs to make those around the screamer aware of his or her discomfort or restlessness or discontentment or irritation. Nor can the child prepare a meal to quell its hunger or prepare a drink to quell its thirst. Nor can it adjust the thermostat to warm or to cool a room to a preferred temperature. 

One man who was asked what the problem was with this nation and the planet in general answered, “The problem is this: there are no adults.” Because one’s primary personality type is set in place by the age of five or six, and because one’s basic personality type seldom ever changes, then those of an adult age will continue to be driven by the same fears and desires which were driving them when they were five or six years old. 

That is one of the key problems with personality: it subconsciously determines thoughts and words and actions and subconsciously wants . . . what a five or six year old wants. And since most who are of an adult age will never get everything they want, then the five or six year old lingering within their psyches will scream at the top of their lungs to make those around the screamers aware of their discomfort or restlessness or discontentment or irritation; and will scream about what they want even though what they want is not what they need at all. 

Moreover, what they want will be determined solely by the hidden agendas of things which are nothing more than delusions and illusions to begin with, namely (1) false identities and (2) what they want and think they need in order to be happy (which, for those types, always involves externals). 

Since happiness for “the non-realized” masses depends on externals, then such persons will forever be trying to control others in their quest for happiness; will try to take from others in their quest for happiness; and will try to either control or destroy "others" in one way or another if those “others” are believed to have what those adult-aged children think they need. The result is a planet populated by persons who see “others” as the threat as well as the solution to their problems which are actually rooted in their own fears and desires. 

Again, everything that “non-realized persons” do is driven by a desire for happiness. And again, what’s wrong with that? Everything. Those free of living under the influence of personality and ignorance and insanity can tap into the only true source of happiness (which is internal, not external); thus, those who are wise and sane are not judging others and trying to change them; are not seeking others to love them to make them feel better about themselves; 

are not performing in an effort to get adulation and applause from the masses in order to satisfy their sense of inferiority; are not trying to escape; are not trying to form dependent and co-dependent relationships in order to have others take care of them; are not trying to use addictions to escape; are not behaving in sociopathic and psychopathic ways in order to control others by bullying them; and are not trying to dissociate from reality in order to engage in mental flights of fancy. 

To be driven by a desire for happiness might work fine if everyone happened to be sane and wise and loving, but few are; thus, trying to abide in a society or nation where a majority of persons are being driven by their selfish, self-based desires does not make for a harmonious existence.

What are some of the delusions which drive those seeking happiness? The infirmed say, “If only I had good heath, I’d be happy.” If that were the case, then everyone who has good health would be happy, but such is not the case. Certain personality types say, “If only I had money, I would be happy.” If that were the case, then every millionaire and billionaire would be happy, but such is not the case. 

Certain personality types say, “If only I had fame or youth or beauty or talent, I would be happy.” If that were the case, then every famous or beautiful or talented person would be happy rather than often being self-destructive at a rate that is far higher-than-average. 

What is not understood by most is that the dry and fed child who might seem to be thrilled and ecstatic and overjoyed and blissful because of its unconditional happiness is not as much happy as it is merely content. For whom is contentment not enough? For the "non-realized" masses, that is who.

And there’s the rub of the adult-aged child: she or he has no inner sense of contentment, whether rich or poor, well or sick, famous or unknown, beautiful or not, talented or not.

Happiness (or, more significantly, contentment) comes – not when one if finally freed, once and for all, of all challenges and problems - but when one is sane enough and wise enough and mature enough to understand the actual roots of any challenge or problem and then sane and wise and mature enough to adjust accordingly. 

See? Another name for sane is “well-adjusted.” Children are not likely to be “well-adjusted,” and neither are adult-aged children (a.k.a., “the non-realized” or “the masses in general”). Why? 

Because nothing is more varied and distorted than the beliefs about what being happy is really about. For some, “loving and being loved” might be considered the height of happiness. For some, “helping others and caring for others” might be considered the height of happiness. Yet in the national news nowadays in the U.S., it certainly appears that around 50% or more are talking and behaving in ways that show, for them, they are happiest when blaming others, hating others, and attacking others.

For them, it seems they would be happiest if they could deport others, block others, beat others, and even kill others. So again, what’s wrong with wanting to be happy? Nothing, if “realized.” But if not realized but being driven by ignorance and arrogance and insanity and hatred, well in that case, what’s wrong with wanting to be happy? Everything. 

The old maxim that “My rights end where yours begin” might be modified to offer this consideration: Is it possible that the limit – the furthermost boundary - of what I have the right to in order to be happy must end with me and must never even begin to encroach upon or depend upon you or anyone else.

During this series, various historical epochs of humanity have been discussed, showing how humans are forever unstable, forever shifting from one extreme to another, forever moving from Ages of Darkness to Ages of Enlightenment. What triggers those shifts? 

First, a preponderance of dualistic beliefs, for the case truly is that “a dual-minded person will be unstable in all ways.” The historical shifts have always happened when a tipping point is reached, when a previous balance is lost, when the weight on the scales shift from one side to another, when a turning point comes. 

None of the shifts from one epoch to another happen suddenly. The movement is subtle, but in the end, every instance of such shifts has always involved the degree to which the Ultimate Sickness was manifesting - or not - on a widespread basis.

Using Maharaj’s definition of the key symptoms of the Sickness (“ignorance, stupidity, and insanity”) the last Age of Darkness was entered into when the scales tipped because 50.1%+ turned their back on science and education. The Age of Darkness ended, and there was a shift to the Age of Enlightenment, when 50.1%+ turned back to science and education. 

Hundreds of years ago, Florence, Italy led the way to an Age of Enlightenment when science and the arts and education prevailed in spite of protests from the religious people in that nation-state, and that preference for light over darkness lasted right up until a fanatical, angry, demagogue-of-a-monk came onto the scene and tipped the scales as 50.1%+ among the religious masses joined him to overthrow the government and to burn all secular books and to destroy all examples of humanistic art and to tolerate thereafter only religious art and religious writings. 

In modern history, the last great tipping of the scale came when many were enjoying the prosperity which came to them after WWI ended, even as others during that same period were homeless and economically repressed. Under those circumstances, the economically repressed were vulnerable and therefore attracted to the hate-filled, duality-based messages of certain fascist leaders who came forth, pledging to lead their frustrated and angry and hate-filled audiences to a new promised land, those would-be dictators claiming that they alone could lead the poor to a prosperous future. 

As more and more angry citizens aligned with those fascist leaders who were promoting the dualistic concepts of “different from” and “not as good as” and separation and hate, the scales finally tipped when 50.1%+ blindly followed those leaders and jumped off the cliff into WWII. Earlier, during “The Roaring ‘20’s,” many had been dancing in the streets, but the light-hearted dancers were knocked out of the way by goose-stepping, marching, stomping, rigid troops who took over the streets, and took over the nation, and tried their best to take over all nations.

Now, the stage has been set for some years for the potential for another major shift to come. The planet is once more at a potential turning point and has been flirting for some time with reaching another tipping point, coming closer and closer to the point of losing all balance. Whether the new wave of fascists coming onto the scene around the globe prevail or not will depend on the degree to which the dualistic, separatist, arrogance-based Ultimate Sickness and its symptoms of “ignorance, stupidity, and insanity” manifest. 

Will the masses reach the balance-ending 50.1%, or will the planet experience another of the many recent “close calls”? That is to be seen, and it will be seen in the coming days and months. 

Such is the history of humanity, but the “realized” are never pulled into the wake created as the masses sail the shifting seas which are often wracked by storms. 

It may be that many streets will be closed for dancing, but the internal dance of the “realized” can continue because the "the realized" will keep dancing on the inner streets of their beingness. 

Best regards, knowing that the invitation to dance lightly always remains.

TOMORROW: A new series will begin, answering the question, “What would you share if you knew for a fact that only three hours of the manifestation remained?" 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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