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THE ULTIMATE SICKNESS: Causes, Symptoms, Aspects, Effects, Treatment, Part Thirty-Four

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(Which Was the Third Of Three Plans That He Used Over the Years to Try to Treat the Ultimate Sickness) 

When patients are sick, many physicians take the time to discuss both the source of their sickness and the treatment plan being offered in order to inspire the patients to stick with the plan in all its details. The same is required for effective treatment of the Ultimate Sickness. 

Maharaj said time and again that the treatment for the Ultimate Sickness was really so very simple. What he did not say is that the Ultimate Sickness is an illness or disease (dis-ease) or condition which is simple in its nature. 

Once it was clear to him that the Ultimate Sickness is not a too-little-dogma illness or a spiritual malady and that it is instead a mental condition, then it was also clear that the mind had indeed become a very complicated and complex and dysfunctional part of the brain; therefore, the mind had become capable of generating a very complicated and complex and dysfunctional mode of abiding throughout the relative existence. 

Regular visitors to this site understand - as Maharaj came to understand - that the complicated and complex and dysfunctional modern-day mode of abiding throughout the relative existence differs astronomically from the simple mode of functioning among the pre-mind humans. 

Yes, there was a pre-mind period in humankind's history, something that only a few humans nowadays are aware of. 

This has been offered in the past: 

While almost every child usually arrives with a brain, no child arrives with a mind at all. In fact, it was not until the human brain evolved from its original one cup size to its present 3-1/2 cup size that any human ever had a mind, that is, ever had areas of the brain where information could be stored and from which information could be retrieved.

Maharaj eventually began to focus on the fact that the mind was originally "an asset" for humanity throughout the relative existence to the degree that it helped perpetuate the species. 

After language developed and was followed by parental and community programming of the mind, conditioning of the mind, acculturating of the minds, domesticating of the mind, brainwashing of the mind, and indoctrinating of the mind, the mind would become humankind's greatest liability in terms of blocking clear seeing, clear thinking, the ability to differentiate between a lie vs. truth and fact, the ability for wisdom to manifest, and - therefore - the ability to be unhindered and unimpeded by the symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness (which Maharaj identified as "ignorance, stupidity, and insanity") and which now obstruct humanity's earlier lucidity and simplicity. 

Maharaj came to see that the state of humanity which unfolded under the auspices of a one-cup-sized brain was simpler because that was a pre-concept, pre-conditioning, pre-beliefs, non-dual, zero-concepts, no-mind state; thus, he also saw that the solution to humans' problems was simple, namely, 


But how could that possibly be simple? By understanding that the mind was originally nothing more than a repository or storehouse for facts which made life simpler by setting the stage for coming up with logical conclusions by way of syllogistic reasoning, such as: 

a. "Our neighbor Ickrack fell off a cliff";

b. "It broke him into pieces and took away whatever allows us to walk and talk and function";


c. "Let us avoid falling off cliffs."

So syllogisms are made up of a major premise, a minor premise, and a conclusion, but any conclusions reached can only as valid as the premises on which they are based. Once humans began coming up with and storing and passing on all sorts of BS (that is, concepts and ideas and notions and thoughts and perceptions and impressions and theories and views and myths and superstitions, a.k.a., "nonsensical beliefs"), the mind was no longer a trustworthy repository or storehouse of facts which could be used to generate logical conclusions but instead became more like a mental cesspool or dung heap or compost. 

Thus, after nonsense and "ignorance and stupidity and insanity" began to prevail, the syllogisms which human began coming up with resulted in widespread beliefs in bogus conclusions, distortions, delusions and lies. After that, the syllogisms which humans dreamed up and used led to false conclusions which became widespread beliefs when passed down from authority figures to their offspring and the masses. For example,

a. "Lo, I say unto you that I am the high priest, appointed by the gods to guide you";

b. "Verily, I say to you that there are gods and goddesses in other worlds who control everything that happens in this world, and we can make those gods either pleased or angry, and right now the rain god is displeased with us and is withholding rain for our crops, and he wants a sacrifice, and what makes an angry male pleased if not sex with a virgin, and since I am the gods' representative on earth, I shall have sex with a virgin, and then we will offer her as a sacrifice and will cut out her beating heart and I will drink her blood and eat her body and then we will pass it among us and all share in eating body and drinking blood and that will henceforth be an act we'll call 'communing with the Rain god' and then;


c. he will either be pleased and give us rain or he will want us to keep doing our drink-the-blood-and-eat-the-body communion service until we finally get rain." 


a. "I feel like hell this morning because I went out to have one drink with the fellows but - as always - I triggered something and ended up drinking ten drinks instead;" 

b. "Now it's finally five o'clock and I'm feeling better and the fellows want me to join them for a drink"; 


c. "I'm going to go have one drink and this time, for the first time, I'm going to be able to stick to that plan." 


a. "Some tell me that I lost my job because of globalization and because of advances in robotic technology and because of the proliferation of multi-national corporations and because of the fact that cheaper labor is available elsewhere and because expanding markets overseas are inspiring companies to manufacture their goods where the buyers are and because of a host of other reasons";

b. "But a man tells me that I lost my job because of immigrants, so I'm not going to relocate or retrain in order be employable but am going to accept his explanation"; 


c. "I will now hate all immigrants and harass them and attack them because they are the reason I'm unemployed." 


a. "I married a man who is, like me, 'A Christian'";

b. "Before, in order to 'exist," I only needed 'A Husband' to be 'A Wife' and 'A Christian Man' to be 'A Christian Wife'";


c. "Now that I see myself as 'A Super Christian' and as 'A Super Wife," and in order to 'exist,' I must have 'A Super Husband' and 'A Super Christian' as a spouse, so I must leave this man who in only 'A Husband' and 'A Christian' but who is not 'A Super Husband' and who is not 'A Super Christian Man'."

In all of those cases, a personality / persona is assigned or assumed before the totally faulty, totally illogical conclusions can be reached: 

There is "The All-Knowing, God-on-Earth Priest"; there are "The Unquestioning Followers of the Priest" and there are "The Unquestioning Parents Who Are Willing to Sacrifice a Daughter for the Good of the Community"; 

there is the "Not Really an Alcoholic, I-Can-Actually-Handle-It Guy"; there is "The Super Christian" and "The Super Spouse"; and on and on and on. 

At the root of personality assumption is a mind that has been filled with nonsense which is willing to accept false identities assigned by the culture and to accept false identities assumed by persons as actual identities. 

Many thousands of years ago in the Far East, certain of the wiser people living in that land were warning of the consequences of the assumption of false identities. 

More than 2000 years ago, a group of people calling themselves "The Essenes" warned against the consequences of humans manifesting as authentics but being transformed into counterfeit replicas who subsequently need to find a "path" that will lead them to an understanding of their original, authentic condition

Up until about 2400 years ago, a man called Socrates was offering some non-dual messages in his philosophical talks in Greece. (Killed) 

Up until 2000 years ago, there was a man named Yeshu'a - called "Jesus" - who warned that "Dual-minded persons are unstable in all ways." (Killed) 

Up until 400 year ago, there was a writer called "Shakespeare" who invited persons to reject their culture's nonsense and return to authenticity, advising "to thy own self be true." (Criticized by the church) 

Up until 150 years ago, there was a man called "Thoreau" who was offering a message which suggested the same and who invited persons to return to a manner of abiding naturally. (Jailed) 

Up until about 70 years ago, a man called "Gandhi" was teaching that anger is the enemy of non-violence and that pride is the monster that eats up the peace. (Assassinated) 

Up until about 50 years ago, a man called "M. L. King, Jr." was preaching non-violence, the Oneness, and peace. (Assassinated) 

Up until 35 years ago, there was one called "Maharaj" who was recommending that the same "path" mentioned by the Essenes and many of his fellow countrymen and women should be followed. (Eventually scorned by many in the religious and spiritual community) 

Up until a few years ago, a man called "Mandela" was calling for equal treatment for all and racial harmony and peace. (Jailed) 

Note that truth-tellers throughout many ages and all around the globe - from Greece to the Middle East to the U.K. to the U.S. to the Far East - have historically been chastised, scorned, cast out, or killed. 

Thus, the historical record makes clear that what the masses love on a near-universal basis are (1) their counterfeit, replica selves and (2) their distortions and (3) the lies they believe and (4) their unreal dreams and illusions and (5) the cesspool-like or dung heap-like or compost-like content of their minds. By contrast, what they hate on a near-universal basis: truth and reality. 

Thus Maharaj guesstimated that only a few persons at any given moment on planet earth will truly find the means to be freed from the liability of living under the influence of a mind that is more like a cesspool or a dung heap or a compost pile than by the human mind's original "asset" nature. 

For the clear seer, it is simple to see the roots of humanity's problems; for all that are willing to abandon being driven by the nonsense which they have been taught and learned, the solution is simple; for the egotistical who are attached to their false identities and the content of their minds, being freed from the symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness is not ever likely to happen. 

Nevertheless, that has no effect on the fact that a treatment plan is available which can, in many cases, bring relief from the symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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