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THE ULTIMATE SICKNESS: Causes, Symptoms, Aspects, Effects, Treatment, Part Forty-Four

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It's "flu season" in the U.S. and other areas around the globe. A vital part of getting well from the flu (or from any sickness or Sickness) involves such things as cutting back on activities; not going back to your usual full activity level until your symptoms are gone; staying home as much as possible instead of continuing to go and do and zoom; 

resting in the quiet; avoiding certain crowds, especially avoiding those types of persons whom the wise know are sick and contagious and are definitely passing on the sickness / Sickness; so especially avoiding close contact with people who are sick; and wash your hands often (or, in the case of the Sickness, engage frequently in washing out your mind). 

Of course, in the case of the Ultimate Sickness, prevention can never happen because the transmission of the Sickness begins to take place when one is young and being programmed, conditioned, domesticated, acculturated, indoctrinated and brainwashed by adults. 

But the suggestions to "stay home as much as possible instead of continuing to go and do and zoom" and "rest in the quiet" and "avoid certain crowds, especially avoiding those types of persons whom the wise know are sick and contagious and are definitely passing on the sickness / Sickness" can contribute to the "getting-well-process" by at least not being further contaminated while wellness is being sought. 

To that end, what did Maharaj recommend should be avoided? 

Early on, he used a Hindu / non-dual compounded version of the Ultimate Medicine; later, when Westerners who were interested in spirituality rather than religion came to the loft, he tried a spirituality / non-dual compounded version of the Medicine; when he eventually saw that the Ultimate Sickness is a mental sickness because the Sickness is centered in the mind and because he witnessed that neither of those earlier versions worked, he began offering a psychological / non-dual compounded version of the Medicine. 

So what did he eventually recommend should be avoided? 

1. Religion 

Questioner: "You seem to have little use for religion." 
Maharaj: "What is religion? A cloud in the sky" and "Recorded religions are mere heaps of verbiage." 

2. Those playing the role of "The Super Religious One" 

3. Spirituality (“Give up spirituality” and “follow your normal inclinations" and "forget spirituality," etc.) 

4. Those assuming the role of "A Spiritual Giant" 

5. Big Name Teachers and 

6. Never-ending seeking 

7. Learning more, accumulating more concepts and ideas and beliefs ("Go forth, unburdened with ideas and beliefs.") 

More on that will be offered by using excerpts from the book INSTABILITY / INSANITY: What the Advaita Teachings Can (and Cannot) Address and the book entitled From the I to the Absolute (A Seven-Step Journey to Reality) regarding . . .


[Transcribed from a satsang session recording

Consider the following excerpt from the book "FROM THE I TO THE ABSOLUTE" in a part of the discussion which describes what happens during the "Coming In Journey" as the Child Ignorance stage (a.k.a., the Child No-Knowing stage) is brought to an end when identities and dogma are added. Note that a child, if fed and dry and in a comfortable atmosphere, is perfectly content. Why? 

The child is functioning in a no-concept, no-identity, no-duality manner. Note also that 97% of all persons on the planet claim affiliation with some organized religion, so one of the earlier sources of concepts and beliefs and duality in the lives of 97% of the people on the planet is their religion (which is itself the source of much of the duality believed in by the masses today: 

"good vs. bad"; "right vs. wrong"; "moral vs. immoral"; "heaven vs. hell"; "reward vs. punishment," etc.) The satsang discussion unfolded thusly with a dialogue - already in progress - between a Questioner and Floyd: 

Q.: “I need some help to really process all that.” 

 F.: “Then let’s try this: we’re on a seven-step ‘journey’ to Reality, if you will. Let’s go to the ‘end’ and work 'backwards' for a moment, since all merely cycles. Let’s consider when the consciousness was manifesting in the space in a womb with the non-beingness about to cross the borderline to the beingness. The days of the bliss of the womb were numbered.” 

Q.: “If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have come out.” (Laughter) 

F.: “I’m in charge of humor here. Don’t intrude. Ha. (Laughter) Regarding your leaving or not leaving the womb, as well as all that has happened since then, there has never been any choice on your part. A natural process forced the space to exit a birth canal. An initial act of friction between your parents resulted in this space in which consciousness manifested. Actions began to happen, but they were driven by instinct. No one taught you to protest if hungry; no one taught you to seek a breast to suckle.” 

Q.: “Right.” 

F.: “In a manner of speaking, that’s as ‘close’ to 'the True Self' as you’ve been since that slap on the rear triggered your breathing cycles" (that True Self merely being . . . Pure Witnessing).

Q.: “Why?” 

F.: “Because you were mainly being. They had not yet taught you. A fictional mind had not yet resulted from hearing the lies about who or what you are and had not yet assumed any false role or identity or personality. You wore no masks. All merely happened via natural instinct and body chemistry rather than programming and conditioning. You mainly focused on nothing and were just being. 

You were manifest but still mainly in a void, though becoming increasingly conscious of pain and discomfort. If fed and clothed comfortably, you were fairly free of strife or worry . . . whether sleeping, dreaming, waking, or fully conscious. Not until they taught you would you be forced into the bondage of concepts and the mental and emotional pain of duality. Eventually, you would always be in a sleep state—whether in bed, driving, at work, talking, whatever.” 

Q.: [Nods head in agreement] 

F.: “Next, at some point you began to witness. You saw a mobile spinning in the crib above you. You saw huge faces being shoved into yours. You heard sounds coming from their mouths. You began to witness. Unless they made loud, alarming noises, you witnessed objectively and had no perceived fears. You had no opinions. You had no beliefs or concepts. You had no array of attitudes and judgments about what you were witnessing. 

Since contradictory beliefs had not been introduced, you had no quandaries to weigh, no disparities to consider, no ideas about ‘good’ vs. ‘bad’ or about anything else. You were merely witnessing. Do you understand what was happening when I spoke earlier of being like the eagle, soaring above it all and merely watching?” 

Q.: [Head moves in the affirmative] 

F.: "Soon, having sensed a body presence, you would believe yourself the subject and assume that you were witnessing other objects. Do you see why, at its very root, this life becomes a lie . . . setting you up to assume that dualities are the real and feeling apart from?" 

Q.: "Yes. I never considered that aspect." 

F.: "Add to that 'setup' all of the concepts that they would soon begin to teach you and you should understand the source of your future bondage: the assumption of duality. Their teachings, combined with that initial assumption of subject-object, would soon result in a programmed, variable mind. The mind would begin moving constantly. No rest or peace will it ever know again, unless you follow the path from duality 'back' to the unicity. Later, they began labeling you as ‘our child,’ ‘our son,’ ‘our boy,’ ‘our teen,’ ‘our young man,’ and later . . . ‘an adult.’ 

But your true "identity" cannot change; any variable labeling can only name what you are not. As their ‘child,’ they began teaching you concepts, giving you ideas and a personality, ‘whipping you into shape,’ so they claimed. Then, they introduced one of the earliest and most limiting of all dualities—the source of so many nightmares in this culture. They presented their concept of ‘good’ vs. ‘bad.’ That illusion began to dominate your mind and affect your behavior. 

With the ‘good-bad’ concepts feeding your illusory ‘mind,’ you were becoming more and more ignorant, even as they claimed to be making you more and more knowledgeable. All the concepts and ideas and beliefs and dogma they offered became your learned ignorance. They then began assigning roles for you to play and to assume as identities. You probably received their earliest ‘spiritual’ role or persona: ‘a gift from God.’ That fostered egomania and set another destructive ball rolling! [Laughter] 

Self-will became a liability because, the more false ‘selves’ you assumed as identities, the more the agenda of each false self—the desire to be—began to drive you. You were constantly in a fight to preserve those false personalities. The chaos of self-will ends when the self dies—when the false ego-states or false identities dissolve. Until then, you will have much to fight for, as your current body-mind-personality experience shows.” 

Q.: [Nodding] 

F.: “Back to the ‘downward’ journey through the stages that has now left you out-of-touch with reality. Next, they likely took you to a church or temple or synagogue or some other building thought to be "special" and religious roles and identities were assigned there. You took their learned ignorance and began seeing even more “others” and using religious concepts to judge others and to label them and their behaviors as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ 

The next stop was school where teachers programmed you, teaching you their version of what is ‘good’ and ‘bad,’ encouraging you to read the words of ‘experts’ and learn from their knowledge. They told you to listen to newscasts so that you would always be informed. ‘The more you know, the better,’ they claimed. They filled your mind with what they called ‘facts’ and ‘knowledge’ and contributed to your variable mind. 

That mind became dominated by its ‘good-bad’ duality perceptions as that mind tried constantly to process all the contradictions in your false world. Your mind is the chattering of a thousand monkeys, trying to process all their ‘stuff.’ As you became older, you could drive down the road alone and be in group therapy, right?” [Laughter] 

Q.: “That’s still the case!” [Laughter] 

F.: “Of course it is. Every picture ever taken of you is a group photo because you believe yourself to be all those false identities that they assigned to you.” [Laughter] 

Q.: [Smiling] 

F.: “All in positions of influence over you were rewarding you in order to reinforce behaviors they considered ‘good’ or were punishing you for what they thought to be ‘bad.’ You would become confused, though, since what half in the culture labeled ‘good,’ the other half considered ‘bad.’ You did something once and got a kiss. You did it again and got slapped. Contradictory opinions never convey the truth, so you were receiving more and more lies and becoming more and more confused.” 

In a "place of authority" being run by "persons with authority" where children are taught not to question authority, one of the most prevalent sources - and reinforcers - of duality invites persons to adopt a new identity of "The Christian" or "The Jew" or "The Muslim" or "The Buddhist" or "The Advaitin" or "The Hindu" or "The Taoist" or "The Druid" or "The Wiccan" or "The North American Spiritualist" or "The Scientologist" or "The Mormon," etc. 

Counting all of the religions and all subcategories and sects and denominations, there are presently over 500,000 from which to choose, but they all - with few exceptions - have several practices in common: they teach and preach duality; they expect people to learn more and more; they expect people to live by the dictates of a holy text and the holy writings of the authorities in charge; 

they assign new, false identities which dupposedly make their members "better than" others not living according to their precepts; some encourage rolling on the floor; some endorse reaching a state of ecstasy where members faint; most encourage persons to give their money and / or property to the organization; they inspire angst over whether one will be rewarded forever or punished forever; 

most use music and accoutrements and chanting to inspire emotional intoxication; and some inspire members to kill themselves if - in that process - they can kill members of another religion; and almost all reinforce dualistic notions of "better-than-ness" and "different from" and "separate from" or "united with." 

The result: 97% on the planet, programmed to believe the most unbelievable myth-and-superstition-based nonsense, are totally unstable and insane even as their leaders and authorities insure them that they alone are the stable and sane ones. 

Can the non-dual understanding address the issues of instability and insanity which are generated by religious and / or spiritual intoxication? Most assuredly. Are the odds in favor of anything freeing the 97% who are trapped in their dogma and who believe the most outrageous claims set forth in their holy writings and by their holy authorities? No. So it is. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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And what are those ideas, notions, concepts, etc. called, collectively? "Their beliefs." The irony? They are not their beliefs at all. They are the beliefs of “others” that were set in place via programming, conditioning, etc. and which persons then think are their own.

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