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THE ULTIMATE SICKNESS: Causes, Symptoms, Aspects, Effects, Treatment, Part Twenty-Eight

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To realize that treatment is needed, one must realize that "something is askew" (namely - in the case o0f the Ultimate Sickness- one's "thought life"). To realize and admit that treatment for the perverse condition of the mind is needed, one must transcend egotism. 

Egotism manifests whenever an ego-state - a false personality, role, identity, etc. - is assumed as an identity. 

Thus, assumption of an ego-state involves a "state-of-being-this-or-that" as opposed to merely being (or abiding only in a state-of-being, period). 

For the sake of discussion, non-dual teachers point to "the understanding," but in the end, understanding still requires a mind whereas Maharaj advised seekers to "be rid of the mind" and to "reach a state of zero concepts." For that to happen, then one much reach a state of merely being rather than a state of understanding. If or when that happens, Maharaj said, then abidance will happen spontaneously. 

When I walk through the woods and approach a bird on a limb, the bird does not understand what this elemental plant body is which is approaching. It does not weight out what it understands about humans and their potential danger to the bird. It does not have to understand that some elemental plant food bodies which self-label themselves "humans" carry shotguns and shoot birds either for sport or for food or for the mere "fun" of killing. All that happens when a bird flies away from a human is that the manifested consciousness - which always long for continuity - triggers a spontaneous response and inspires the bird to fly away. 

Similarly, I don't have to 

analyze and then come to understand that the statements which many politicians and preachers and priests and rabbis and ayatollahs and spiritual giants and egomaniacs make are duality-based statements


then consider what the consequences might be when persons accept as truth the false statements made by those promoting divisiveness and demonstrating their egos and egotism and their belief in different-from-ment and better-than-ment 


then determine - as Maharaj did with those types when they showed up in the loft and he cast them out - that peace and Love can only manifest and prevail when those persons making their duality-based statements are cast out as well.

Moreover, the awareness is spontaneous. The awareness is automatic. And the response is totally spontaneous and automatic and natural: such types are cast out or moved away from spontaneously. Their beliefs are rejected automatically. There is no need for analysis. No time is required for consideration. The duality they are promoting is recognized and rejected immediately and automatically without any pause for "thinking" or "considering."

As the case is with the birds flying away from me when I approach, and as the case is in this neighborhood with the deer that - when approached by teens yelling at them or tossing rocks at them - also move away immediately, so it is when circumstances place me in the position where dual-minded persons are talking their dual-minded nonsense. The movement away from or the rejection of their divisiveness is instinctive and immediate. 

Why did I stop going where always-duality-based religious messages are offered? Why did I stop going where always-duality-based spiritual messages are constantly verbalized? Why did I start spontaneously avoiding venues - including television networks - where always-duality-based political messages and commentaries are offered? 

Because that stance is taken as unthinkingly and as spontaneously as was the case with Maharaj when he tossed division-generating egomaniacs out of the loft. Because here, the constant state is "a natural-flow state." 

Every life-form on planet earth - save one - abides in the same "natural-flow state." The birds do it; the deer do it; the fish do it. Everything abides thusly except for the members of what is called "the human species" (which happen to be the only ones with minds). 

Some are aware of the fact that my Cherokee grandmother was a Medicine Woman who married Joel Perry Henderson on 9 September 1902, a man who was seemingly as far removed as possible from the ways of the indigenous peoples, Joel being a Baptist and a Director of Music and the Choir in a rural church in East Texas. 

Because he died on 2 August 1938, nine year before I came onto the scene, I would never meet him, but I was told that Grandmother exhibited a calm demeanor and an unmistakable aura of peace which Joel always admired and which he seemed to be seeking for himself (but reportedly never found to the degree that those were manifested within his wife).

I was told that one song which he had the childrens' choir sing on occasion contained these cautionary lines: 

Oh, be careful little ears, what you hear 


Oh, be careful little eyes, what you see 


Oh, be careful little mouth, what you say 


Oh, be careful little hands, what you do 


Oh, be careful little feet where you go 


Oh, be careful little mind what you think 


Oh, be careful little heart what you love. 

Maharaj's message for decades was similar: 

Listen not to false prophets, to "Big Name Teachers," to egomaniacs, to those playing the role of "The Super Religious One," to those playing the role of "The Spiritual Giant." (He told those types, "Compared to you, I am a spiritual pygmy and am content to remain as such"). 

He advised: Do not go where those types are. Do not go to see them. Do not say what they say. Do not think the way they think. Do not behave as they behave. Do not love their words. And do not love them.

Furthermore, certain steps which Maharaj took on occasion showed that he would have endorsed those cautionary pointers in the song Grandfather had the children sing.

For example, he tossed out of his loft certain persons who were saying arrogance-based statements, who were exhibiting their narcissism, and who were there only to talk rather than to listen. 

Some believe that when he tossed those type persons out of the loft and sent them down the stairs and outside onto Khetwadi 10th Lane that he was angry with those persons. In fact, he was not showing anger toward the ones he expelled but was showing Love to those that remained. 

Besides, who was sent packing? Not a person. What was sent packing was a blocked speck of consciousness, temporarily manifested within an elemental plant body, a speck which was bent on disruption in order to be cast into the spotlight, speaking not by way of the universal consciousness but by way of an ego-state being supported by huge levels of egotism. 

Those cast out from the loft were the ones who exhibited no evidence that the readiness had manifested; were those who exhibited a desire to argue for the sake of argument; were those who showed they were not willing to consider pointers which were intended to free them from their distorted minds; 

were those who were there to show that they believed themselves to be Supreme Spiritual Giants among the run-of-the-mill Spiritual Giants; and those who displayed arrogance and even sociopathic and / or psychopathic tendencies, willing to ignore the needs of the seekers who were there to find rather than to show off their supposedly vast wealth of religious and spiritual knowledge. 

There was nothing personal about Maharaj taking a step to purge his environment of the noise generated by one who was concerned with self and who was severely disturbed was who was blocking the opportunity of those seeking bliss, and who was interfering with those seeking that condition of bliss which is evidenced by the presence of an unconcerned, undisturbed vibration. 

The deer that wander this area enjoy the bliss as defined in that manner.

That is, they evidence the presence of that same unconcerned, undisturbed vibration which marks the existence of those that realize the oneness and the peace and that can appreciate the quiet and have no desire to disturb the peace or stir up conflict and disharmony by encouraging dualistic thinking and divisiveness. 

That is because - once freed of learned ignorance (that is, "once realized") - a non-dual manner of abiding comes automatically and spontaneously, no thinking and no considering and no analyzing required. That is what a mind-less, no-concept existence looks like. 

And that is what the existence looks like after having received the proper, effective treatment of the Ultimate Sickness. 

The invitation: Try it; you might enjoy it. 

And the invitation here is also 

to see that 

(1) originally - even as a child - your "BS Detector" was operating accurately but - because authority figures forced you to stop questioning and to accept with blind faith whatever they said - it deactivated and

to see that  

(2) it's time now to reactivate that detector and start differentiating between the true and the false.

And the invitation here is also to be careful about what you hear and listen to; and about what you look at; and about what you love, including a thought-life; and about the words which those thoughts inspire; and about the actions which those thoughts and words together will lead to; and especially about all of the many false personas which have been assigned or assumed and are believed to be actual identities. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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