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THE ULTIMATE SICKNESS: Causes, Symptoms, Aspects, Effects, Treatment, Part Twenty-Nine

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[Continued from yesterday

When a sick patient shows up at the doctor, the doctor must gather facts by way of interview and must sometimes conduct some testing. [With the mind-and-personality-based Ultimate Sickness, the testing can involve - as is the case here - a personality inventory test which can determine the specific degree to which various personalities are showing up and the specific degree to which any personality disorders might be showing up.] 

Next, the doctor must select the proper treatment plan for what ails the patient and sometimes prescribe a medicine to be used. [For the Ultimate Sickness, the Ultimate Medicine is available, yet which version has proven its efficacy and which versions have proven their total ineffectiveness?] 

Next, there must be follow-ups to determine if the prescribed medicine is working or not and - if not - to change the type medicine being used. 

[With Maharaj, that first involved trying a Hindu / non-duality compound; after follow-ups which revealed that was not working, he shifted to a spirituality / non-duality compound; after follow-ups which revealed that was not working, he used what he came to understand about the Sickness and began prescribing a psychology / non-duality compound and then used that until the end.] 

To review: in terms of treatment for the Ultimate Sickness, 

1. one must realize that one is sick and that treatment is needed, and - as noted above - the doctor does not seek out patients; the sick patient shows up at the doctor's place; 

2. if the search for treatment has been on-going, the one who is sick must witness objectively the results of past treatments and be willing to discard those methods if, indeed, they have proved to be ineffective. [The sick patient who only thinks that she or he has been healed, but has not, will continue to be sick and will grow even sicker]; 

3. as one who is in touch with the actual condition of the plant food body can tell that a treatment is not working, so too can a former seeker be aware of the fact that "I feel certain shifts, and I thought I had been healed totally, but sometime is still 'off'." 

[The indicator? As noted yesterday, if one is still having to "think about" things, "listen to and consider" things, or "decide" things, the treatment has been ineffective or has been incomplete. More healing (of the mind) is called for.] 

This example was presented recently: "My girlfriend just left me. She is a Christian and has found that my interest in non-duality does not align with her Christian beliefs so she decided to leave me." She seemed to him to be out to hurt him and make him suffer (and, yes, make him pay for being different from her and for not mirroring her beliefs, and that could well have been her intent) 

[Of course no externals are determining how he feels. It's all an inside job, all inside his mind.] 

Now this same fellow would likely object to instances shown on television where certain "Islamic religious terrorists" arrogantly "make people pay for being different from them and for not mirroring their beliefs." Wherefore no outright objection to, and rejection of, a "Christian terrorist" who is arrogantly imposing penalties on one who does not mirror her beliefs? 

The relevant facts: 

I do not hear a question there. WHO - what ego-state - is making such a statement? "The Boyfriend" who feels as if he is dying because the co-dependent, counterpart role player in his life decided that she was not going to play her role of "The Girlfriend" any longer, a role required for "The Boyfriend" to perpetuate his self-deception and stay in delusion about his identity? 

I do not hear a statement of gratitude that the Christian's action of leaving opened the door for the fellow to finally begin pursuing truth without hindrance, to finally begin the process of being true to himself, and to not be angry that she left him but to be grateful for his new circumstance that he is no longer answering to the demands of a religious terrorist and bending his will to hers. 

Also to test the efficacy of the treatment received so far, one must be certain that the other signs of total healing have manifested, including: 

4. having moved beyond "understanding" and having reached a "no-mind-condition" and having "reached a state of zero concepts" and including 

5. a manner of abidance which happens in a spontaneous fashion, 100%.

For example: 

A. Suppose one political candidate is attacking persons who differ from him and most in his party based on skin color, economic status, sexual preference, nation of origin, etc. The other candidate is speaking of Oneness. End of story. No brainer. 

B. Recently in the nearby city of Houston, Texas, a woman who is a gospel singer and pastor in a Christian church gave a sermon attacking gay people. Now it is a fact that the Jewish part of her Bible contains passages which say that gays should be killed, but the Christian part of her Bible contains no such directive from the one she claims is her "Lord and Savior." someone is preaching criticism and divisiveness? End of story. No brainer. 

C. Since the recent presidential election in the U.S., in which divisive and different-from and better-than statements were expressed publicly and then rewarded, thousands of hate crimes and assaults and "us vs. them" attacks have been reported. Join the forces of duality and supremacy and separation . . . or not? No brainer. End of story. 

D. In Western Europe, white supremacists are either on the rise or they are emboldened and more publicly vocal. Either way, they are expanding their influence. In Germany, there is what has been described as an "overwhelming" increase in sales of Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf. Just in recent weeks, over 85,000 German-language copies of that anti-Semitic Nazi manifesto have been sold. 

If realization has happened - that is, if ignorance has been purged, to use Maharaj's definition of realization - then there is no "considering" dualistic statements and "weighing them" against the opposite view and listing "pro's" and "con's," etc. That which is true and clear is seen automatically and the opposite is rejected automatically and instantly. 

When a neighbor recently said that "the problems in the U.S. began when Lincoln freed the slaves," the response was immediate: "This conversation is over."

6. When hearing duality-based statements and non-duality-based statements, there is no need for analysis. Lies are recognized spontaneously and statements that are not lies are seen instantly by those that are awake and aware. 

As noted earlier: 

7. If healed from the Ultimate Sickness, then awareness is spontaneous. If healed from the Ultimate Sickness, then awareness is automatic. Dualistic claims are rejected automatically. There is no need for analysis. No time is required for consideration The duality persons are promoting is recognized and rejected immediately. 

8. The movement away from, or the rejection of divisiveness, is instinctive and immediate. 

9. There is no longer a question of, "Should I stop going where always-duality-based religious messages are being offered?" There is no longer a question of, "Should I stop going where always-duality-based spiritual messages are being offered?" There is no longer a question of, "Should I avoid division-and-separation-endorsing venues and newscasts?" No brainer. End of story.

Such "movement away from" happens as automatically as happens with the deer in this neighborhood which spontaneously walk away and return to the silence of the woods in order to avoid the noisy or bothersome or cruel humans that are messing with them. 

Maharaj did not have to "think twice" to cast out of the loft those that were hopelessly trapped in duality and arrogance and their supposedly "Super Good" or "Supreme" ego-states. 

So the invitation is to check the current condition to see if the Ultimate Medicine has truly cleared out every vestige of duality and every belief, including hierarchical beliefs about "different-from" and "better-than" and "greater-than" and "lesser-than." 

Note, therefore, that the no-mind, no-concept, non-dual, no-belief deer that live nearby have no means by which they can "judge" or "conclude" or "determine" that the noisy and bothersome and cruel humans that are messing with them are "bad" or evil." The deer simply exercise their Nisarga / natural predilection for peace and quiet and thus move the hell away from those types of humans. 

Yet humans in societies may at times be called on to be more pro-active to protect their environment. If one's home has indoor plumbing and the toilet is backing up and pumping contaminants into one's home, it is not enough to "take the high road" and claim, "I am at perfect peace with whatever happens around me, so I shall sit here on my rear end and merely witness in peace all this ca-ca which is contaminating the environment. Ommmmm." 

That is not spirituality at work; that is insanity at work. 

The rest of the story: Per Maharaj, some will act under certain conditions and some will not, and neither can be determined or predicted in advance for the realized. He said that the realized might take action if called for, or not. When asked if he would intervene if someone were being beaten, he said he might or he might not. He explained that whatever happens with the realized happens spontaneously, not by way of some predetermined plan for the future which has been thought out in advance.

The deer inn this area have not sat in council in Maharaj's "cool, blue shade" and decided what the plan of action is for the future if noisy and bothersome and cruel humans show up. However the deer respond will happen automatically and spontaneously. Meanwhile, they will abide naturally.

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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