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THE ULTIMATE SICKNESS: Causes, Symptoms, Aspects, Effects, TREATMENT, Part Sixty

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So what other different perspectives exist among the masses in general which are not held by "the realized"? 

I worked for an alcohol addiction treatment center years ago, performing personality testing and analysis and using the test results for hiring purposes (always preferable to spot a sociopath and not offering that sociopath a job rather than hiring a sociopath and then trying to deal with the consequences. 

The personality inventory results were also used for training purposes, for understanding employee motivators, for avoiding or settling conflicts, and for providing staff and employers insight into why both workers and clients think what they think, say what they say, and do what they do. 

At the initial orientation with each new person admitted for treatment, one consideration was offered in every case: "Here's what you need to understand from the very beginning: you do not have a drinking problem. You have a thinking problem." 

The same is offered to those entering into most "recovery programs or groups." The upside: the pointer is spot on. The downside: the centers and programs do not offer a viable plan for treating that mind problem. After making clear that a thinking, not a drinking, problem is their real problem, almost all talk from that day forward is about drinking.

Most groups and centers often suggest that if a client will "become spiritual" - or in some other programs, will "become religious" - then insanity will end. 

The fact: in my now sixty-nine years of walking about on planet earth, some of the most insane people I've ever dealt with, and some of the most cruel and most vicious and most out-of-touch-with-reality persons I have dealt with, were the ones playing the roles of "The Super Religious One" and / or "The Spiritual Giant."

Jihadi John (in black)

 would have told you that he was very religious. 

David Koresh said he was highly religious. 

Jim Jones said he was super religious. 

Marshall Applewhite - the son of a Presbyterian minister and a former U.S. soldier - claimed to be both a great patriot and a  highly spiritual person. 

But those are just some of the religious and / or spiritual terrorists who are well-known because they "made the news." 

The more prevalent terrorists - the ones closest to you but not consciously recognized as full-blown terrorists - are often in your workplace, are often your bosses, and are often sleeping with you at night. 

The Christian woman who told her husband

"You are not a good Christian and I've prayed to God every day for a year asking Him to kill you but since that didn't work, for some reason, I'm going to leave you" 

was a religious terrorist. 

Did the religious beliefs and / or spiritual beliefs of those persons cited above (a) eliminate their mental instability or (b) actually aggravate their mental instability? 

And what of those who make up far larger percentages of the population of earth, specifically the ones in positions of authority who tell a woman who is pregnant as the result of a rape and / or an incestuous assault that "she must have the baby anyway"" Are they not behaving in the same fashion as the religious terrorists referenced above?

And what of those who tell a pregnant woman "you must have that baby even though your doctors have said that the stage is set for you to die from pregnancy complications"? 

Are they not also behaving in the same fashion as the religious terrorists referenced above?

And what of those who say to a mate or spouse that "You are not a good enough Christian so I am breaking relationship with you and leaving you" (while hoping that my leaving shall cause you to suffer? Are they not also behaving in the same fashion as any of the religious terrorists cited above?

The ones who try to manipulate persons by instilling lie-based fear in them are telling people that "the greatest danger to you is posed by those coming from certain Middle Eastern countries." Are they not behaving in the same fashion as any of the religious terrorists above who also want you to be afraid?

The relevant facts:  

In the U.S., 3,066 Americans have been killed in terrorist attacks from 9/11/2001 through 12/31/2014. 

Meanwhile, during the same period, over 211,000 persons have been murdered in non-terrorist and gun violence incidents perpetrated by . . . "Americans." 

Talk about a warped perspective which allows "actual relative dangers" to be ignored while inspiring "non-actual relative dangers" to control how persons feel through the day.

Also, "real, relative threats" are coming from those who are paying money to politicians who then allow businesses to market their lethal products for profit: 

Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure. That accounts for about one in five deaths annually, or 1,300 deaths every day. The same is happening all around the globe.

The illnesses above - not "foreign terrorists" - are the top "killers" annually in the U.S. and elsewhere, yet those "killers" are not feared. In fact, far more "deaths" often result from the use of products and foods which are known to be harmful - relatively speaking - but which are sold legally or are used without any informed dietary consideration, including: these "killers":

Heart disease 


Chronic lower respiratory diseases 

Accidents (unintentional injuries, often a result of walking and working and driving while unaware, unaware, and unconscious)

Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases) 

Alzheimer's disease 





Intentional self-harm (suicide).

The insanity: most persons fear "other people" (who will likely never harm them) even as those same fearful persons are not at all concerned about the relative harms they are doing to themselves. 

That's the kind of ignorance and insanity which are ginned up by Ultimate-Sickness-inspired warped perspectives. 

Next, add up the total illnesses occurring annually on a global basis and then consider this:

"If you were truly awake and functioning under the auspices of a clear perspective, you would focus not on ''foreign terrorists"; you would focus on (1) what you are doing to yourself and on (2) what may well be done to you by your so-called "loved ones." 

For example, fifty-nine percent of all women killed annually in the U.S. are murdered by their mates during a breakup. Those murderers are "home-grown American terrorists," not "foreign terrorists." 

In this neighborhood, the neighbor who ignores leash laws and allows his five hunting dogs to run lose and attack other dogs and their owners who are out for a walk are "home-grown American terrorists." 

The chances are thousands of times greater that a person in the U.S. will be killed by being smashed under a piano falling from a fifty-story building than are the odds of their being killed by an Islamic terrorist. 

The chances are thousands of times greater that someone will die from using tobacco products which are sold legally than from being murdered by a "foreigner." 

One with the viable treatment plan for the Ultimate Sickness will not stop with the pointer that "You do not have a drinking problem . . . you have a thinking problem." 

Nor will the one with a viable treatment plan say, "You've got a too-little-dogma problem" 

and will not say 

"You have a sick spirit problem or a spiritual malady problem." 

The one with a viable treatment plan will say, "You have a thinking problem and I have a possible solution for that" 

and will say, 

"You have a warped perspective, and I have a possible solution for that." 

The dualistic fear of "the other" is an ancient fear. So are the imaginary fears which persons buy into when their "leaders" use those fears to stir up the masses in order to manipulate them and to maintain the leaders' ability to control the masses in order for the leaders' agendas to be moved forward.

A different perspective is called for, and it is available to many via the Ultimate Medicine. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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