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THE ULTIMATE SICKNESS: Causes, Symptoms, Aspects, Effects, TREATMENT, Part Sixty-Two

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To review:

All clear and accurate perspectives come via the elemental plant food brain. All distorted and inaccurate perspectives come from the mind which is always warped by warped programming, conditioning, acculturation, domestication, brainwashing and indoctrination. The result: a near-universal need on planet earth for the masses to be freed of the effects of warped programming, conditioning, acculturation, domestication, brainwashing and indoctrination in order to be freed of warped and distorted and inaccurate perspectives. 

Also, the discussion yesterday touched on the difference in being prepared and being ready. Reaching the full understanding involves the completion of several steps, but the readiness is all. (Readiness, not "intelligence" and not more knowledge / learned ignorance.)

Note: Do not confuse intelligence with wisdom. Do not mistake intelligence as the antidote for ignorance. The word "intelligence" simply points to a capacity, specifically, a capacity for logic, a capacity not for consciousness but for awareness, but most of all, a capacity to understand. 

To take it all to the final step - abiding naturally - does not require even that much. Never do the deer believe that they will have a reward if they sacrifice. Never do the deer believe that they will have a reward if they tolerate and normalize misery and suffering. Never do the deer believe that they will have a reward if they practice abstinence. 

Never do the deer believe that they will have a reward if they only eat the most bitter weeds rather tasty plants. Never do the deer reach a point where they become convinced that they must join groups and meet and work on self-improvement on a daily basis. 

No naturally-abiding deer have ever been fanatical about anything (the bucks following a doe in heat notwithstanding).

Humans who often gather one hour a week to worship the god (or gods and goddesses) which Maharaj said they have "invented in an effort to acquire good or to get rid of the bad" are one thing to deal with. Those who gather daily are another thing to deal with. Those who gather multiple times a day are quite something else to deal with. 

And those who think they are "super religious" and spiritual giants" are quite something else entirely. They are living out their egotism-supported ego-states on a 24 / 7 basis. They have no relief, so those around them have no relief, either.

Remember the woman and the children whose husband / father joined a spiritual group to try to address his abuse of alcohol? Recall all the misery she reported that generated? Then remember, too, that after a year of "the ass" supposedly having disappeared and "the spiritual giant" having suddenly appeared, the wife and children all agreed that the ass was far preferable. 

When on my daily walks, a gentle breeze is enjoyable. But tornadic winds? Not so much. 

See the different perspective of "the realized"? Balance is appreciated. One might enjoy the company of someone who follows a sensible, moderate food plan appropriate for their particular body's metabolic type but who also occasionally appreciates a fine meal paired with as fine wine. 

But like the woman and her children above, there is nothing enjoyable about (1) being around someone who is a fanatic when it comes to abusing alcohol or (2) being around one who is a fanatic about not abusing alcohol and being a spiritual giant instead.

See? Balance. The deer - as is the case with "the realized" - abide in a balanced manner. 

The deer also abide in a simple, snag-free, problem-free manner. When only do complications manifest during their relative existence? For the most part, only when they come into contact with "non-realized" humans. 

I was living with a person who was a total hypocrite, going to church for an hour on Sunday and appearing to her fellow Christians to be "a very good woman" in the community. Did she practice their principles the rest of time? Fortunately, no. During that stage, she only played the role of "The Really Good Woman" for one hour a week and was just nasty enough the other 167 hours per week that she could be fun to be around. 

When she added Wednesday night visits to her religious regimen, the shift toward - shall we say "firmness" - was noted. When she added Thursday night attendance and choir rehearsals, a certain level of strictness began to form. When she added Sunday evenings to the weekly routine, a stringency of sorts began to appear. When she was offered a part-time job in the church, within a few months a fairly high level of severity and judgmentalism began to manifest. By the time she began to work full time in the church, the fun had already ended.

[It has been seen over the years that an ego-state will be well-supported by egotism and other ego-defense mechanisms, but if the ego-states bring with it a monetary gain, the ego-state becomes more fixed and forceful than ever.] 

The consideration? How much fun are you to be around, really?

When her role of "The Super Religious One" manifested, a previously-unattained degree of stiffness manifested as well; once the role of "Also A Spiritual Giant" came along, so did an unimaginable degree of rigidity. Finally, inflexibility prevailed and the agenda of those new roles led to a departure as a search began for a male counterpart who was as equally super religious and as equally a spiritual giant.

Again, Maharaj said, "Only that person will visit this place whose virtue and sin have come to an end." 

The different perspective held by "the realized" fixes them in what might be called "a middle ground." That is not the place that Goldilocks sought where nothing is too hot or too cold but is "just right" and not a place where nothing is too hard or too soft but is all just right. 

Nor is a place where a husband / father behaves like an ass under the influence of alcohol nor a place where he behaves like an ass under the influence of spiritual intoxication. It is a place where it might be hot at times or cold at times but where "the realized" merely witness both conditions while simply being. 

Here, every mornings begin with the brewing of a Caffe Breve, an espresso drink made with Cafe du Monde's multiple coffee bean and chicory blend and using one part steamed espresso and the other part a steamed half-and-half mixture of milk and cream. 

Then there is a movement to the in-house office where a seat is taken in front of a keyboard, the computer is turned on, a screen appears, and then a "secretary / typist kind of mode" is assumed as the universal consciousness dictates whatever is being typed. 

After the dictation is published, there will be a walk through the areas where the deer hang out; where birds begin to sing songs and inform other birds where some seeds have been found; where squirrels race off when approached; and, yes, also where certain neighbors' comments include either "What a beautiful day, huh?" or "Man, talk about some lousy weather lately, huh?" Those persons are merely given a smile, not a harsh lecture regarding their dualistic thinking which is inspiring their duality-based thoughts and words.

After the walk, if there is work to be completed, then it is completed. 

Because there is balance, and because non-duality pointers are focused on only for a short while each morning during a posting (but given no more attention throughout the day) nowhere along the way is there anything shared with those who speak in their dualistic fashion; 

nor is there any pointing out to a Personality Type Two that her or his words are revealing that they are seeking love all day long, after which they disintegrate to a Personality Type Eight Sociopath when they do not get it in the quantities they think they need to make up for what they did not receive as children. 

There is no more a tendency to obsess over non-duality or to be a non-dual fanatic then there is a tendency to be a Christian fanatic or an Islamic fanatic or a Buddhist fanatic. 

There are no accouterments being displayed on the plant food body in order to made clear to one and all what the "false-identity-du-jour" happens to be, be the accoutrement a cross, a robe, a hijab or the carrying of a special book such as "The Bible," "The Qur'an" "The Big Book," or "I AM THAT." 

The different perspective of "the realized" is one . . .

of balance, not fanaticism; 

of authenticity, not image; 

of the enjoyment of natural pleasures rather than an attachment to austerity and asceticism; 

of relaxation rather than rigidity; 

of abiding naturally rather than unnaturally or supernaturally (a.k.a., spiritually, mystically, magically, or downright weirdly); 


of abiding wholly rather than in a supposedly holy manner. 

To find the former in those pairings is part of the treatment for the Sickness as well as the end result of using the proper version of the Ultimate Medicine. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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