Monday, February 20, 2017

THE ULTIMATE SICKNESS: Causes, Symptoms, Aspects, Effects, TREATMENT, Part Sixty-Six

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Continued from yesterday with additional pointers on the subject from the book A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE via the Non-Duality Teachings and the Nisarga Yoga:

Next, the perspective of "the truly realized teacher" is that the teachings are offered only to those that are ready and willing and engaged in the seeking process already. There is never any effort to proselytize or try to force the message on anyone. The seeker must find the realized teacher; the realized teacher is never in pursuit of seekers. 

Nor will the realized teacher ever try to control anyone or try to force the teachings on anyone or try to persuade someone to abandon one method for another. The realized teacher will also know that Truth cannot be stated but can be known, so that teacher would never shout or proclaim, "This is the way it is!" To the contrary, the realized teacher will say, "This is the way it is here." 

Nowadays, though, there are more and more so-called "experts" showing up to try to tell others what method to use or not, what yoga to use or not, or what is okay or not in terms of these teachings. It is as if those types have adopted a new persona of "The Patroller of the Airwaves and the Books," "The Solitary, Self-Appointed Guardian of Truth," "The One Who Knows the Only Right Way That the Teachings Should Happen." 

During recent years, there has been an increase here in both the frequency of contact and the level of vehemence displayed by some claiming to be realized. Those self -appointed "Spiritual Giants" write to attack what is shared here and then to promote their perceptions and beliefs about "the Absolute" and about "the way they have been freed of all things relative" by way of the teachings they received "which are nothing like the wrong teachings offered here." 

Yet if they were truly free of all things relative, would they be taking the time to write, would they be vehement about the content of these postings, and - mostly - would they even still be manifested and able to write anything, if freed of all things relative? What they mean is that they have moved "there" and are abiding "there" and care not a whit about anything "here." 

There are consequences to being that out of touch with reality after believing that one is fully in touch with Reality. A few months ago, a young man with that distorted perspective

- of what non-duality supposedly teaches 


- of what might as well happen post-realization once it is seen that "nothing relative is real or matters" 


- of the uselessness of continuing to deal with anything relative at all concluded that he might as well not work and might as well not complete any of his assigned tasks and, in fact, might as well kill himself and be done with having to deal with things relative and with the insane people he was having contact with on a daily basis. 

Another different perspective here that has led to outbursts of anger from a. those who think they are "the most spiritually fit" and from b. those who think their version of the understanding is the only right one and from c. those who think that only THAT matters and who think that "this" - the relative existence, the AM-ness - is to be ignored or even abandoned is this: 

In the end, if "full and true realization" has happened, then de-accumulating follows, along with enjoyment of the relative existence. Yes, the relative existence. As noted time and again here, the summative statement of non-duality remains "I AM THAT; I AM," even post-Realization. It is not re-written to "I AM THAT, ONLY." 

The following different perspective, too, has troubled many (who could not be troubled at all about what appears in these postings if they were enjoying the perspective that True Realization brings): 

In fact, when mahasamadhi is taken, there will be no one to know THAT at all. There is no "benefit" at all to knowing the THAT-ness unless Reality is overlaid on the "this"-ness, on the AM-ness, on the present beingness, so that the bliss might be enjoyed at the only time and in the only place that it can be enjoyed, namely, NOW and HERE. There is no "later" or "there" for any "one." 

And another different perspective here that has troubled many is this: 

If actual realization happens, the de-accumulation mentioned earlier will include a de-accumulation of all roles and assumed identities, including those dealing with self-ness, Self-ness, Infinite Self-ness, Supreme Self-ness, and God-Self-ness. Here is the way it was explained yesterday in a note received from Bob R.: 

The people who live on my street must wonder if I have lost my mind (little do they know I am working on it) because I keep dragging stuff out to the drive way to give away or to leave curbside for trash. Many months ago the de-accumulation actually included the material (books, tapes, cd's, etc.) as well as the seemingly endless piles of beliefs, concepts, attitudes, perspectives, programs, biases, etc. What is now being seen that needs letting go of is different in that it seems to be of a more subtle nature, but in truth it is now providing substantially more freedom and lightness that that experienced at the beginning of this journey with Floyd serving as Tour (Tour de Freedom) Guide. 

The most recent example and experience of this de-accumulation is a result of absorbing "Why Nisarga Yoga in Addition To The Advaita Teachings?" and having one pointer after the other profoundly reveal that this speck has been leaning heavily toward the "That"-ness rather than the "I Am-ness". This imbalance and preference had resulted in not understanding what you cited: "In the end, That is not about That at all. It is about "this', right NOW, because later, That Which Is will not even be known to be." This pointer struck me like a heat-seeking laser missile striking me right between the eyes and dead on the heart simultaneously. So once again I find myself hauling more [items] out to the curb but with a sense of gratitude. Thanks, Bob 

Not once in the months that these teachings / non-teachings were shared with Bob was it suggested that he get rid of all of the "stuff" he had accumulated; nor was that suggestion ever offered to Andy, nor to Mac, nor to Bill, nor to the others that have come here and "gotten it." But in the case of all of those men and in the case of many other women and men, de-accumulation simply began happening, and in every case, it happened spontaneously, without premeditation, without "mental debate," and without some grand scheme or plan being dreamed up. 

As was the case here post-realization, it just happened. And as with Bob, the process might begin with tossing out all of the materials that were thought to be religious and / or spiritual materials but will later include a tossing out of all of the accumulated spiritual paraphernalia and "supernatural" accoutrements as well; however, the de-accumulating process will continue with a tossing out of all ideas and concepts and beliefs as well. 

Eventually, all of the effects of programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation will also be discarded. That is why it is clear that those who find this site and stay long enough to criticize and to attack are making clear how bogus their belief is that they have actually Realized; and how bogus is their belief that their teaching method is the only right one; and how bogus their opinion is that their yoga is the only one that any non-duality teacher should be allowed to teach; 

and they are also making clear how consumed they are with their lofty ego-state(s) and how arrogant they are to believe that they have the right to control what is shared and not shared by others; and they are making clear how big-headed and supercilious they are as they try to exercise their assumed "power" that has come with their assumption of the role of "Chairman of the Board of the Universe, in Charge of Space and Time and . . . All." 

The question is, "If they have been totally subsumed into THAT and are abiding 'there,' how is it that they are coming 'here' and addressing 'this'?" Actually, they do not have a clue about why they are doing what they are doing, but the Truly Realized understand exactly what is driving them; and exactly what is driving their desire to control; and exactly what is driving their arrogance; and exactly what is driving their false belief that they have power; and exactly what is driving the misperception that they have realized when they have not. 

So it is when the combination of learned ignorance and limitless arrogance and extreme narcissism are so solidly fixed that the dim light of dawn cannot even be distinguished from the noonday sun. 

(And yes, this happy notion does come on occasion: "If only Maharaj were here literally and could offer some means by which those types could be tossed out of an electronic loft just as the same types were once tossed out of a physical loft on 10th Lane in the Khetwadi area.") 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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