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THE ULTIMATE SICKNESS: Causes, Symptoms, Aspects, Effects, TREATMENT, Part Seventy-Four

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In yesterday's post, an illustration was offered to show why the non-dual message - in a form which offers a viable treatment plan for the Ultimate Sickness - calls for a different perspective from the one most-commonly-held among the "non-realized" masses. Why? 

1. Because their present perspective inspires much that must be eliminated if there is ever going to be an end to their relative existence being driven by what Maharaj called "ignorance, stupidity and insanity." 

2. Because their present perspective inspires much that should be eliminated if the relative existence is to no longer be marked and marred by chaos. 

3. Because their present perspective inspires them to become emotionally-intoxicated when manipulated by leaders or would-be leaders and then to behave in ways which run counter to their own best interests, relatively speaking, or counter to their life-long stated "values." In other words, it renders them totally hypocritical and they can end up supporting persons who are obviously suffering from the Sociopathic Personality Disorder and the Psychopathic Personality Disorder. 

4. Because their present perspective usually leads to monomania, a mental illness which (a) is marked by a manic concern with a single issue and which (b) renders them completely fanatical and preoccupied with that one issue to the exclusion of all other considerations and which (c) leads them to obsess fanatically over one thing.

 [Maharaj: "Habit and passion blind and mislead."] 

5. Because their obsessing always leads eventually to their being excessively-devoted to something or someone, to be extremely zealous about "their issue," to be overly-enthusiastic about "their issue," and - at some point - to behave compulsively as a result of being driven by the blind fervor which is generated by their Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCD). 

6. Because their monomania and OCD and fanaticism eventually lead them to take the most self-destructive and self-defeating actions imaginable, relatively speaking.

And, as Maharaj eventually pointed out, the relative is all that matters because there is no "one" and no "who-ness" which will survive the manifestation. 

Whatever happens post-manifestation to a composite unity - and to the elements of which is it composed and the air and conscious-energy which it circulates for a finite period - will happen automatically and spontaneously without any input from "a person" or "a Power." 

That understanding led him to abandon recommending a practice which he had endorsed for years - namely, the SELF-Enquiry process - and to begin recommending that seekers enter into a "self"-enquiry instead, (that is, a false-self-enquiry) and to find out not "Who You Are" but to find all that you are not; and then abide naturally for the remainder of the manifestation. 

Once he saw that the Hindu / non-dual version of the Ultimate Medicine which he had recommended for years had no lasting effect in terms of healing the Ultimate Sickness and once he saw that the spirituality / non-dual version of the Ultimate Medicine which he had recommended for years had no lasting effect in terms of healing the Ultimate Sickness, then he stopped focusing on THAT and used a psychological / non-dual version of the Medicine to address the mental-illness-aspect which is actually at the root of the Ultimate Sickness and which is marking and marring the relative existence of almost all persons.

If persons do not use some treatment plan to be freed from "ignorance, stupidity, and insanity" and from the effects of OCD and from the effects of their fanaticism and from the effects of their hypocrisy and from the effects of their self-destructive and self-defeating behaviors, then they will continue to align themselves with psychotic leaders; will attack persons with darker skin than their own; 

will target those who are Jewish, or will target those who are Muslims, or will target those who are Christians. That will get you some wars; that will get you some beheadings; that will get you a confrontational leader who has a history of being bellicose, combative, antagonistic, and belligerent and who prefers fighting over peace and conflict over harmony; 

whose most influential adviser is telling him that the U.S. "is in the great Fourth Turning in American history"; and who is advising that what is now required for advancement is a war that is even larger in scope than "the American Revolution, the U.S. Civil War, World War I, and World War II." 

Maharaj knew that personality disorders can lead to grave mental disorders and to neuroses and psychoses. He also understood that when the Ultimate Sickness prevails globally, as it did then and does now, that the extreme results which were brought about when total psychos ruled in the past cannot compare to what total psychos can bring now when the grave mental disorders which accompany the Ultimate Sickness have increased and when humanity's capacity for destruction has increased.

When the ignorance and stupidity and insanity which are driving leaders and their followers reach higher levels of ignorance and stupidly and insanity, then the consequences will reach higher levels as well.

For example, World War I generated levels of brutality and chaos which were so high that persons called that "The war to end all wars." But within a short time, a new set of leaders emerged who were driven by even higher levels of insanity than the levels of the leaders who pushed the planet into WWI; at that point, WWII began and took the brutality and chaos to an even higher level. 

Whether one is looking at the results of the current effects of the Ultimate Sickness on oneself or looking at the widespread results on a global basis, the effects can be seen to be increasing. 

One might not be able to affect the way that things are unfolding for the population of the planet in general, but one can effect change in one's own relative existence. Sometimes that calls for professional intervention; in other cases, it can possibly happen if one finds and uses a viable version of the Ultimate Medicine. 

And what did Maharaj eventually conclude needed to be "healed" by the Ultimate Medicine? Not a person who knows too little dogma. Not a person who has a "sick spirit" or a "spiritual malady." No, what he came to understand is this: what is calling for "healing" is the really sick human mind. 

Maharaj: "Detach yourself from all that makes your mind restless. Renounce all that disturbs its peace. If you want peace, deserve it." 

Last year, I felt a strange sensation and some pain within. I used a heart rate app on my phone and it revealed that my heart was dropping to 35 and 40 beats per minute and then soaring to 160 beats per minute and then dropping off again. I went to the emergency room and was immediately admitted to the cardiac unit. 

Seeking medical assistance and an effective treatment for what was ailing me - in that case, what was later described as "a mild heart attack" - led to my being here today. 

When Maharaj advised seekers to "deserve peace" (or a "decent existence" or "happiness" or "mental health") he was suggesting that there are times when one must seek "medical assistance" and "an effective treatment plan."

That is what a viable version of the Ultimate Medicine can offer to some seekers. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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And what are those ideas, notions, concepts, etc. called, collectively? "Their beliefs." The irony? They are not their beliefs at all. They are the beliefs of “others” that were set in place via programming, conditioning, etc. and which persons then think are their own.

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