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THE ULTIMATE SICKNESS: Causes, Symptoms, Aspects, Effects, TREATMENT, Part Fifty-Four

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A doctor must come up with a proper diagnosis of a sickness in order to formulate a viable TREATMENT plan in order to bring that illness and its symptoms to an end and to allow patients to be restored to a sense of wholeness and peace and to allow happiness to return. 

Similarly, one offering a TREATMENT for the Ultimate Sickness must come up with a proper diagnosis of that Sickness in order to formulate a viable TREATMENT plan. 

Almost all persons on the planet suffer from the Ultimate Sickness and its key symptoms (identified by Maharaj as "ignorance, stupidity and insanity"); unfortunately for them - relatively speaking - is that (1) they do not have a clue that they have that Sickness and (2) if they know that something is seriously wrong and if they are seeking relief they are being offered treatment plans for that Sickness which are ineffective and which are hopelessly off the mark and which are totally useless because the ones offering those treatment plans do not have a clue about what is at the root of the Sickness. 

What is at the root of the Sickness is not a deficiency of dogma and is not a sick spirit or a "spiritual malady"; instead, the root is . . . the mind. Thus, the Sickness is a mental Illness which includes a personality identification element, so neither religions nor spiritual programs and methodologies (which fill the mind with nonsensical beliefs and which inspire the mind to engage in all sorts of magical thinking and which generate near endless supplies of personality identifications) can possibly eradicate the mind-and-personality-based roots of the Sickness. 

Indeed, all assigned and assumed personalities (roles, identities, ego-states, selves, characters, personas, a Self, a Supreme Self, etc.) give sustenance to the source of three of the key symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness as identified by Maharaj, namely, "ignorance, stupidity, and insanity"). 

Some site visitors are aware that an uncle of mine was the chief administrator of the mental hospital in Rusk, Texas for many decades. In addition to the "criminally-insane" who were incarcerated there, others with serious mental illnesses - including multiple personality disorders which had deteriorated into varying degrees of neuroses and psychoses - were also hospitalized there. 

During some of my pre-teen summers when I was living with Grandmother in her cabin in East Texas, that uncle would drive out to her homestead and pick me up and take me to his home in Rusk for a visit with him and my aunt and some of my cousins. At least one day during those visits, he took me with him to work for a day and allowed me to see first-hand the end result of the mental issues which so many persons suffer from but which are seldom treated with a truly viable treatment plan. 

One fellow there thought he was Napoleon reincarnate. Another thought he was President of the United States and that the opposition party has conspired to have him locked away so they could take over the government in spite of the fact that he "had actually been elected president." 

I came to see that the people who are trapped in the depths of insanity have in common the fact that they do not know who they are and that they believe they are someone or something that you are not. And how many on planet earth walk about in that condition every day, 24 / 7? Almost all. 

Such is the case with billions of persons all around the globe. People believe that they are the job they have been hired to do. Couples believe that they can enter a religious edifice or an office of a Justice of the Peace as a single man and a single woman but can walk out thirty minutes later being "A Wife" and "A Husband." A short time afterwards, they can believe that they are "A Super Wife" or "A Super Husband." 

As Maharaj noted in terms of "relationships,' couples go through life playing out time and again a string of roles which involve supposedly being "strangers, acquaintances, friends, lovers, spouses, the 'better spouse,' 'the best spouse' or 'a super spouse,' then enemies, then mortal enemies," only to start over again and again and again that same sequence of role-assumption and role-playing. So, the Ultimate Sickness is marked by, among other symptoms, insanity. 

A lawyer would put it this way if explained in a legal brief: 

WHEREAS, persons who do not know who they are (or what they are) are certifiably insane; 

and WHEREAS billions of persons think that they are something or someone that they are not; 

now THEREFORE, let it be ordained that billions of persons are insane 

and THEREFORE, are suffering from symptoms brought on by having had the Ultimate Sickness passed on to them. 

And what is that insanity about? 

Accepting false and dreamed up personalities, roles, identities, ego-states, characters, personas, selves, a Self, a Supreme Self, etc. as actual identities and / or as something that is real (though it is not). At the core of the Sickness, therefore, is an inability to differentiate the true from the false, the real from the fake, the form from the substance, the image from the reflection, the copy from the original, the authentic from a counterfeit replica, and the factual from the fictional. 

Any viable treatment plan for the Sickness must include a means by which persons are freed from all sense of personhood. The treatment must involve going back, going back to that original condition prior to manifestation and prior to programming, conditioning, domestication, acculturation, brainwashing, and indoctrination (or to that original condition to which all shall return post-manifestation). All assigned and / or assumed personality identifications must go in order to be effectively treated for the Sickness. 

To be free of all beliefs regarding personhood, one must understand that humans are nothing more than a three-part composite unity consisting of (1) an elemental plant food body which is (2) circulating air and which is (3) circulating conscious-energy by way of eating plant food (or, rather indirectly, eating something else which ate plants). 

Again, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj said that science would someday advance far enough to support both technically and systematically - as well as logically and factually - the teachings of non-duality. The science of botany explains how plants come about and how energy manifests in those plants, including conscious-energy. It also explains that central to that process is . . . plain old sunshine, mere sunlight. 

Scientist Szent-Gyorgyi noted: “What drives life is a little electric current set up by the sunshine.” 

In plants, these energy factories are called chloroplasts. They collect energy from the sun and use carbon dioxide and water in the process called "photosynthesis" to produce sugars. Animals can make use of the sugars provided by the plants in their own cellular energy factories called "the mitochondria." 

This is shared on one science-based website: 

"Plant consciousness is the process of bio-communication in plant cells which means that plants are sentient life forms which feel, know, and are conscious. The scientific field of neurobiology has been effective in demonstrating plant consciousness. 

"Consciousness exists in everything, but manifests itself in different ways. With the reality that all matter is energy vibrating at different frequencies, it is reasonable to say that all matter has consciousness in its unique way since all matter comes from the same source and is comprised at its basics level of the same building blocks."

[Ah. The "Transcendentalists'" pointer regarding "the unity beyond the only-perceived multiplicity."] 

"This can be seen in DNA consciousness as well. This would be a universal principle that would be true for any state of energy, be it a solid, liquid, gas, plasma and then as crystalline, plant, animal, human, and other life forms." 

Jordan Pearson wrote "Electrical currents make us conscious," noting that - according to a recent study by a University of Göttingen-based team - "Self-awareness is the function of an electrical current in the brain." See? Consciousness is merely a form of energy and is, therefore, nothing special or unique . . . just one of the many forms of energy. 

Because Maharaj said that someday science will advance to a point where it will prove the validity of the non-dual pointers he offered, let there be a pause, then, to consider the following illustration and the science involved and its implications in terms of the non-dual message and the way that conscious-energy merely cycles from plants to animals, humans, etc., (confirming the fact that nothing has ever been created and that nothing has ever been destroyed and that all is merely cycling, eliminating any possibility that there has ever been a Creator or that any person or persons have ever created anything).

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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