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THE ULTIMATE SICKNESS: Causes, Symptoms, Aspects, Effects, TREATMENT, Part Fifty-Five

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From yesterday: 

Because Maharaj said that someday science will advance to a point where it will prove the validity of the non-dual pointers he offered, let there be a pause, then, to consider the following illustration and the science involved and its implications in terms of the non-dual message and the way that conscious-energy merely cycles from plants to animals, humans, etc., (confirming the fact that nothing has ever been created and that nothing has ever been destroyed and that all is merely cycling, eliminating any possibility that there has ever been a Creator or that any person or persons have ever created anything). 

So, the science of botany explains how consciousness / conscious-energy manifests and cycles. Please review:

And the science of biology explains how two composite unities which eat plants and which cycle conscious-energy can engage in an act of friction and thereby trigger a cycling of elements which can lead to the formation of a third composite unity and thereby set into motion a series of natural and spontaneous happenings which can lead to the formation of a third composite unity which can also eat plant food and which can also cycle conscious-energy and which might - someday - engage in an act of friction and set into motion a series of natural and spontaneous happenings, ad infinitum. 

Note that science has proved that (A) all is energy-matter and that (B) neither energy not matter can be created or destroyed. 

Again, in the process whereby a third composite unity forms, nothing is being created. All that is happening is that elements are merely cycling via the consumption of plants (or the consumption of things which ate plants) and the exchange of body fluids between two already-formed composite unities.

Ergo, no creation confirms: there has never been either a Creator or any Creators, ever. 

Additionally, no couple has ever "made a baby." Two unities engaged in an act of friction, an egg in one was exposed to a sperm from another, and an automatic, no-thought-required process began and proceeded spontaneously.

Moreover, no "mother-to-be" ever told a "father-to-be," "Man, I am worn out! Today was the day to make the brain and I want our kid to be smart so I really put a lot of effort and energy into making that organ today. Whoo! What a job!"

Next, consider the mind-freedom which comes when that simple, 4th grade level biology lesson is understood, negating any and all possibility of persons coming up with such statements as: 

"Why did God allow me to abort (or make me lose my baby?") 

"Why was our child born with Down's Syndrome?" (Simple. Study the science of genetics, in this case, focusing on the effects of cell division abnormalities which lead to extra genetic material being generated from chromosome 21. No god has ever chosen two special, loving people to be the two He wants to raise a child that He arranged to have Down's Syndrome.)

"Why did God allow our child to be stillborn?" 

"I am really mad at God! I've never been so angry in my life!" 

"I'm so pissed I'm going to leave religion." 

"I'm so hurt I'm going to get religion to help handle this." 

And thousands of other BS comments which are the product of magical thinking rather than understanding the facts regarding whatever has happened. 

Imagine the freedom that could come were Maharaj's shifts in perspective to become your shifts in perspective. 

Maharaj settled "The God Question" and "The God Mysteries" and "The God Confusion" all in one fell swoop when he realized that (a) there is no creation so there is no Creator and that (b) God or gods and goddesses are merely the mental inventions of humankind's nonsense-filled minds, saying: 

"First of all you identify something as being good or bad for yourself. Then, in an effort to acquire good or to get rid of the bad, you have invented a God. Then you worship such a God and . . . you pray to that God for something good to happen to you." 

What were the key shifts in Maharaj's perspectives which finally led him to find a viable form of the Ultimate Medicine? 

He shifted from the notion that 

a Hinduism / non-dual version of the Ultimate Medicine can heal the Ultimate Sickness 


No, it has been seen that a Hinduism / non-dual version of the Ultimate Medicine cannot heal the Ultimate Sickness but a spirituality / non-dual version of the Ultimate Medicine can heal the Ultimate Sickness 


No, neither a Hinduism / non-dual version of the Ultimate Medicine nor a spirituality / non-dual version of the Ultimate Medicine have been able to heal completely and effectively the Ultimate Sickness 


Wait, I now see that the Ultimate Sickness is not centered in some nebulous, supposedly empty part of the human brain which needs to be filled with dogma and religious teachings and creeds and doctrines and belief systems and canon and tenets 


I see instead that the Ultimate Sickness is not centered in some nebulous, supposedly empty part of a human "soul" or "spirit" which has resulted in a "sick soul" or a "spiritual malady" 

but that 

the Ultimate Sickness is centered in the mind and the mind cannot be healed and made well and become a benefit to humans any more than cancerous cells can be healed and made well and become a benefit to humans 

and that, instead, 

as with cancerous cells, the mind must be eliminated completely and that such elimination can be a simple process, accomplished by giving up every belief that has been taught (because all beliefs are parts of humankind's body of learned ignorance). 

Once those shifts in perspective came, then Maharaj was able to truly and earnestly embrace the message of the Nisarga Yoga which had appealed to him from early on. That led to the next key shifts in perspective, namely that 

I shall stop abiding unnaturally, wandering about in forests looking for revelations to come to me,


I shall stop abiding supernaturally, identifying with some Super Self or Infinite Self or Supreme Self because supernatural living is rooted in supernatural thinking and all supernatural thinking is magical thinking which is totally unrealistic and which, therefore, blocks persons from being in touch with both reality and Reality and which blocks them from understanding how the I AM and the I AM THAT deal with Oneness and not two-ness.

His perspective - which differed from almost all persons in the city and nation where he abided temporarily and differed from almost all persons around the globe on which he temporarily abided - allowed him to understand that nothing is being "made" or "created'; that there is no Creator; 

that all that is happening with humans is that there is a manifestation of conscious-energy in a confined space (an elemental plant food body); that energy from the sun is working with plants to provide energy to animals / humans / etc.; that plants can reuse / recycle energy; and that nothing special or supreme or other-worldly is happening at the behest of some power or some Powers living in another world but that - to the contrary - all is merely happening naturally and spontaneously without any controller or Controller or Controllers involved.

He also understood that . . . 

. . . each so-called "you" was nothing more than an unmanifested speck of conscious-energy in a universal field of energy with no confinement as such but which manifested and became confined in a plant and later in an elemental plant food body, cycled as forms of energy in nature and cycled as other forms of energy (including conscious-energy) by way of the consumption of plant food (eaten directly or indirectly); 

 . . . that in the case of humans, they originally abided well enough under the influence and direction of an elemental plant food brain alone; 

. . . that the brain expanded, evolving from a one-cup size to a three-and-a-half cup size in adults; 

. . . that the expansion led to the development of a part of the brain where information could be stored and from which it could be retrieved in order to facilitate the perpetuation of the species; 

. . . that the content stored in that part of the brain (called "the mind") underwent a process of bastardization as a result of having being exposed to the bastardized programming, conditioning, domestication, acculturation, brainwashing, and indoctrination by which humans pass on concepts and ideas and notions and perceptions (a.k.a., "beliefs"); and 

 . . . that it is the bastardized programming, conditioning, domestication, acculturation, brainwashing, and indoctrination by which humans pass on concepts and ideas and notions and perceptions (a.k.a., "beliefs") which lead to humans being infected with the now-commonplace Ultimate Sickness. 

Eventually, his different perspectives also allowed him to see that first, the Ultimate Sickness is rooted in misunderstandings, that the Ultimate Medicine facilitates understanding, and that once the misunderstandings are eliminated, that there is then no "one" remaining to be concerned with understanding anything at all (any more than the deer or the fish or the birds are abiding under the influence of what they understand instead of abiding under the influence of automatic and spontaneous and natural drives). 

Once persons are free of the influence of the bastardized content of the mind, free of being concerned about the misunderstandings which the mind generates, and free of having to seek understandings, then only can they abide in a natural and care-free manner rather than abiding unnaturally and supernaturally. 

Moreover, it is abiding naturally - rather than unnaturally and supernaturally - which allows for freedom, period, and only if free can unconditionally happiness manifest. 

To be continued. 

 Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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