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THE ULTIMATE SICKNESS: Causes, Symptoms, Aspects, Effects, TREATMENT, Part Fifty-Six

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A different perspective from that held by most persons would be one based in science rather than in their dogmatically-or-spiritually-or-philosophically-or-ideologically-based belief system. 

Again, Maharaj said that (1) someday science would advance far enough that it would confirm the ancient, non-dual teachings. He also said that (2) if a truly wise woman or man of science were to enter his loft, they would instantly understand what so many seekers were not grasping. 

[Here, over the years, some of those who have made contact and who had the clearest understanding of non-duality were people versed in science. Their lingering issue, however, remained their inability to apply the understanding to the relative existence, to overlay the revealed Reality onto the relative existence, and then sit back and relax and take it easy without constantly trying to accumulate even more and more knowledge and share more and more knowledge. Whatever.] 

So it was noted that Maharaj's prediction came true. So, to review ten examples which have been shared here over the years: 

1. NON-DUAL MESSAGE: There is no "one" that shall be forever. There will be no continuity of body or mind or personality. 

THE SCIENTIFIC FACT: The Second Law of Thermodynamics shows that things come together and they come apart. Nothing is forever except energy / matter. 


There is nothing personal, including a person, an individual, or a Personal Creator. There is beingness, but there is no personal being or Personal Supreme Being. Because nothing has been created, there is no creator / parent and there is no Creator God or Creator Gods and Goddesses; additionally, there is no Destroyer God and there are no Destroyer Gods and Goddesses. 

THE SCIENTIFIC FACT: All is energy / matter. Neither energy nor matter can be created. Neither energy nor matter can be destroyed. 

3. NON-DUAL MESSAGE: There are no timelines. 

THE SCIENTIFIC FACT: All is merely cycling. There is no beginning and there is no end, be the discussion about energy or about matter or about babies or about adults. Babies are not created. Babies are elemental plant food bodies that can temporarily house the manifest consciousness. Same with human adults ... same with all "living creatures." They are merely composites of already-existing elements that are being cycled as opposed to something "new" being created. The elements might be arranged in a "new" formation or form or space, but they have existed forever and are not "new." The elements can come together for a time, but they will not remain together. The body that "was" last month is not the same body now; the specks of consciousness that were manifested last month are not the same specks of consciousness presently manifested within the space. (If either of those could happen, no one would have to eat anything to "resupply" the cycling elements or to "restock" the temporarily-manifested conscious-energy.) 


All is one. 

THE SCIENTIFIC FACT: Differences in appearance are due to differing vibrational frequencies and evolutionary changes. As the Transcendentalists taught, "There is a unity beyond the multiplicity" (or beyond the "supposed" multiplicity, yes?) Beyond differing vibrational levels, variations in appearances are also the result of evolution, de-evolution, and / or mutations. Some aquatic forms over millions of years developed an ability to abide both in the water and outside the water as well. Eventually, some moved to the land and their earlier outer protective shell (see lobster or crayfish) evolve / de-volved into any inner shell (see humans). For all of humanity's self-glorification ("Oh, what a special piece of work is man!"), humans are one of the most de-volved, mutated forms on the planet. Trance the family tree of humanity back to its roots and you'll see that, originally, that which is now called "the ribcage" was external, not internal. So now, the so-called "protection" for certain internal organs leaves humankind's largest organ - the skin - completely exposed and unprotected. Hardly an evolutionary "advancement." As for the oneness, science has shown that fish and humans are closely related with both sharing the commonality of appendages, backbones, excretion systems, and skulls. That is a result of both having originally been ONE and the same. Most of humanity's past was spent in water, and only recently - in terms of the overall history of this universe - have humans been separated from the water. So there is an example of a living form or space moving from the water to the land. What people call "whales," by contrast, moved from the land to the water. They are not fish but are mammals, and science proves that they evolved from something most similar to what are called "hippos" and "deer," explaining why scientists have found the remains of whale skeletons that had . . . ankles. Compare human DNA with animal DNA and with bacteria DNA and science shows that all three evolved from the ONE and same source that existed several billion years ago. In fact, everything on this planet can be traced to ONE single, original, common thing. 


ADDITIONAL SCIENTIFIC FACTS: Scientists can uncover in a single atom evidence of the beginning of the entire universe and can thereby chronicle the history of this entire solar system. All that is now can be traced back to one, single atom. Understanding that allows for an understanding of the facts surrounding the pointers regarding "beginninglesssness" as well as an understanding of the facts regarding "multiple universes"; regarding "something manifesting in a vacuum"; regarding how "one atom led to multiple atoms and now uncountable atoms in 'this universe'"; regarding "how the sun functions and the role it places in the manifestation and cycling of conscious-energy"; regarding the fact that "nothing can be created"; and, therefore, regarding the fact that "there was not and is not and shall never be a "Creator." 

The term "the beginningless" is explained in this way: Scientists in labs have now been able to reproduce as follows the events that unfolded as this universe began: it has been seen that, in a vacuum, a particle can simply manifest; other particles also form and then they all interact . . . being conscious of other particles. Whether the particles involved with the formation of "this universe" had "escaped from" or moved beyond the confines of an existing universe and manifested in an area that would be called "our universe" is not especially relevant to the discussion. 

Yet there is no question about the presence of other universes. Maharaj and other sages having referenced them for ages. 

He said: "Entire universes are imploding and exploding every moment . . ." 


 ". . . universes come and go . . . " 

and he noted that "what 'he' truly is" had and has always been and had, therefore, been present for the imploding and exploding of all universes. 

As he predicted, science is now finally "catching up with" these teachings, so this was reported a few years ago

"In the most recent study on pre-Big Bang science, a team of researchers from the UK, Canada, and the US (and specifically Stephen M. Feeney and others) have revealed that they have discovered four statistically unlikely circular patterns in the cosmic microwave background."

"The researchers think that these marks could be 'bruises' that our universe has incurred from being bumped four times by other universes. If they turn out to be correct, it would be the first evidence that universes other than ours do exist. 

"The idea that there are many other universes out there is not new, as scientists have previously suggested that we live in a 'multiverse' consisting of an infinite number of universes. The multiverse concept stems from the idea of eternal inflation, in which the inflationary period that our universe went through right after the Big Bang was just one of many inflationary periods that different parts of space were and are still undergoing." 

In the case of "this universe," there was first a hydrogen atom that manifested; eventually, many hydrogen atoms began moving in the space that would become "this universe." The sun shows on a small scale what happened after that and what produced the big scale "bang" that resulted in what is called "this universe": 

Within what is called "the sun," four hydrogen atoms fuses together and make one helium atom. Each time that happens, a tremendous amount of energy results. To appreciate the force involved, see the sun as a hydrogen bomb, a bomb with explosive power that is derived from the energy released when hydrogen atoms are fused to form helium. 

 This atomic fusion reaction is the same reaction that takes place in stars like the sun throughout the universe when the pressure of gravity forces hydrogen atoms to fuse; a hydrogen bomb uses the force of an atomic explosion (the fission reaction exploited in atomic bombs) to compress the hydrogen to the point where fusion takes place. The fact that it was hydrogen and helium atoms that triggered the initial process "here" also explains the prevalence of those atoms. 

Of course the result of hydrogen combining with oxygen results in the water that is necessary for "human life." The same process that is occurring on the sun in this solar system (and throughout the universe) is also what happened at the point called "the beginning of this universe": hydrogen atoms fused and made helium atoms as they interacted (atoms being conscious of other atoms); in the case of "this universe," their interactions resulted in an explosion of unimaginable force, and that triggered the chain of events that followed. 

The explosion was so great that at this moment, billions of years later, this "universe" is still expanding (and may well be bumping into and "bruising" adjacent universes). While that chain of events can be referred to as "the beginning" of this universe, it was not the beginning of the atoms that generated the Big Bang. The particles had existed infinitely because neither matter nor energy can be created nor destroyed. Since no creation ever occurred, no "Creator" could, or can, exist. 

(Therefore, in this case, "a negative" can be proved, scientifically. To the contrary, what cannot be proved is that which is dreamed up by men who present only "their faith" as evidence of their claim that what they conceptualized in their imaginings is real.) 

Moreover, because all has always been, infinitely, no beginning happened and no end will happen. Infinity is infinity and was “as infinite” before the manifestation of consciousness as it will “be infinite” following the unmanifestation of consciousness. Thus, "beginninglessness"  (and, therefore, endlessness as well).

To be continued with 6-10 tomorrow.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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