Monday, August 28, 2006


From a site visitor: “If you had one suggestion to give to persons like me who are just starting out on the journey, what would it be?”

F.: In a June 2006 posting, the following pointer was offered:

The Realization can only come from within; it can never come from without. Please enter the silence of contemplation in order to become aware of all of humankind’s lies that are without and thereby be able to realize the truth that can only be realized via the inner resource or the inner guru within.

A consideration for those just beginning the “journey” is this: to Realize Fully, you don’t have to read any of the world’s “holy texts,” you don’t have to “do” certain activities regularly, and you don’t have to go anywhere (except to a place of silence). In fact, if you’re going anywhere, if you’re attending religious services or spiritual meetings, if you’re listening to “holy men” on a regular basis, if you’re doing all kinds of activities, then you will never Realize. All of that activity, believed by many to be the key, is really a hindrance that blocks Realization. The answers are within to such questions about “how you got here,” “where you were three days prior to conception,” “why it is ego that wants to assign meaning to the relative existence,” and “what happens after ‘death’.” A few pointers, if taken into the quiet, can lead anyone with a properly functioning brain to enlightenment and awareness.

“Floyd’s” exhaustive efforts (which came about as a result of all of the “going” here and there and everywhere to try to find the answers) was described this way in the Advaitic novel The Twice-Stolen Necklace Murders:

In his energy-consuming search for salvation, he’d been dipped, dunked, sprayed, spayed, sprinkled, and neutered; in the quest for truth, he’d been blessed, cursed, cussed, lectured, scolded, and praised; in his pursuit of Life’s Meaning, he’d been communion’d, Om’d, grape-juiced, wined, ahsram’d, accepted, rejected, Mu’d, and yoga’d; in his chase for service-work-opportunities, he’d been pulverized, martinized, and frapp├ęd; and in the endeavor to attain Life Eternal, he’d been baptized, Buddha’d, New Aged, powwow’d, Far Eastern Indianized, incense’d, sage’d, Tao’d, Peru’d, Tibet’d, washed in the blood, dunked in the waters, and purportedly purified.

Realization came in an instant after staying in the quiet and tapping into the inner resource. Forty years of listening to preachers and priests and rabbis and circuit speakers and world-famous authors and gurus did not provide the truth; forty years of studying all of the “holy texts” and all of the major religions did not do it; and forty years of reading all of the volumes on “The Best One-Hundred Spiritual Books Ever Written” list did not do it. Rather than revealing the truth, all of that nonsense resulted in the accumulation of more and more concepts that actually blocked seeing the truth. Realization came after having a vision, which you can experience right now at, and (through the content of that vision) finally seeing the seven steps that must be taken in order to attain Full Realization. You can attain that Realization if you read the vision and meditate upon its content (meaning consciously consider its substance and find the seven steps by using the inner guru). Please read the vision and then enter the silence of contemplation.