Thursday, December 07, 2006


From a site visitor: You might remember that I ordered a copy of FROM THE I TO THE ABSOLUTE not long ago. I agree with Tyla that it’s the most important book I’ve ever read, but two questions came up while I was reading. 1. When the manifesting is taking place, the conscious-energy, as you referred to it, is moving from the field and headed toward manifestation in some physical form or matrix. You show its movement from the Absolute to the True Self to the witness to the Child Ignorance stage. First, what is the difference in the True Self and the witness? Also, it seems that the True Self and witness would come after the Child Ignorance stage. Why do you teach the reverse? (This is not to debate your teaching, just to understand it.) Thank you. Randall

F.: [Continued from yesterday] So, it has been seen that, as the energy enters into the manifestation cycle (even before the Child Ignorance phase) the True Self, the Pure Consciousness, is; however, there is no identification with embodiment in the witnessing stages or in the early Child Ignorance stage. (Compare those steps to the taking of those steps in reverse which results in the jnani realizing the True Self after forfeiting all illusions about attachment to, and identification with, the embodiment. True Self and identification with embodiment cannot coincide, being five steps apart, as explained in the book you’re reading.) As the energy cycles “in,” there is, in the three beginning phases, no identification with any form of embodiment; as the energy cycles “out,” there is a forfeiture of identification with the embodiment in the final three stages leading up to Full Realization.

So it does not matter if you are studying the cycling into manifestation or the cycling out of manifestation, the phase of True Self does not involve attachment to embodiment. (To understand that even the True Self is a “phase”—and that THAT is beyond any beingness or Self and is even beyond the non-beingness—is to understand why the Realized have no pride regarding the Self and why no importance is assigned to Self-Knowledge. Even that Self is just a temporary phase. Ultimately, even identification with the Pure Consciousness fades as the Realized transcend and abide as the Absolute.)

As a final aid to understanding the cycles and "the Seven Steps" more clearly, one additional instance will be described:

Energy moving through the Void travels in particle or wave form and arrives on the surface of the planet. It arrives in a form that is useless to humans or animals; however, as it manifests in a plant, the process of photosynthesis converts that energy into a form that is usable by animals and humans. Witnessing began to happen even prior to “human embodiment.” How is that known? Recall the pointer offered on December 4th:

It is known that every morning before sunrise, the vital force begins to circulate through all plants. It is known that all plants make a micro-millimeter adjustment so that their leaves are not facing where they faced yesterday morning but are facing that exact spot where the sun will soon be rising. That is done in order for the leaves to maximize the quantity of light/energy they are exposed to and in order for the plant to gather as much of that energy as possible.

So via a plant, You first manifested. You manifested even prior to a subsequent manifestation via the “human body,” a body that persons soon accept as an identity. Now look to the seven steps: do you see that the energy, even prior to manifestation in what you call “a human body,” is already Pure Consciousness and is already witnessing while manifested via a plant? That Pure Consciousness / Pure Witness is already functioning in a manner that reveals its awareness, even prior to manifestation as a plant food body (be that plant food body labeled "a deer," "a cow," "a goat," "a human," etc.)
That is the order of the cycling as conscious-energy manifests. Again it should be seen that the movement is from that field of Absolute energy to a Witnessing state via a temporary bundle of elements that provide a form or matrix for manifestation. The deer, as with all animals living naturally, will continue to function as the Pure Consciousness and objective witness. Humans are the only ones subjected to programming and conditioning and the formation of a “mind” that is the repository of all of the lies of all cultures; therefore, humans become the only aberrations, living unnaturally or "supernaturally." It is their learned ignorance—via programming and conditioning and dogma and concepts, all of which lead to identification with body and mind and personality—that robs persons of the peace that characterizes the natural, relative existence of a deer.
Only by “going back,” only by “going home” to that True Self state which was nearest the Absolute, can humans regain that peace during the term of mnaifestation. Only by first “returning” to the earliest stage of Child Ignorance, only by then shifting to the objective witness stage, and only by then transitioning to the True Self (which can know it is really THAT) can that earliest, pre-programming and pre-conditioning state happen again. THAT cannot be seen from the distance. From the body stage, from the "mind" stage, and even from the personality stage (which includes religious and spiritual personas as well as all other false personas assumed as identities), persons are too far removed from the Abolute to be able to see it clearly and recognize it. Yes, they can sense it (sensing those intimations of immortality and knowing that which is for infinity and that which is not for infinity) but those stages must be transitioned for the understanding to happen completely.

Did “floyd” come up with the order of “The Seven Steps from the I to the Absolute” and "The Seven Steps from the Absolute to the I"? No. The order in which these cycles occur came via a vision as the consciousness was being re-purified as a result of questioning the validity of everything ever taught. Only after the exact order was witnessed, and then consciously considered, was it understood. So many seekers have begged so many "sages" for so many years, Can you please tell me the exact steps I must take to Realize? only to be dismissed with some nebulous answer that boiled down to an unstated "No." The exact steps are now available.

For review, see that originally there was no “I,” no “Randall,” that could be conscious. THAT is prior to consciousness. Then, the conscious-energy manifested via a plant and began “conscious functioning.” Next, because two people ate plants and subsequently engaged in an act of friction, consciousness manifested into a physical matrix called a “human body” and later called "Randall"; however, the consciousness was not aware of itSelf. Eventually, the consciousness exhibited a sense of existence, a sense of knowing its Is-ness. It at first only knew, "I AM." Shortly thereafter, the problems of childhood began. Like a protesting child screaming at a parent, “I didn’t ask you to have me!” so it is that the manifesting of this consciousness was not asked for. [So much for pre-manifestation, sacred contracts. There’s one more insane concept that can be tossed by those in touch with reality.]

The manifestation just happened without being sought, but that child-knowledge period made possible the subsequent effects of programming and conditioning and the corrupting of the consciousness. It is that corrupted consciousness which dominates persons in all cultures. It is that corrupted consciousness which makes persons believe that they are "special" and "different." It is the corrupted consciousness that inspires acceptance of ego-states as false identities. And the roots are all traceable to that childhood period. As a result of that child-consciousness and the effects of programming and the exposure to the insane beliefs that have been accepted as truth by adults, all of the relative world insanity and misery and suffering and anguish comes to each programmed and conditioned child as well.

Now the exact order of the cycles has been seen, and now the "two" witnessing stages have been seen to be the same substance with only a variance in “ripeness”…in “maturity”…in “level of purification.” Such is the cycle of conscious-energy manifesting and becoming corrupted. That is the cycle from “pure” to “adulterated,” the relative effects of which can only be undone via taking the cycle's steps in reverse (the process by which Full Realization happens). Please enter the silence of contemplation. [To be continued]