Thursday, April 12, 2007


FROM A SITE VISITOR: there’s all these contradictions, the part I don’t get is “there’s only consciousness” but at the same time “in the Absolute state there is no one to be consciousness of anything.” Then Maharaj talked about “even in the sleep state the consciousness still is conscious” but at the same time “even in the Absolute state there is consciousness or awareness but no one to be aware of it.” Then, “neither matter nor energy can be created nor destroyed” but “this is finite while that is infinite.” Help! BraD

F.: So an attribute of conscious-energy is an ability to be conscious of, and that can happen whether manifested via a space called a “plant,” a “bird,” a “human,” an “animal” or even if not manifested at all. Too often this is not understood: consciousness is, whether it is conscious of itself or not, yet it must be conscious of something to be consciousness. You might say, “I understand that conscious-energy can be conscious of itself if manifested in a space with a nervous system, but how—if unmanifested—can consciousness be 'conscious of' something without being conscious of itself?” To understand, consider the functioning of the subatomic particles of an atom:

One attribute of the subatomic particles at the core of atoms—the electrons, protons and neutrons—is that they are conscious of each other and function spontaneously in certain ways in relationship to each other…as do atoms as well. Electrons are conscious of a nucleus and swirl around it as if the two are dancing some subatomic dance together that is resulting from their “magnetic attraction” to each other. (The notion of manifested consciousness that the natural way for humans to behave when the consciousness is manifested via a “human space”—namely, to relate, to interact, to bond, and to break bonds, etc.—is subatomic in its nature.)

It’s all automatic, it’s all happening spontaneously, and it's all natural. No one teaches the electron to revolve around the nucleus…it’s natural. No one need teach humans to be "attracted to" each other; no one needs to teach a human to masturbate; no one needs teach two humans or two birds or two mammals to fornicate. It’s all natural. Only the bastardized “mind” (filled with all of its dualistic nonsense and the arrogant belief among persons that they have the right to manage the conduct of other humans and to control the bodies of others) will teach persons that it is unnatural to do what is natural: “Our dogma teaches that you can be supernatural (that is, super spiritual) if you do not do what is natural, because we believe that some natural things are actually unnatural!” Such a teaching provides an excellent example of how persons can be stripped of logic, how the consciousness can be programmed and corrupted, and how persons will end up behaving as fools.

Are you seeing how asleep persons are when programmed by their “leaders”? They can actually be taught that something which is completely natural is unnatural, they will then believe that something which is natural is unnatural, and then they will try their best thereafter to avoid behaving naturally. And in that process, they will be convinced that they are pleasing some supernatural entity by unnaturally avoiding the natural. That kind of learned ignorance, which bastardizes the consciousness and which thrives on blind faith, can produce either a nation of repressed, uptight and hypocritical persons or “an army of god” whose members are masochistic, sadistic, and suicidal. Such is the relative existence toll of corrupted consciousness and duality…and the subsequent unawareness of awareness.

Now, note the other ways that electrons reveal that they are conscious of: they can play a role in establishing chemical bonds, “A” being conscious of “B” and bonding with it. An ion from one atom can be transferred to another atom as all involved are conscious of each other. Electrons can also be shared between two or more atoms, so an electron in one atom can be conscious of other atoms, can interact with them, and can bond with them.

Is any “one” directing an electron’s behavior or orchestrating the way it conducts itself in relation to other particles about it? Of course not. Is consciousness present? Obviously. An electron can be conscious of an object (in this example, the nucleus around which it is spinning). Is any “one” present within the atomic substructure to be conscious of a subatomic particle’s consciousness of other particles? No. Even though no “one” is present to be conscious of consciousness, is consciousness present nevertheless? Obviously, yes.
At this very moment, there is a field of energy that can be called “the absolute” in which acts of consciousness are happening even without any self-consciousness. Take that to be a “pool” of energy or an “ocean” of energy or a “field” of energy or a “system” of energy. It doesn’t matter what term is used to point to that field, but know that it is limitless and infinite and boundless and omnipresent. Understand that transferences of energy can and do happen between a “system” of energy and adjacent regions and understand that energy can also undergo transformations.
Thus, energy moves in wave or particle form "into" the field, throughout the field, and (sometimes) "out of" the field and manifests. In the meantime, the consciousness is still consciousness and is still conscious of, even though it is not conscious of itself when not manifested in some space with a nervous system. Compare that to the manner in which consciousness functions as it operates your heart and lungs even during your "unconscious" state of sleep. You are not conscious of your self, but the consciousness is conscious of. That is a natural function, not taught and not learned. AS IF living happens exactly like that.

Also, see the examples on planet earth of such energy transferences and energy transformations: sunlight can strikes a human in a non-usable form, but if it strikes a plant, then the process of photosynthesis will transform that energy into a form that is usable by humans. That "transference" and "transformation" process facilitates the manifestation of consciousness. (See “photosynthesis,” July 31, 2005; August 13, 2005; December 23, 2005; May 24 and 26, 2006; August 26, 2006; December 8, 2006; February 26, 2007; March 24, 2007.) The ability of energy to undergo transformation and transference sets the stage for (a) a plant to transform energy which (b) can be consumed and can thus (c) be transferred and transformed within a human space. Yes, "We Are what we eat." Please enter the silence of contemplation. [To be continued]