Monday, February 11, 2008


FROM A SITE VISITOR: If I'm not my body and and am aware of my consciousness even if I lost most of it's parts and I'm becoming conscious that I wasn't created so don't die but i return to the source or the field of consciousness from whence i came after my manifestation-am I conscious of this return? Thanks in advance. Bill

F.: Here's the way the scenario unfolds:

Energy with the capacity TO BE CONSCIOUS OF manifested in a space called “a plant.” The manifesting starts there (and that's why any resulting body is a plant food body). Nowadays, you either eat plants to sustain the manifestation of consciousness or you eat an animal that ate plants.

Your dad and mom ate plants (or plant-eating animals) and some of the plants became cells of various types, including sperm cells and egg cells, respectively. An act of friction began a process whereby a sperm cell-cum-consciousness encountered an egg-cum-consciousness.

Everything that happened during the following nine months happened spontaneously, all driven by consciousness, just as your breathing and digestion happen under the auspices of consciousness with no effort on your part.

Because of the spontaneous nature of consciousness, the sperm and egg cells “knew” what to do with no prodding on the part of your so-called parents. (Your mom didn’t say with a grunting noise, “Don’t bother me…I’m making a baby brain today. Check back with me in twenty-four hours if you want to visit since I’ll only be focusing on making some toes tomorrow.”)

In fact, nothing was “made” or “created.” Plant food-cum-consciousness continued for months to supply the elements and the consciousness required for “bill” to take form. An entire planet became populated in that same, spontaneous fashion.

Similarly, the consciousness manifested in what is called “an acorn” can generate a forest, eventually, with no prodding or guidance. The same happened after persons evolved and generated a mass of people, and no one had to teach anyone anything. Copulation and/or seeding comes naturally. It all happens automatically, whether the subject is “humans,” “acorns,” “birds,” etc.

Before the speck of energy that underwent a process that allowed a space-cum-consciousness to manifest and be called “Bill,” there was no one in the field of energy to be aware of anything. (So much for “sacred contracts.”)

Manifested, You—the consciousness—can be aware of ItSelf, but programming and conditioning and enculturation convinced you that you were many other things: boy, good boy, bad boy, student, husband, low-life drunk, good alcoholic, spiritual man, etc.

As long as the consciousness is manifested—and as long as brain damage is not an issue, then “bill” can do what the literature in that program you joined suggests: he can “cast aside ideas, emotions, and attitudes (beliefs)” and come into contact with—can have an awareness of—“the Great Reality.”

That term does not refer to a three-dimensional god that is "a he or him" by virtue of having male appendages (appendages that he would do what with, exactly? Is it not amazing, the level of illogical nonsense that is accepted without question, once the pure consciousness has been corrupted?)

Yet when persons are programmed (or join some program or church or temple or mosque that re-programs them or reinforces their blind faith) then the questioning of nonsense cannot happen. If it does, you are assured that very stiff penalties will follow any questioning of their concepts.

Thus, blindness rules, and "their" contradictions and inconsistencies better not be questioned if one is looking for “love” and “acceptance,” as most persons are. (The search for "love," which is really a search for many other things that have nothing whatsoever to do with "Love," drives most humans who have never known unconditional love. The closest you will ever come to witnessing True Love manifest will be in the company of the Fully Realized that understand the Oneness. It cannot happen among persons who believe in “separation.”)

The book you have previously studied claims that you can be “rocketed” or “catapulted into the fourth dimension.” Interesting, is it not, that you can supposedly become four-dimensional but the god you are then in contact with is still a three-dimensional male figure?

So yes, you can be conscious of the fact that You will return to the pool of energy, but when the energy is not manifested via some space with a nervous system, that conscious-energy can know nothing. It only maintains the potential to know, which can happen if it should enter into a cycle of manifestation...which is nothing more than chance. Please enter the silence of contemplation. (To be continued)


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