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Let It Happen With Dignity, Part Seven

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An Advaita forum focusing on Realisation, enlightenment, non-duality, Real Love, peace, freedom, Your original nature, abiding naturally, the Oneness, the Nothingness, and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

As for Maharaj, you will find here some of his early pointers for beginners but some of his later pointers that are for seekers farther along the "path." During his last years, he said of I AM THAT: "That book and whatever was expounded at that time was only relevant for that period. I am speaking differently today" and am "emphasizing different aspects." What he offered later differed considerably from his earlier talks, making clear that the pointers in I AM THAT will take you to the midpoint of "the race" but that his final talks point the way to "the finish line."

F.: Yesterday, it was mentioned that today's post would offer a means of impeding the diffusion of the dualistic messages that are conveyed by cultures steeped in duality.

First, if one would impede the diffusion, then it is necessary to identify the main source or sources of dualistic messages. Millions upon millions of words are written each day via texts, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and books. Add to that the words that were written long ago but that are still being circulated via the top best-selling books of all times:

#1 = "The Holy Bible"
#2 = "The Qur'an" / "Koran"

And then add to those two the third source of much learned ignorance nowadays:

#3 = Textbooks

If you would eliminate the top two sources that spread dualistic messages, those both the Bible and the Qur'an would have to go, yet they will not; they are most definitely here to stay, so duality is here to stay. As for textbooks, especially in the U.S., they would need to go as well, history books now teaching little more than revisionist lies and science books teaching the fiction of creationism.

Yet while the written word is widely used to spread dualistic ideas and concepts and beliefs and untruths, nothing compares with the use of the spoken word to do the same. Research shows that "Men use about 15,000 words per day" and that "women use 30,000." (Have you heard, or said, "I can't get him to open up and communicate with me"? Correct.)

If you take the average number of words spoken by men and women and multiply that by the global population (non-speaking infants set aside) that amounts to approximately 157,500,000,000,000 words spoken on a daily basis. That is one-hundred-and-fifty-seven trillion, five-hundred billion words being spoken around the globe every day, on average.

As for infants and youth, the programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation that they are subjected to is offered partly by modeling by mainly by use of the spoken word, first in the home, later in school, and then continuing during adulthood in the workplace and / or in society and the media in general.

So, if one would impede the diffusion of dualistic messages, then it is a reduction in the use of the spoken word that can have the greatest impact. The number of lies written on a daily basis cannot compare to the number of lies told on a daily basis. And the volume of ignorance that is taught and learned on a daily basis via the written word cannot compare to the number of lies told - and to the volume of ignorance also spread orally - on a daily basis.

The beauty of silence, therefore, is not just the peace that it brings. It is the Truth that it brings. This has been shared in the past but is relevant again here:

Grandmother and the others among her tribe of Aniyunwiyas (Cherokees) taught that "Truth is nothing more than the space between exhalation and inhalation."

Much of each day that was spent with Grandmother in her modest home which was located in the isolated piney woods of East Texas was spent in the quiet, in the silence.

Typically, many hours of any given day spent in each other's company would pass without being driven to say a single word. Once such peace becomes internalized, and once the silence that most people hate becomes something that is cherished instead, the quiet becomes another element of the essential life force.

Noisy disruptions will be avoided spontaneously, as was the case back in those days when Grandmother's nearest neighbor - the widow "Miss Esther" who lived a mile away - dropped by to encroach upon the silence and eventually destroy it completely.

(As an eight-year old, I often concluded that her former husband most likely died from the collateral damage suffered when his ears exploded.)

To add to her stream of non-stop talking, Miss Esther had the habit of swelling every sentence by injecting the phrase "by the way" multiple times. (My cousin and I often made a game of counting the number of "by the ways" that were inserted throughout her monologues).

So a typical assault on the silence might go like this: "I went to the store, by the way, and they had milk on sale, by the way, for twenty cents a gallon, by the way, so I bought two gallons, by the way, so you might want to go into town and get some, by the way, while it's still on sale, by the way."

More often than not, though, the by-the-way-counting-game lost its comic appeal fairly quickly, so Grandmother would be asked, "May I be excused, Grandmother? I'd like to go for a walk in the woods." The response was always "Yes." The accompanying look was always, "And take me with you."

Then, with a slight bow from the waist and a nod of the head, with nothing more being said than "Miss Esther," the escape to the forest happened post haste. (Even in those early days, it was impossible to be so inauthentic as to say, "Nice seeing you, Miss Esther." Only "Miss Esther" was uttered before taking leave.)

Nowadays, when the invitation is offered "to stay in the silence more and more each day," most protest: "Impossible. I have to talk at work to earn my living." That was a belief here, too, at one point. But it was discovered post-Realization that most of the tasks at work could still be accomplished - and with far less talking.

One counselor said, "Floyd, I have to talk eight hours a day in my job." When it was asked,

"Might there be a possibility of switching to the use of techniques that are based more in a 'client-centered approach' or some variation of a Rogerian counseling approach instead of the present 'you-centered, self-centered' approach?"

The notion was rejected outright, yet later, as that seeker moved farther along the path, that shift happened, and likely to the benefit of that counselor's clients. Now, use of EMDR offers the opportunity for less counselor talking and far more benefit to the client. The same movement away from excessive, often needless, talking can happen in almost all professions.

TOMORROW: How, in "relationships," effective but efficient communication (with less "talk for the sake of talking") can also insure more peace and dignity as well as less dissemination of dualistic ideas and concepts and beliefs and lies.

You are invited to enter into the silence. (To be continued)

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