Friday, October 14, 2011

"There Is A Little Niggerhead In All of Us" if Full Realization Has Not Happened, Part Six

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An Advaita forum focusing on Realisation, enlightenment, non-duality, Real Love, peace, freedom, Your original nature, abiding naturally, the Oneness, the Nothingness, and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

As for Maharaj, you will find here some of his early pointers for beginners but some of his later pointers that are for seekers farther along the "path." During his last years, he said of I AM THAT: "That book and whatever was expounded at that time was only relevant for that period. I am speaking differently today" and am "emphasizing different aspects." What he offered later differed considerably from his earlier talks, making clear that the pointers in I AM THAT will take you to the midpoint of "the race" but that his final talks point the way to "the finish line."


Greetings to all that visited the site during the previous six days of hospitalization, with an acknowledgment of the expressions of caring and Love received from those among the 1,700 regular visitors to this site that abide in some 75-80 countries and in thousands of cities and towns around the globe.

On a site that encourages the understanding of the Oneness - which leads to the ability to understand what Real Love is and to develop the ability to feel it and to express it - it was encouraging to see so many actually displaying that Real Love and sense of Oneness. To all that wrote or called or inquired, thank you. The note below was one of the more touching, coming via e-mail on the morning that a procedure on the heart of this elemental body was scheduled:

I was thinking about the procedure you will be having today and I know what the doctors will find:
they will find a beautiful heart
a heart that loves deeply
a heart that is giving
a heart that is caring
a heart that is protective
a heart that shares itself openly
a heart full of passion
a heart that beats to its own drum
a heart that's giving a message to help the world evolve.
Be well, dear heart.

Of course, there were those present, such as the 27-year-old daughter, that were more concerned with this manifested speck than was the speck itself, but even she understood the position of neutrality here:

not running to anything ... not running away from anything;

not desiring ... not fearing;


just witnessing, especially as professionals were racing about, doing what they do, including in this case: treating internal hemorrhaging; providing a transfusion; and addressing an LAD coronary artery that was 95% blocked.

Why and how was it that "floyd" / Floyd remained far more detached than they from the entire process? First, they were merely doing their job ... what they had been trained to do.

Secondly, the case with "floyd" is the same as the case with "andy" and "mac" and the many others who have come here to visit and who have received the non-duality pointers offered: all have already "died," so what is left that could inspire fear, that could generate panic, that could leave one terrified, that could leave one feeling unnerved, or that could cause one to be flustered to even the slightest degree? The answer: nothing.

Thus, it was shared with daughter Ashley - sitting bedside with a few tears streaming down her face on the night before the heart procedure: "I am not suicidal, but the fact that I do not fear this thing called 'death' is the reason that I do not fear this thing called "life" and "living." Not a bad way to roll, actually. Care to join me?" Finally, she smiled.

While so many were concerned - and, yes, there was something natural about that as well - Ota Dokan could be paraphrased to clarify why "floyd" / Floyd did not share such concern: "Had I not known I was dead already, I too would have joined them in mourning what some felt was going to be 'my loss of life'."

Last week was a blur of most unnatural procedures, intended to address what one doctor called "the perfect storm" happening inside this elemental, plant food body, including underfunctioning, oxygen-deprived organs; blocked arteries; and hemorrhaging.

This morning, by contrast, there is "the three-part, perfect calm," including the arrival of a cool front overnight; including the enjoyment of the crisp conditions that the front has provided outside, conditions which allow once more the morning ritual of enjoying two cups of breve to happen; and including a return to the keyboard to see - along with all of the visitors to the site - what might spontaneously appear on-screen.

The pointer: when any given week during the relative existence can provide such duality - can provide such diametrically-opposite happenings and conditions as "the perfect storm" and "the perfect calm" - why would it not make sense to merely witness it all, without attachment, from a platform of neutrality?

In fact, there was nothing that "floyd" could do except show up and witness, so the Advaitin teachings regarding powerlessness - and the total acceptance of the fact that there is no one here with any power and that there is no one here desiring power and that there is no one here needing power - made for smooth sailing.

All that said, thanks are extended to all that expressed the Love that is touted here. Peace, Love, and Light to You all. Now, to continue with the series that was under way last week:

F.: This was offered last Friday:

Maharaj often began with a discussion of "a relative-particular" and then expanded the dialogue and re-focused the spotlight on pointers that deal with "the Absolute-Universal." Such is the case with this series.

If you review the three, non-personal examples from the 7 October 2011 post, you will see that humans can come from similar backgrounds; can undergo parallel experiences; and can be exposed to comparable programming, domestication, acculturation and conditioning; however, they can follow paths that have no similarity at all.

Diverging from the dark path that the masses follow can happen among the few that cast off their attachment to their backgrounds; that reject the bogus ideas and concepts that were accumulated during their early, relative experiences; and that eliminate every last vestige of their programming, domestication, acculturation and conditioning.

For the most part, however, the masses will never cast off any of the nonsense and learned ignorance and insanity that are rooted in their backgrounds, their experiences, or their programming, etc.

Does that imply that there is anything in the least about "Realizing" that is "praiseworthy" or "pride-worthy"? Not at all. As with most things relative, it is mere chance - far more than conscious anticipation and forecasting and planning - that determines the sequence of events that unfold during one's relative existence:

that which is usually most dreaded and feared seldom comes, and that which was most dreaded - or which is found to be most "fortunate" - was seldom expected or foreseen before it happened.

But how the egos and egotism of those who consider themselves to be among "The Accomplished," "The Achievers," and "The Winners" hate to hear such a pointer. A Barry Switzer quote - which exposed such arrogant self-delusion and self-deception - was used to describe a past president: “Some people are born on third base but go through life thinking they hit a triple.”

There is not an ounce of justification for being proud of being Realized and allowing that to generate a false sense of separation from "the non-Realized." There is no difference, Absolutely (though there is most certainly a difference in the way that the relative unfolds).

Yet even that is no source of pride. While the man next door in the hospital was screaming and crying, calling for a steady stream of "religious and spiritual supporters" and receiving the Last Rites with all the accompanying prayers and ministrations but finding no comfort at all, "floyd" / Floyd was merely witnessing the entire process unfold.

Does that mean that "I" did it right and "he" did it all wrong? How could that conclusion possibly be drawn if there are no longer any dualistic beliefs? In all instances, the way it is is the way it is, and it took a chain of events - over which neither he nor I had any control - that left "him" howling in his bed and that left "me" resting silently in a bed next door.

Tomorrow: More on the way that some who come from the same background will cast off their prejudices, learned ignorance, and insanity while others cling to their prejudices, learned ignorance, and insanity in a way that is not unlike the way that professional sports players cling to their latest trophy and raise it high into the air, displaying it with pride ... feeling special ... feeling different from ... feeling better than. What self-deceiving nonsense, yes? Yet so it is, and through no choice of their own.

Please enter the silence of contemplation. (To be continued)

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