Tuesday, September 29, 2015

MAHARAJ: “There’s No Such Thing As Peace of Mind,” Part Y

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Today's Considerations

[This exchange followed yesterday's post:

Visitor: "I've been in a twelve step group for 3 years, 2 months, and 11 days as of today, and I want to say that we may not be perfect and we may not have the same rate of success as our founders did, but that's the way it is when there is no cure for the disease or illness you're dealing with but we're still helping people with the problem one day at a time and people who come here do stop drinking even if for a while and that's progress and that's our goal not perfection."

Reply: "Jean Sharon Abbott's doctors told her the same thing for thirty-three years: 'We're helping you. We're giving you the best treatment available for your disease. It's not curable, but if you stick with us, we'll at least keep you alive.' The problem with that: they did not know her real problem so they were treating symptoms instead of cause. And by buying into a treatment plan that was totally inappropriate and by listening to the doctors who were failing to treat her real problem, she was blocked from leaving that group and going somewhere else and finding the real cause and the real solution. That said, you'll continue to do what you do, trying to treat mental illness with spirituality. Been there, tried that. Did not work. Maharaj also, been there, tried that. Did not work. Yet those whom you convince that you know what they need will, as a result of believing you, likely never find the proper treatment for their actual problem which is mental and which involves personality disorders and neuroses and even psychoses. The craziest thing they did was not done while under the influence. The craziest thing they did was - even after their insane, multi-year history with alcohol - they begin drinking again . . . when stone-cold sober. See? There's no truth to your assumption that 'drunk equals crazy but not drunk equals sane.' Simply being 'not drunk' does not equate at all with being 'restored to sanity.' The booze was not the problem. Booze was what your members were using to try to treat their real problems which were totally mental. Treating symptoms rather than cause never helps anyone and cannot be consider real 'progress' by any stretch of the imagination. There is something worst than being the way people were when they were drunk. It is: still being that way but not drunk. Drunkenness might end, but craziness continues without proper treatment."]

To continue:

Though Maharaj came to understand that the main problems of humanity center in the mind - not in “a bad heart” or in “a sick soul” or in a “malady-plagued spirit” – he did not ignore the role played by assigned and / or assumed personality identifications in generating fighting and conflict and chaos (whether in a home, in an office, or on a global scale).

Why? For this simple reason: there can be no acceptance of personalities as actual identifications if there is no mind. If there is a mind, it will accept personalities as identifications. The two go hand-in-hand, so to speak.

In CHAPTER NINE (entitled “MIND” and PERSONALITY: What Cultures Consider “Assets” Are Actually “Liabilities,” Part Two) the mind-personality conundrum is discussed:

The results of a study of global mental illness by the World Health Organization and Harvard Medical School, as reported in The Journal of the American Medical Association, reveal that from 1% to 5% percent of the populations of most of the countries surveyed were suffering from serious mental illness. By contrast, estimates are that over 99% of the humans on earth suffer from one or more personality disorders.

[When seekers take the personality inventory test offered here in order for them to finally discover exactly what has really been unconsciously driving their thoughts and words and actions all of their lives, we go over the results via Skype or telephone. After that process, they come to understand that all nine of the basic personality types are showing up to one degree or another; then, they find which of the nine basic types specifically are exerting the greatest influence in their case. 

More relevant is the fact that all nine of the basic personality types - which all people have to one degree or another - have the potential to generate a variety of personality disorders. With most humans being highly-influenced by the subconscious agendas of at least five of those nine types, then most people have at least five disorders which they need to be aware of, need to acknowledge the presence and power of, need to discuss, and then need to be freed of by taking the proper steps to find the proper treatment. Sometimes that freedom can come by being guided through all seven steps which Maharaj used and which are now being used here; sometimes, other guidance might be needed.]

Thus, as Advaitin sages have taught for centuries, the relative existence problems of the planet are rooted in the coupling of mind / personality. Realization offers the opportunity to eliminate most of the problems of the planet since, statistically; they are rooted more in personality than in mental illness.

[That said, be aware of the fact that the only difference in personality disorders and insanity - which Maharaj said is a symptom of the Ultimate Sickness which almost all humans are suffering from – is only a matter of degree. All neuroses and psychoses begin as personality disorders which, when ignored, can result in persons disintegrating psychically and then developing grave mental disorders which can eventually disintegrate further into full-blown mental illness / insanity.]

When diagnosable mental health problems reach a level of seriousness that is labeled “clinical,” then a mental illness exists and professional intervention and treatment are indicated. Advaita cannot treat such conditions; however, those mental illnesses are very different from personality disorders, and personality disorders can be addressed and eliminated via the understanding that is attainable by way of the Advaita teachings. Psychiatrists and psychotherapists attempt to treat personality disorders as well as mental illnesses. Realization offers treatment only for personality disorders, serious though they may be.

Since personality disorders are far more common on planet earth than are mental illnesses, then a logical approach would involve this: when insane-type behavior is being observed, look first to determine if personality is inspiring the conduct in an effort to sustain an illusory self. Again, while the effects of personality on behavior often appear to involve some degree of mental illness—with persons certainly seeming to be totally insane at times—mental illness and personality disorders are different (by degree).

Consider: 59% of all women and 41% of all men who are killed in the U.S. annually will die during a "relationship breakup." Some speak of “temporary insanity” as a persona (such as “husband” or “wife” or “lover”) strikes out when a false identity feels threatened. Those crimes appear to be evidence of a mental illness, yet the stage for those murders is always set long before the murders happen. The murders happen as a result of acculturation whereby persons accept a culturally-assigned persona as a true identity, take it to define who they truly are, and are then willing to kill in an effort to protect a fictitious role assigned within their societies whenever that role / persona feels threatened.

That which is labeled “insanity” or “temporary insanity” in such cases is not actually a mental illness at all. The astronomical murder rate across the planet is more often a result of personality, not a result of clinical mental illness. Yet most people on the planet dismiss such conduct as “insane” or caused by "evil forces" while never being aware of the actual role that personality is playing.

Another reason that personality defects and mental illnesses are mistaken (one for the other) is because the same type of destructive or self-destructive tendencies can be triggered by either. It is true that mental illnesses and personality disorders both call for “treatment,” and the call should be an urgent one, but the effective treatments for those two conditions are quite different. Again, psychiatrists and psychotherapists attempt to treat both personality disorders and the mental illnesses which they can disintegrate into. Realization offers a treatment plan for personality disorders which, when serious enough, can generate insane thoughts and words and actions.

All but the truly insane, the too young, or the brain-damaged can Realize, though the power of faulty programming and conditioning etc. will prevent most persons from ever doing so. Most will remain trapped in personality for the entire period of manifestation. 

If Realization is to happen, some questions to be asked include, “What personas have you adopted and how powerful is their influence upon your behavior?" "When angry or hurt, WHO is feeling the anger or hurt?" "What persona is causing you to be miserable or to suffer or to generate conflict?" And "How is ego, and your assumption of ego-states as identities, driving you throughout each and every day, all day long?”
To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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