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MAHARAJ: “There’s No Such Thing As Peace of Mind,” Part AA

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Today's Considerations

It has been shown that medical misdiagnosis and medical malpractice run rampant all around the globe, the case of Jean Sharon Abbott being one of millions which happen annually. Yet her doctor's misdiagnosis was based in a total absence of any real evidence or factual basis: her MRIs and CAT scans didn’t show any symptoms of the disorder, but the self-proclaimed “expert” said that “she seemed like a textbook case."

Just because persons might show up at a place that treats pulmonary disease does not mean that their shortness of breath is not being caused by heart disease instead. Self-diagnoses are usually as erroneous as many so-called "professional" diagnoses, and for a lung doctor to conclude, "If you walk through my door, then you've definitely got a lung problem" is as insane as anyone else making that kind of statement to people who walk through their doors seeking help for whatever it is that is ailing them.

Yet people hear that and believe it, and that ends all opportunity for them to find the real cause of their problem(s). Abbott and her parents were so willing to believe what they were told by those who claimed that they knew what her problem was and knew how to treat it that - on the few occasions when other doctors were visited and Abbott expressed any doubt at all about her diagnosis and treatment - those other doctors stood by their peers and told Abbott and her parents that the group she was working with was the best and that they just needed “to keep going back,” “to follow the doctor's program exactly as instructed,” “to just do what you’re told to do,” and “to have faith in the process."

With her and her parents believing everything that they were told by those who presented themselves as “experts” in their field, Jean Sharon was subjected to procedures which any international tribunal looking into charges of misconduct by those running a corrupt, backwater prison would classify as “torture” and “human rights abuse”:

they cut on her body repeatedly; they gave her a “muscle transfer,” detaching the muscles from her hips and then reattaching them so her knees wouldn’t hit each other when she tried to walk; they restrained her in a full-body cast for a month; they cut her open and implanted a pump for medicine in her body; when something went wrong with the pump, she was over-medicated and overdosed.

It was not until she visited a doctor who specialized in such pumps and not until after that doctor reviewed Abbott’s file that Abbott was told that cerebral palsy was not her real problem at all.

That lone voice calling her out of the wilderness, the voice of a doctor who was not a part of the “inner circle” and not a part of the group deemed to be experts in what was ailing her, told Abbott that most of the symptoms she’d lived with her entire life – being spastic, suffering from cramping muscles, plagued by weakness, being subjected to one surgery after another, and being almost totally immobilized for over thirty years - could disappear with just a simple pill.

Yet how closed off can people be when they blindly accept the word of those who present themselves as experts? Recalling her first reaction to the words she heard that day, Abbott said: “I thought she was crazy, I really did. I wasn’t even going to fill the prescription.”

After some persuasion from her husband, Abbott did fill the prescription and took her medication. Three hours later, she felt a little bit stronger. When her husband went to help her stand up from a chair that day, she surprisingly didn’t need his assistance. Still, she didn’t give much credibility to the alternative treatment.

A day later, she was waiting for her children in a parking lot. Her husband had gone inside a building to get the children, and Abbott feared her legs wouldn’t support her on her own while she waited, but she was fine.“I hadn’t stood without help for a decade,” she said. “It was at that moment I realized the medication was working and my life had changed.”

It wasn’t long before the earlier misdiagnosis was confirmed. Abbott was told that as long as she took the prescribed medication, she’d continue to live with only minimal symptoms. A so-called "expert's" misdiagnosis had led to countless unnecessary procedures, three decades of near immobility, and untold pain and misery and suffering.

Is that example only about the misdiagnosis of cerebral palsy, or does it mirror what is happening with billions of persons all around the globe? Not only are medical misdiagnoses and medical malpractice running rampant, but psychological misdiagnoses and psychological malpractice are running rampant as well.

There are those who conclude that persons who are actually suffering from personality disorders or neuroses or psychoses are instead behaving the way they are behaving because they are “evil” or “immoral” or because they are being punished or because they cannot be blessed because they are “immoral and need to change and become godly.”

There are those who are told that their failed relationships and inability to keep a job and their speeding tickets and their accidents are a result of the substance which they are abusing (in order to try to address the effects of an illness which is actually rooted in psychological causes).

There are also persons who are trying to use a certain set of teachings to escape or dissociate from a miserable relative existence and who are being told that they can be freed of their misery if they will “read and study a group’s literature”; if they will “read and study this or that ancient, holy book”; if they will visit “holy sites and absorbed the positive energy there”;

if they will “visit holy men / women and do whatever they advise”; if they will “join a religious group or a spiritual group and learn from the people there”; if they will build a library of books written by 'Big Name Teachers' and “read those daily”; if they will “simply sit still for fifteen minutes before leaving their home each day”; or if they “will pray to a god or gods for healing and peace.”

What has been witnessed here throughout the sixty-eight years during which this composite unity has been observing all of the supposed experts as well as the people who are listening to them? Their results, for the most part, have been nil, and that applies as well to the results of the methods used early on by Maharaj and early on by “Floyd.”

Similar to the case with Abbott's medical problem, most persons on the planet nowadays have also been seen to have been offered a religious or spiritual misdiagnosis; have been seen to have been trapped by the philosophical or ideological types of malpractice which now run rampant; have been seen to have been convinced that they are suffering one problem or another though there is a total absence of any real evidence or factual basis to the diagnosis they have accepted; 

have been seen to have accepted the words of so-called “experts” who are basing their diagnosis in the notion that one “seems like a textbook case”; have been observed to believe it when they are told that all they need to do is “to keep coming back to get more of what we can offer,” “to just do what they’re told to do,” and “to have faith”; have been seen to be continuing to live “torturous” lives because their real problem has not been addressed;

have been seen to have ended up immobilized and restrained, going through life as if they are now one of those “Night of the Living Dead” type zombies, walking about nowadays in a sleep-like state and following their leaders like sheep that are going over a cliff; and have been seen to be ignoring the lone voice that is trying to call them out of the wilderness and is telling them that there is a far more effective way to address their true problems.

One person said of Jean Sharon Abbott that “she lived more than three decades trapped inside her own body.” What has been seen here are persons who have lived for more than three decades trapped inside their minds, trapped inside their assigned or assumed personalities, and trapped in the guaranteed misery and suffering which both of those will always generate.

And what has also been seen are thousands upon thousands of persons who are claiming that this or that religious or spiritual or ideological or philosophical plan or program (or some church or temple or mosque or synagogue) has “saved their lives” and “restored them to sanity and peace” although they are still as self-defeating and self-destructive as ever, even while claiming to be sane.

What has been seen are those who are still despondent and gloomy and numb and bored but who are now claiming to be happy and even joyous. What has been seen are those who claim that they are finally free but who are now totally dependent on other things and other people. What has been seen are persons claiming "finally to be completely in touch with reality / Reality" but who are actually subsumed in escapism and avoidance and dissociation and who are now living in Foo Foo Land.

How insane is it for persons to claim to have been restored to sanity even though they are still behaving insanely? How insane is it to claim one is happy when one is obviously depressed and miserable? How insane is it for persons trapped in the prison of their minds to claim that they are free?

The invitation is to be certain that Jean Sharon Abbott’s thirty-three-year experience does not become yours. The invitation is to look objectively at the actual results of  those who are offering you a solution to your problem and then see if what they are offering is truly effective, both for those they have dealt with in the past and for you right now.

Then see that there is no “good vs. evil” duality. There is merely dual-mindedness, just as a man said 2000 years ago after he left organized religion and began sharing non-dual pointers during the last three years of his relative existence. He said: “A dual-minded person is unstable in all ways.”

He did not say, “Those who do not continue with the religion I left - or with some other religion - are going to be unstable in all ways.”

He did not say, “Those who are not spiritual are going to be unstable in all ways.”

He did not say, “Those who are not philosophical are going to be unstable in all ways.”

He did not say, “Those who are not ideological fanatics are going to be unstable in all ways.”

He pinned all instability on “the mind.”

If whatever you might be involved with does not free you of the mind, then all of their efforts and all of your efforts and all of your time and money will be for naught.

The problems of humanity are rooted solely in the mind, so as far as “progress rather than perfection” goes, one is either perfectly sane or not sane at all. The is no being a little pregnant, and there is no being a little free of learned ignorance, a little free of insanity, or being a little free of the effects of ignorant and insane programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and brainwashing and indoctrination.

As one cartoon character who was watched during childhood used to say, “Either you is . . . or you ain’t. There ain’t no ‘in-between’.”

As for, “Well, I’m not well but I’m doing better than I was,” the invitation is to ask, “Who programmed and conditioned you to find that acceptable?” “What belief system is driving you to settle for that rather than continuing to seek a second or third or fourth opinion until you find what really ails you and what can really address that?” And “Why are you going along with the masses rather than listening for a lone voice that is trying to call you out of the wilderness?”

The word “wilderness” originally referred to “a place to pass through.” Is the program or organization or entity you’re a part of inviting you to pass though, or are they telling you that "you must stay there forever”? Are they teaching you, or un-teaching you? 

Are they telling you that "you must believe what they believe," or are they inviting you to be free of all of your beliefs which are the actual source of your problems? Are they telling you that "you must forever learn more and more," or are they explaining that – since the content of the mind is the root of all human problems – you might consider un-learning it all?
To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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