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MAHARAJ: “There’s No Such Thing As Peace of Mind” (Especially When a Mind is Packed Full of False Personality Identifications) Part Five

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Today's Considerations

For thousands of years, pointers offered by sages have emphasized that mind / personality identifications should end, and that pointer is as relevant today as it has been for all those millennia. Why?

Because all persons today have a combination of the nine basic personality types; because all of those types have separate, subconscious agendas; and because the types in combination will be the prime determiner of every human’s thoughts and words and actions. For  humans to fail to understand those nine basic types and their influence renders them clueless, devoid of any clue at all about why they really think what they think; about why they cannot stop their incessant and peace-interrupting thinking; about why they say what they say; about why they feel or emote the way they do; and about why they behave the way they behave.

Part of “realization” involves realizing all of that.   

Of the nine types, only one – the Type Four – will have a primary interest in finding authenticity, in following a “path” to its end, in realizing fully in order to be freed of the effects of learned ignorance and culturally-imposed insanity, and in being totally independent and free. The rub: Fours only comprise ½ of 1% of the planet’s population. So, can only Type Fours realize?

No. While Fours have a “head start” in the process, anyone can join them in the process because all persons have at least a speck of the Type Four in them. Yet what a challenge for so many to develop fully the Four’s natural tendency to question authority and to cast aside all of the beliefs imposed by family and friends and relatives and societies. Consider what so many are up against:

Type Sixes make up 50% of the planet’s population, and they are wired to never question authorities (be that authority a god, a judge, a parent, a teacher, a religious leader, the government, or the boss). So attached are they to power figures and authority figures that they they give unquestioning support to the military, to the police, to religion, etc.

[Relevant to Type Sixes is Michael Korda’s observation that “our system of education teaches us to put our faith in something else - a corporation, a marriage, a trade, a profession, a religion, politics, something, one might almost say anything - which offers us a set of rules we can obey and rewards us for obedience to them. It’s safer to be a domestic animal than a wild one.”]

The enneagram institute explains: “For Sixes, security comes from a rock-of-ages allegiance and an investment of themselves in something outside themselves which they believe will give them stability and safety. Sixes want to feel protected and secure by having something bigger and more powerful than they to guide them.”

So 50% right off the bat are not likely to ever develop a willingness to cultivate a Type Four’s ability to question authorities and to question everything they have been told, all of which the masses have filed away in their minds because of blind faith alone.

Then there are those such as the Type One (Perfectionists) and the Type Three (Performers) and the Type Seven (Adventurers / Addicts) who are all about image. They care little about authenticity, preferring form over substance.

Add in the types that prefer to avoid (unhealthy Fours and Fives) and who prefer to escape (unhealthy Fours and Sevens) and who prefer to dissociate (Nines) and add in the Twos (who want everyone to love them) and add in the Eights (who have no motivation at all to change themselves – their false self / selves  – and to change the way they are functioning), and then the result is this: 99.5% will likely never take a Four-style stance which can lead to their rejecting and eliminating all of the nonsense and baseless beliefs which they have been taught . . . and continue to believe . . . and will likely always believe until the end of their relative existence.

And if there is no willingness to cultivate the Four’s ability to question and to rebel against learned ignorance and culturally-imposed insanity? Then the alternative will be living like a mouse, trapped in their masters’ box, programmed and conditioned to hit the right lever in order to get the next pellet. What a relative existence, yes? Hit the lever; get a pellet . . . hit the lever; get a pellet . . . hit the lever; get a pellet . . . and then . . . "die."

Yet the process of realizing really could be so simple for all who are not totally lost in ignorance and / or insanity. There is no requirement to “become a Four” or to try to find “The Authentic Self” (or any other kind of “Special Self”). There is but a requirement to seek authenticity, period; to seek total freedom, period; to seek the Ultimate Medicine to treat what is really ailing the billions who are suffering from what Maharaj called “the ignorance and insanity” of the Ultimate Sickness.

That can only happen if Types One through Three and Types Five through Nine are willing to join Type Fours by acquiring an efficient, internal BS detector; by developing a willingness to call BS exactly what it is; and by cultivating a willingness to reject all BS, period.

The problem in that regard:

Type One perfectionists call BS on everyone who refuses to think and talk and behave as they do.

 Type Two helpers / saviors call BS on everyone who refuses to appreciate what the Two does for them and refuses to give the Twos as much love as they want.

Type Three performers call BS on everyone who refuses to admire them and applaud them.

Type Five knowledge accumulators call BS on everyone who refuses to admire them for all of the knowledge they have gained.

Type Six loyalists call BS on everyone who questions authority.

Type Seven adventurers / addicts call BS on everyone who questions their addiction and irresponsibility.

Type Eight controllers call BS on everyone who refuses to obey them.

Type Nines – the selfish guardians of their own inner peace - call BS on everyone who interferes with their desire to dissociate and avoid.

For a process which – as Maharaj said – could be so simple, the most common case is this: because mind and personality identifications are typically at play, then there is likely nothing more complicated and inaccessible to the mind-and-personality-driven masses than the realization / restoration-to-sanity process.

So it is, yet so it need not be.
To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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