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MAHARAJ: “There’s No Such Thing As Peace of Mind,” Part FF

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Today's Considerations

Earlier, this was shared:

Regarding the mess called “the content of the mind,” Maharaj said, “You are wrapped up and lost in your concepts.”  

As a result, people “lose” themselves either in obsessing over getting into a relationship or, if in one, obsessing over getting out of it; they “lose” themselves when their desire to stay in a relationship drives them to abandon authenticity and to mirror their partners' thoughts and words and actions in order to "keep their partners happy" . . . 

which is what Maharaj did for years until authenticity began to prevail and moved him farther and farther away from Hinduism even as his wife’s nagging him about that shift increased in proportion to his abandonment of religion and his abandonment of offering a religious / non-dual combination message. After she died, it was his friends who continued the nagging, nagging him to remarry. When he told them one day that he was married, they looked puzzled. He added, “I am married to freedom.”

Persons who are “lost in their concepts” can also eventually “lose” themselves in their religion; or they will “lose” themselves in their spiritual practices; or they will “lose” themselves in one philosophy or another; or they will “lose” themselves in some ideology or another; 

or they will “lose” themselves in one movement or another; or they will “lose” themselves in their seeking activities; or they will “lose” themselves in their meetings; or they will “lose” themselves in their “program” or in some other cult-style group; or they will “lose” themselves in trying to reform the world;

or they will “lose” themselves in trying to save others; or they will “lose” themselves in their belief systems; or they will “lose” themselves in their children’s lives; or they will “lose” themselves in trying to spread their values; or they will “lose” themselves in their jobs; or they will “lose” themselves in booze or drugs; 

or they will “lose” themselves in their “Supreme Identity”; or they will “lose” themselves in some version of “Another Supreme Realm”; or they will “lose" themselves in escapism and avoidance and dissociation; or they will "lose" themselves in “Foo Foo Land,” “Crazy Town,” “Bizarro World,” their version of “The Absolute Out There Somewhere,” “The Realm of THAT-ness,” “A Place Apart From Rather Than A Part Of,” ad infinitum.

In fact, once “lost in their concepts,” there will be no end to how many other things persons will become lost in, because at that point, the Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder takes over and determines all thoughts and words and actions, and thereafter the obsessive mind will never stop churning out thoughts or becoming hung up on one thought. That is why Maharaj said, “There is no such thing as peace of mind.”

Just as the consciousness automatically comes with a desire for continuity, so the mind – once filled with nonsense and ignorance and insanity as a result of nonsensical and ignorant and insane programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and brainwashing and indoctrination – will automatically churn and grind and agitate and whip up and stir up and disturb and constantly protest about this and advocate for that.

Brainwashing makes the mind work just like a washing machine: soiled things are collected and dumped inside it and then an agitator starts stirring things up. The only difference? A high-end washing machine will have a dispenser which will – at the ideal time – drop in a cleaning or purifying agent and the content in the ever-turning drum will be cleansed. The problem with the mind is that soiled elements, rather than cleaning agents, are constantly being dropped in, so nothing is ever cleaned or purified or cleansed. To the contrary, whatever is put in becomes so ruined that it must be discarded.

Now Svami Prabhupada spoke of contaminated consciousness in the introduction to his translation of the Bhagavad-Gita when he wrote:

“One cannot say anything about the transcendental world without being free from materially contaminated consciousness. Our consciousness, at the present moment . . . is materially contaminated. The Bhagavad-gita teaches that we have to purify this materially contaminated consciousness. The activities of the devotee or of the Lord are not contaminated by impure consciousness or matter. We should know, however, that at this point our consciousness is contaminated.”

Here, as with Maharaj, the eventual understanding is that the conscious-energy does not become contaminated but instead becomes blocked. If one puts on a pair of glasses with lenses that have been coated with black paint, then nothing will be seen. What might have been seen earlier has not disappeared; the eyes have not lost their ability to see clearly; instead, what has happened is that something have been put in between the “seeing instrument” and what would be seen.

With the consciousness, what is put between (a) that “seeing instrument” called consciousness and (b) what would be seen is . . . a mind; moreover, the blockages in the mind will then interrupt the ability to see clearly as well as to understand as well as to be able to listen to words said and witness actions taken and then see clearly enough to be able to differentiate true from false. And the blockages are . . . ?

They are thoughts and perceptions and views and perspectives and concepts and ideas and notions and impressions and distorted memories and theories and hypotheses (all of which amount to “one’s beliefs” or to one’s “belief systems”).

No one who has ever taken the Personality Inventory Test which is offered here in order to determine which of the nine basic personality types are exerting the greatest, subconscious influence and which are controlling all of their thoughts and words and actions has ever scored a “0” in their Personality Type One rate. The Type One score can measure the presence of the Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder and can show the exact degree to which it is subconsciously driving thoughts and words and deeds and the exact degree to which that disorder is producing an ever-churning, agitating mind.

Be a person a religious fanatic, a spiritual fanatic, a non-dual fanatic, a philosophical fanatic, an ideological fanatic, a clothes and shopping fanatic, a fanatic over alcohol or drugs, a work fanatic, a recovery fanatic or any other kind of fanatic, their key drivers are their personalities and their accompanying personality disorders.

The very thing - the very disorder - which inspired them to seek obsessively for relief and for freedom and for peace will almost always be used by others to inspire them to allow their fanaticism to continue to run wild, only along different avenues.

As in so many other cases, the speeding can go on for a while, but a crash will inevitably happen at some point, as reported in these recent headlines:

ORANGE, CA (KABC) - A motorcyclist was killed after losing control and crashing into a pole at Katella Avenue and Batavia Street during a high-speed chase in Orange Friday morning.

NEW YORK CITY - A 28-year-old Brooklyn man died early Friday in a motorcycle crash after being pursued by state police onto New Hempstead Road, according to a news release issued Monday.

SAN FERNANDO, CA. - A shooting suspect fleeing police died after crashing his motorcycle into a fire hydrant in San Fernando early Wednesday morning.

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) - A man was killed when he crashed his motorcycle during a high-speed chase.

Sometimes, however, the crash that comes is not so dramatic. Sometimes the crash involves being trapped in routine so much that unrecognized levels of boredom and depression set in; sometimes numbness sets in; sometimes a sense of deadness sets in; sometimes a lack of feeling sets in; sometimes a lack of sensation sets in. All of that is still a form of "death," but it's a warped version of death called "death-in-life."

The experiences of persons are always driven to one degree or another by their obsessive minds and by their subsequent compulsive behaviors which always eventually follow. Thus:

Ad infinitum (or Ad a mind churning infinitum) = Ad impulsīvus (or Ad going-doing-zooming infinitum) = Ad suicidium (or Ad dead-to-the-joys-of-relaxing infinitum).

Now, the blog will be posted and I will be done for the next twenty-four hours with anything and everything to do with non-duality.

To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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And what are those ideas, notions, concepts, etc. called, collectively? "Their beliefs." The irony? They are not their beliefs at all. They are the beliefs of “others” that were set in place via programming, conditioning, etc. and which persons then think are their own.

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