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MAHARAJ: “I Talk to You from the Perspective of the Universal Consciousness,” Part Thirty-Four

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Today's Considerations 

So this was asked: “Why, therefore” is the concept of God is so attractive and pretty-much universally-accepted in spite of the fact that ‘A God Spot’ is just one of the thousands of bogus concepts of dreamed-up by persons who are attuned to astrology and ancient traditions and myths and superstitions and magic and all of the stuff rooted in ancient, pagan sky cults?”

And why is the concept of “A Creator” so popular when a fourth grade student is taught that all is matter / energy and neither matter nor energy can be created or destroyed (and thus there being no way that any creator or Creator can exist?)

To review reasons 1-4:

Reason #1: Maharaj: “"First of all you identify something as being good or bad for yourself. Then, in an effort to acquire good or to get rid of the bad, you have invented a God. Then you worship such a God and ... you pray to that God for something good to happen to you."

Reason #2: Just as no child is intuitively driven by “A Santa Claus Spot” to believe in Santa Claus, no child is intuitively driven by “A God Spot” to believe in God.

Reason #3: Programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and indoctrination and brainwashing.

Reason#4: There’s always a perceived payoff, including a clean slate followed by the ability to start over doing whatever one wants and then get the slate cleaned again after that, ad infinitum.

To continue:

Reason #5: Status in the community

Reason #6: Reinforcement of a sense of better-than-ment

Reason #7: Admiration

Reason #8: Praise

Reason #9: Acceptance and approval from parents, relatives, friends, society

Reason #10: Rewards and “blessings” now

Reason #11: Rewards and “blessings” later

Reason #12: Eternity in a paradise / eternal bliss / eternity in a celestial brothel, whatever

Reason #13: The avoidance of punishment now

Reason #14: The avoidance of punishment later

And the requirement for the continuation of believing that those reasons make sense is the continuation of a warped perspective which set one up to buy into such concepts in the first place.

A clear and proper perspective can only come post-Realization, but it does not actually come in all of the cases of Realization that are claimed. Prior to Realization, there is no distortion-free perspective at all. In a relative existence which is marked by duality, the things considered to be "good things" are totally blown out of perspective, so there will be talk of "the most wonderful thing that has just happened" or talk of "the most wonderful person that I met that I feel I'd like to spend a lifetime with" or reporting that "the new person I'm dating and I tried to write a pro-con list about each other, but we both found only pro's and not a single con." Distortion. Distortion. Distortion.

Conversely, the things considered to be "bad things" among those lacking clear perspective are totally blown out of proportion and then there is talk of "the worst thing in my life just happened." Distortion and instability and fluctuation and even chaos become the abnormal "norm" in the absence of clear perspective. Those with no clear perspective abide forever at the extremes of duality rather than within the envelope of stability and sanity and logic and reason.

Furthermore, those who only complete two of the three legs on "the Advaita / Nisargan journey" have no clear perspective either, believing that - since they completed the second, going-back-out leg as described by Maharaj - they have now "moved into the Absolute." 

They stop there rather than having followed "in reverse the path by which they came" and then having "come back" to the relative while staying in touch with Reality (a.k.a., "THAT") and in touch with reality (a.k.a., the realities of the AM-ness). 

It is also to be understood that perspective in some ways is a combination of art and science.

(Recall that Maharaj said that someday science would advance far enough that it would support all of the non-dual teachings. Science is one antidote for the absence of perspective. If one does not understand (or rejects) science, then one in such a state of ignorance might claim that a hurricane hit a particular city because of the negative karma of the people there; or one trapped in ignorance might offer a distorted, no-accurate-perspective-no-science-involved view that natural events - tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes which create havoc in coastal regions - are "signs from God" that the people punished thusly better change their ways.)

As Maharaj noted, science and facts are at the core of the light-bringing understanding that non-duality offers, science being a part of what some Realized teachers use to support the "philosophical," non-dual pointers that they offer.


Some definitions of perspective were mentioned early on with a note that they would later be discussed in more detail. The following are now offered for consideration:

Perspective can be seen as a combination of "the art and the science of so delineating all that is witnessed in order that all shall seem to grow smaller when receding from the eye." (Molehills, therefore, are no longer mistaken for mountains.)

Perspective is "a way of regarding situations, facts, happenings, etc, and judging their relative importance accurately" (concluding usually that they are all much ado about nothing);

perspective is "the proper or accurate point of view" or "the ability to see objectively and sanely and wisely";

perspective is "a particular way of viewing things in a manner that is always diametrically opposite of the way that the masses view things"; and

it is "a 'point of view' that is taken from a particular or unique vantage point."

Among the Realized, that "vantage point" is the platform of Pure Witnessing. From there, all can be viewed in proper perspective. If something is in perspective, it is considered as only a small part of a complete situation so that one has an accurate understanding of it and is no longer "fooled" or "foolish" or "a fool." (And only if the functioning of the totality is understood can the "complete situation" be viewed in proper and accurate perspective.) 

Where the Nisargan (Natural) Yoga understanding has been combined with Full Realization, then the following perspectives have happened with some few on the planet:

a. natural events are understood to be natural events, not supernatural events that are used by some "power from another world to send signs or messages by way of disasters"; and

b. natural events are not believed to be tools used by some "accountant-type power in the universe" who (or that) keeps track of every human's activities on an other-worldly balance sheet and who tracks which people are doing "good things" and which people are doing "bad things" and to whom "disasters must therefore be sent in order to re-balance the karmic energy in the universe."

The perspective here is that such magical thinking is evidence of ignorance, or insanity, or a desire to employ a shrewd means for manipulating and controlling people, or all three.

The perspective here is that there is no difference at all in Human Form "A" and Human Form "B" or in "Speck of Conscious-Energy 'C'" and "Speck of Conscious-Energy 'D'"; yet there is no denying that

. . . there is a major difference in the way that the relative existence plays out for the Realized that are abiding naturally - as their original nature - vs. the way that the relative existence plays out for those who are trapped in ignorance and darkness and who are being driven by their distorted perspectives (including the non-Realized masses as well as many of the non-Realized persons who are claiming to be Realized).
To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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