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MAHARAJ: “Lightment” vs. Enlightenment, Part “JJJJ”

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Philosophy can be quite “deep” (and, therefore,) quite “heavy” at times: 

“What is the purpose and meaning of life?” 

“Why are we here?” 

“Why am I here?” 

“Who am I, anyway?” 

“Is the universe real or it is just something imagined?” 

“Looking at the vastness of the universe and space, I wonder why in the midst of all of the things out there, there is really even more nothingness?” 

“In fact, why is there something at all rather than nothing?” 

Eventually, organized religion came along and for over 5000 years, religious leaders have claimed to have the answers to such questions (except when they don’t “because God works in mysterious ways”); thus, they explain: 

“Everything happens for a reason” (so there is Something / Some One in charge who is controlling everything and allowing some things to happen and not allowing others things to happen).

“So, do we have free will, or is there some kind of determinism at play, or do we not have free will, or is there a combination of some free will at play though – simultaneously - everything ultimately is ‘God’s will’ and we and all events on earth are being controlled by some Power or Powers residing in another world but controlling everything that happens in this world?” 

“So do gods and goddesses or ‘One True God’ exist or not, and if there is One True God, why hasn’t He shown Himself at least one time to end – once and for all – any and every doubt about His existence? I mean, what’s His big hang-up with ‘faith’?” 

“Is there life after death, and – if so – is there one “birth-life-death-afterlife sequence, or are there many sequences?” 

“What is the single best moral code of conduct which everyone should follow, and what is the best set of religious practices and beliefs? Should I knell or not, chant or not, roll on the floor or not, speak in unknown tongues or not, eat real body and blood or just eat pretend body and blood? Should I smell smoke or not, have special water tossed on me or not, play bingo or not, drink wine or not, dance or not, cut my hair or not, wash the feet of others or not, tolerate our priests having sex with children or not, kill members of other religions or not, and drink the Kool-Aid or not?” 

Then other persons come along who think that there is a higher plane than the religious plane and that it is not dogma which should be understood but there are, instead, a host of more lofty and towering and elevated and grand and noble and exalted concepts to be understood which can help persons realize that they are Something Supreme or that they are actually a Higher Self than they have understood all along and that there are spiritual exercises which should be done regularly in place of activities which are merely “religious” in nature.” 

Ah yes, oh so deep. Oh so weighty. Oh so important. Oh so significant. Oh so vital. Oh so imperative. Oh so central. Oh so essential. Oh so critical. Oh so crucial. 

Oh how truly of great consequence. Oh how truly of great magnitude. Oh how worthy. Oh how eminent. Oh how heavy. Or – on the other hand - might this conclusion more accurately apply: “Oh what a total crock of BS!”? Or this one: "What a bunch of much ado about nothing that all is!"

In “The Child Ignorance Stage” or “The Child No-Knowing State,” how much of that ever comes into consciousness? None. How much is any of that is ever considered? None. And how consequential is any of that to a child? None. With a child, none of that ever comes into consciousness and none of that is ever considered? A child is merely being, not being this or being that, so a child is not burdened with having to find answers to dreamed up questions that are deep and heavy. 

In February of 2014, visitors to this site were first introduced to Kayden, a young girl who was enjoying her first experience with rainfall. If interested, join the hundreds of thousands who have watched Kayden as she plays in the rain for the first time and enjoys herself immensely. See what unconditional happiness looks like, and then try to recall the last time you honestly and truly experienced that degree of joy and abandon which comes with unconditional happiness:

Next, notice that Kayden did not put off experiencing her pleasure and joy and happiness until she found the answers to those questions: “Before I play in the rain, will you please explain first what rain is and how it forms and where it comes from and what its purpose is and what the meaning of rainfall is?” 

And she did not ask, “How can I become the most knowledgeable person on the planet when it comes to weather conditions and cloud formations and constantly changing cycles of heat and cold and dryness and wetness and fronts and high's and low's and storms and hurricanes or typhoons?” 

“And explain first why hurricanes go where they go and strike the lands that they strike and the people whom they strike. And is it possible that such devastating storms are being used by Punishing Powers in other worlds to kill people with bad karma or who are just very bad people?” 

None of that happened. What did happen was this: 

Kayden simply enjoyed a relative event happening as a part of her relative existence. She enjoyed feeling a sense of lightness and joy rather than than heaviness and doom. Why was that possible for her? 

Because she had not yet been confused and had not yet been strapped with a sense of heaviness. She had not yet been programmed to believe that she needed to reform the world; or needed to help needy people in order to get the love she did not get early on from an absentee or "emotionally-unavailable" father; or needed to perform in order to get applause and affirmation; and did not need to escape reality and did not need to know it all; 

and did not need someone to be dependent and co-dependent with in order to get someone to take care of her instead of her taking care of herself; and did not need to develop addictions because she had no coping skills; and did not need to become a control freak and abuse others after having been abused; and did not need to try to avoid and deny and dodge relative responsibilities and reality. All of that comes with personality identifications.

More specifically, all of that comes because every child develops to varying degrees the nine basic personality types; and all of those types manifest after children are taught that they really are the scores of roles which they are assigned and will assume; and all of those false identities come when a no-concept, no thought, no-mind period of peace ends because children are taught thousands of concepts and beliefs which will cause a mind to form, after which that mind will generate an endless stream of deep and heavy thoughts which end up sounding like the chatter of a thousand monkeys between one’s ears. 

Kayden in the rainfall verbalized nothing, asked nothing, understood nothing, questioned nothing, and tried to figure out nothing. She was free of all of that, and only if free of all of that can anyone be free at all. 

A friend of my daughter Ashley sent to her a video clip of the friend’s daughter saying hello to Ashley. It went like this: 

The mom: “Say ‘hi’ to Ashley.” 

The child: “Uh ouh, Ah e.” 

The mom: “Close enough.” [Send] 

Yet how many anal, uptight parents can’t accept anything short of perfection? How many - instead of saying, “Close enough” - say, “No! That’s not what I said. I told you to say, ‘Hell. O. Ash. Ley’? Now try it again. We’re going to do this over and over until you get it right?” 

Pity the persons who end up marrying the resulting anal, uptight, critical, OC-D perfectionists who are “produced” by such parenting. 

The Direct Path Method, if used in conjunction with the Nisarga (Natural) Yoga, combine to offer an invitation to be rid of all of the effects of programming, conditioning, etc. and then relax and take it easy. Stop hating. Stop controlling. Stop abusing. Stop killing. Stop accepting unquestioningly the concepts and beliefs which were adopted in the vacuum generated by blind faith. Lighten up. 

Of course, those are just suggestions. 

More tomorrow on becoming “Something” instead of merely enjoying the nothingness, the identity-less-ness, the non-deep-ness, the non-heaviness. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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