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MAHARAJ: “Lightment” vs. Enlightenment, Part “SSSS," THE CONCLUSION

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Maharaj once said that, someday, science would advance to the point where it would substantiate the accuracy of the teachings which "the realized" have understood intuitively throughout the ages. That has happened in terms of pointers that deal with such science-supported teachings as those regarding the beginninglessness, the creation-less-ness, the creator-less-ness, beingness, non-beingness and that which is beyond; 

including consciousness and cycling (vs. timelines); and including limitlessness and infinite cause and all of the other related pointers. Maharaj could have also said that psychology - based in the scientific method - would also advance to the point where it would substantiate the accuracy of the teachings which "the realized" have shared throughout the ages regarding "the mind" and "personality"; 

including the warping effects of programming and conditioning and acculturation and domestication and indoctrination and brainwashing; including the link between personality-assumption and the manifestation of baseless fears and abnormal desires; including the acceptance of distortions and illusions as reality; and including the roots of personality disorders and ignorance and insanity as well as the many other pointers offered for thousands of years in regards to the debilitating results of "mind-and-personality-identification." 

To emphasize why sages have long recommended to seekers that they "go back" and "return by the same path by which you came, only in reverse," the effects of not returning to "the Child Ignorance Stage" or "the Child no-Knowing State" will be reviewed:

To remain trapped in personality - in accepting false ego-states as identifications - is to inspire the subconscious use of ego-defense mechanisms. The results of the use of ego-defense mechanisms include: egotism, narcissism, self-centeredness, selfishness, and self-absorption; insensitive and pathological behavior; and putting a "spin" on one's behavior or the behavior of another in order to justify and to distort reality; 

 a preoccupation with knowledge-gathering and knowledge-sharing and intellectualization which can reinforce egotism and which can block one from feeling or which can inspire the displacement of feelings; the refusal to accept reality or facts; losing track of time, daydreaming, and finding another representation of self in order to avoid facing reality; projecting one's own negative traits or flaws and assigning them to someone else; 

and reverting to an earlier stage of development in the face of uncomfortable thoughts or impulses; repression which results in unconsciously blocking thoughts, feelings, and impulses; compensating and over-compensating in order to try to counter-balance perceived weaknesses by exaggerating perceived "strengths"; 

manipulation, excessive assertiveness and aggressiveness; trying to redirect or channel impulses or emotions or feeling or behaviors deemed unacceptable by one's culture rather than addressing their cause and seeking treatment; and constantly upgrading and downgrading persons and self. 

Furthermore, to remain trapped in personality - in accepting false ego-states as identifications - is to set the stage for the development of personality disorders, neuroses, and even psychoses. The results of personality disorders can include: the normalization of the abnormal; self-deception; an obsession with self-image; an inflated sense of self-worth; self-defeating behavior and self-destructive behavior; 

anxiety; fear, obsessive thinking; compulsive behaviors; depression, feelings of dejection, and joylessness; a sense of inadequacy and worthlessness; brooding or worry and a sense of remorse and / or guilt; neediness; a low tolerance for frustration or challenges; weak coping skills; self-infliction of wounds and self-mutilation and even self-destruction; passive-aggressive behaviors; 

procrastination; avoidance and isolation; hoarding; hyper-vigilance; rigidity; judgmentalism; mood swings alternating from major depression or clinical depression to mania or extreme elation; sleeplessness; hallucinating; delusions; paranoia; raging; 

and an inability to function in work or social or familial situations; sociopathic or pathological and criminal conduct; dissociation from reality; dependence and co-dependence; masochistic and / or sadistic thoughts and behaviors; addictions; emotional intoxication; instability; and an attachment to chaos. 

And that is only the beginning of the list of "negative effects" (relatively speaking) of attachment to personality / personalities and the resultant disorders that manifest. In so many cases, all of that could disappear with the completion of only about 60% of the steps on the non-duality "path," substantiating the earlier pointer that completion of even four of the seven steps is worthwhile, relatively speaking. Again, to review, consider: 

1. How different would your relative existence have been if you had never fallen under the influence of those persons who are versed in the assumption and maintenance of false identities? 

2. How different would your relative existence have been if you had never been fooled by those who have made an art form of using pretense, cover-up, deception, disguise, posing, impersonating, pretending, concealing, scheming, plotting and masquerading in order to manipulate and control and fulfill the desires of their egos and satisfy their egotism? 

3. More significantly (because you cross paths with those types on occasion but are with "yourself" 24 / 7), how different would your relative existence have been if you had never fallen under the influence of assumed but false identities? 

4. Even more significantly (because you cross paths with those types on occasion but are with "yourself" 24 / 7), how different would your relative existence have been if "they" had never fooled you and if you had never been driven to fool yourself and / or others by making use (often unconsciously and sometimes consciously) of pretense, cover-up, deception, disguise, posing, impersonating, pretending, concealing, scheming, plotting and masquerading in order to manipulate and control and in order to fulfill the desires of your assumed egos and to satisfy the egotism that always accompanies ego-state assumption? 

The Realized poet / songwriter John Lennon invited the masses to "imagine." The focus here is to witness Reality - to witness what actually IS and to see all exactly as it IS; however, for the sake of possibly expanding the understanding of the relative effects of reaching the Child No-Knowing Stage, why not try to imagine . . . if only for a moment . . . 

a. how different the relative existence would have been for you and 

b. how different it could be for you starting right now and 

c. how different it could be for all on the entire planet, if the correct answers to questions 1-4 above provided a new level of clarity, of perceiving accurately, of logic, of rationality, of reason, of genuineness, of authenticity, of non-duality, of Loving. 

The fact is, as Maharaj stated, few will ever "Realize Fully," but imagine how different your relative existence could be - starting right now - if you commit to transitioning beyond all role-playing (including any and all of the so-called "good" roles you've been assigned or have assumed and including all such false identities in that "good identity group" such as . . . "The Super Religious One," "The Spiritual Giant," "The Most Earnest Seeker of All," 

"The Truly Realized One," "The Knower," "The Wise One," "The Super Advaitin," "The Super Buddhist," "The Super Christian," "The Super Jew," "The Super Muslim," "The Super Ideologue," "The Super Taoist," "The Super Native American," "The Member of the Super Race," "The Citizen of the Number One Town," or "The Citizen of the Best State" or "The Citizen of the Greatest Nation," ad infinitum, ad nauseum.) 

So what will the relative existence be like if one does return to the "The Child Ignorance Stage" or "The Child No-Knowing State"? 

1. The abidance for the remainder of the relative existence can unfold in a nisarga (natural) fashion. 

2. The abidance - unfolding in an ego-less fashion - can happen without the use of ego-defense mechanisms. 

3. The abidance - unfolding in a personality-less and no-false self identifications - can happen without the chaos and insanity of being driven subconsciously by the agendas of personality disorders. 

4. And if you only reach the fourth of seven steps, you will nevertheless be free of foolish notions such as "I am this" or "I am that"; then, you can relax in "the cool blue shade" of "I AM" only . . . in the lightness of being only instead of constantly embroiled in the heavy work of trying to "be this" or "be that." Best regards on your "journey," even if you only complete a part of it . . . even if you complete only four of the seven steps on the "path" to Full Realization. 

In the words of Maharaj, "That would be enough."

For now, to you:

Peace, Unity, Love,  Light, and Lightness

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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