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MAHARAJ: “Lightment” vs. Enlightenment, Part “DDDD”

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Yesterday, these comments about Muhammad Ali were shared: 

The mayor of his hometown called Ali “a selfless giant.” 

Another said: “Selflessness and bravery — those are the two things he epitomized.” 

Also, these pointers from Ali were shared: 

“Best friends often become strangers when egos begin to replace selflessness and love”


“Stop being selfish – become selfless instead.” 

So what did Maharaj have to say about that topic of selflessness? 

A questioner asked: “How does one go beyond the mind?” 

Maharaj replied: “There are many starting points - they all lead to the same goal. You may begin with selfless work, abandoning the fruits of action; you may then give up thinking and end in giving up all desires.” (Maharaj understood the psychology of self-ness, aware of the fact that all fears and desires are rooted in the hidden agendas of assigned or assumed personality identifications.)

Maharaj said, “Only a selfless society based on sharing can be stable and happy” 


“It is the absolute in you that takes you to the absolute beyond you - absolute truth, love, and selflessness are the decisive factors in self-realisation. With earnestness these can be reached.” 

If one would enjoyed a sense of lightness as opposed to being strapped with the burdensome weight which leads to a sense of heaviness, then one must find the key contributors to the weight which mindful persons carry about. The weight is in the mind, but that seems to put, in turn, a heavy weight on the shoulders as well. 

Were animals to be as trapped in duality as humans and, therefore, hearing all sorts of voices with conflicting agendas speaking to them all day long, then their life would be as confused and confusing as that of humans. It would be something like this: 

Yet animals are mindless, as are all of living things with one exception: humans (especially “non-realized” humans who experience all day long, every day, that constant, contradictory, dualistic chatter originating from between their ears): 

Yet humans don’t really get off as easily as that picture suggests. Why? 

Because there are not just two choices being heard all day long. Why? Because humans over a very short period can assume eighty or more personality identifications / roles / characters / personas / guises / fronts / individualizations / faces / facades / selves / Self or Selves / etc., and each of those will have a voice (in fact, many voices).

So it is not as if those trapped in their personality identifications have two contradictory voices to deal with but it is more like they have a large cast of characters which are walking across the stage of “The Theater of the Lie” which is what the human mind is. Thus the seeming weight on the shoulders for those types will look like this at any given moment: 

No wonder so many people are so stressed out. Rather than being able to say, “I am focused on one agenda, namely, abiding in an authentic and sane and wise manner which is rooted in my Original Nature and which is tapped into spontaneously in all moments and in all situations and which is not influenced at all by any assigned or assumed roles which I am not” 

most will, instead, 

be driven subconsciously by the hidden agendas of numerous personas which determine unconsciously their every thought and word and action. 

Mentioned before on this site was "Dave" who completed the two enneagram personality sessions here. After the second session, he was assigned the tasks of making a list of every persona he had assumed during recent years. Of course, being a seeker at that point rather than one who had “gotten it” and could - therefore - stop seeking, the Obsessive-Compulsive nature of “The Seeker” – always soon elevated to “The Super Seeker” – drove him to compile a list on the way home, insanely driving in a distracted fashion while writing a list at the same time. 

As soon as he arrived home, he called to say, 

“I got it! Wow! So many roles!” 

 F.: “How many?” 

D.: “Fifteen!” 

F.: “Not even close. Go to a quiet room, alone, and continued to consider. And don’t call for what my grandmother would identity as a period of three moons . . . meaning in your way of counting, 72 hours.” 

D.: “Geez!” 

F.: “Yes, Geez indeed.” 

After being sent away to work more thoroughly on his list, he found many additional roles; he called three days later to report that he had found eighty-seven personas which he had played in the prior decade. He also found that each of those personas had up to seven potential "areas of concern" (including concerns about its financial state, concerns about its personal relationships, concerns about its sexual relationships, etc.) 

He also saw that each "concern" had a "voice," driving "dave" to talk to "dave" about this worry or that distress or this affront or that slight or offense. When he did the simple math, he saw exactly why he felt as if, far too often, that he was hearing what is pointed to here with the phrase “the chatter of a thousand monkeys in your head." 

When heaviness is marking the relative existence of a person, it is guaranteed that the sense of an immense weight on one’s shoulder will be in direct portion to the number of false selves which are at play in the play going on in the mind. Self-ful-ness is marked by the sensation of a burdensome load, by an encumbrance of troublesome weight, by what feels like multiple stacks of heaviness on one’s shoulder and mind; selflessness, by contrast, is marked by a sense of lightness, of weightlessness and buoyancy. 

Which shall it be? A weighty sense of self or Self or self-ful-ness or Self-ful-ness? Or a sense of lightness? The latter is as close as your willingness to be free of all identifications. 

Again, “Absolute truth, love, and selflessness are the decisive factors in self-realisation. With earnestness these can be reached.” 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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