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“What Would You Say If You Knew For A Fact That Only Three Hours Of The Manifestation Remained?" Part Two

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When many assumed that “the end” for "Floyd" was imminent and felt that this composite unity might soon be taking mahasamadhi, and when they watched as that possibility was accepted by “Floyd” without reaction – much less with emotional intoxication – few of them understood. Acceptance of the inevitable - if indeed "the end" proved to be inevitable - was mistaken for insanity.

The same happened with Maharaj as certain well-to-do admirers expressed their willingness to cover the charges required to bring the top cancer specialists from around the globe to Bombay (Mumbai) in order to treat the elemental plant food body called “Maharaj” out of their desire to try to extend that manifestation. 

His approach to the upcoming taking of mahasamadhi was quite unlike the approach shown by the would-be savior / helper types as he displayed a different perspective in regards to the way “the end” should be accepted, namely, with dignity and calm and poise and a prevailing sense of decorum (which happened to also be the same way that he lived as well). 

What he modeled was shared in an early chapter in the book WHEN ONLY THREE HOURS OF MANIFESTATION REMAIN (The "Final" Talks Of Floyd Henderson):

No other teacher gave us such insight - via the transcripts of his final talks - than Maharaj provided by allowing the reader "to sit beside him" in the loft and to see how a Realized teacher "handles" mahasamadhi. (As alluded to above, it turns out that it is the exact, same way that the Realized teacher "handles" the relative existence.) 

Maharaj modeled the way that the relative existence can happen with dignity and calm and poise and a prevailing sense of decorum, even though challenges might exist and even though a body might be racked with pain. No other teacher displayed so precisely and intimately and transparently (a) by way of the content of his final talks and (b) via his demeanor during the final days of the manifestation, the calm and peaceful way that the relative existence can happen and the calm and peaceful way that the end of the relative existence can happen. 

And his sharings showed the way that a guru that knows his final talks are being offered will focus his message on the basic and bare essentials. In his case, he made clear that there is so much more to this "journey" than "the spiritual part." (Here, it is acknowledged that the religious and / or spiritual step must be completed but that the religious and / or spiritual step is the third of seven steps on the entire "path" and that the third step must be transitioned if the "journey" is to continue to completion and "full realization.") 

So what topics would "Floyd" include were he compiling a list of topics for his final talks? Those will be shared, but first, this:

Were the book entitled WHEN ONLY THREE HOURS OF MANIFESTATION REMAIN being written nowadays, one additional topic would be added, namely, 

“Why it is recommended that you live your life without being a fanatic about anything,” or, "Understanding the widespread problems which are happening because seekers and non-seekers alike all over the planet are being driven by the agenda of the Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder and why that disorder needs to be addressed by most persons nowadays."

All would be invited to seek first an effective way to address the near-omnipresent physical, chemical imbalance nowadays in all elemental, plant food bodies (which triggers O-CD) and then invited also to seek the understanding which can address the mental component of the two-part illness. In other words, do what must be done - in a healthy, non-self-destructive manner -  to calm down, to relax, and to stop obsessing about anything and everything which humans now make a big deal out of, even though none of it is a big deal at all. 

The invitation would be to understand the Advaitin poet Shakespeare’s pointer that “it’s all much ado about nothing,” so stop with the all of the excessive going and doing and zooming; stop with the religious and spiritual workaholism; stop with the perfectionism which guarantees that such types will be no fun to be around at all; stop with the obsession to reform "the world" and with the obsession to control everyone and everything; stop making mountains out of molehills which, in turn, forces you to live in the darkness and shadows of the valleys which that action creates; 

take the steps to be free of the magical thinking which is rooted in the nonsense that is put into all human minds via nonsensical programming, conditioning, etc.; find the way to stop living unnaturally and to stop trying to live supernaturally; stop obsessing over the THAT-ness only and enjoy the AM-ness while it remains; and stop over-reacting, stop being anal, stop being perfectionistic, and simply abide naturally. 

From this day forward, stop loving self and starting Loving, period. 

Let wisdom prevail by rejecting all beliefs (which assure that ignorance will prevail). 

In other words, calm the heck down and be cool. 

Okay, so that said, what were the fifteen topics which were selected for the “final talks” bucket list? Those were listed in the chapter entitled: 

It Is All Very Simple 

1. The source of all relative problems. 

2. The maya. 

3. The nature of consciousness prior to manifestation (that is, the nature of Awareness). 

4. The falsehood of all things thought to be personal. 

5. How the relative can and should continue post-Realization, but with Reality having been overlaid upon it. 

 6. The uselessness of knowledge (a.k.a., learned ignorance). 

7. Stabilizing in Reality and Truth. 

8. The sickness (that is, the ultimate sickness) and its treatment. 

9. Transcending body, mind, personality and, eventually, the consciousness itself, paving the way for only the impersonal consciousness to continue for the remainder of its manifestation. 

10. Why Realization cannot happen unless one transitions beyond all fear and / or anger about having one's so-called "knowledge" devalued and debunked. 

11. How the end of the manifestation of the conscious-energy is the beginning of freedom from bondage. 

12. The nothingness. 

13. The freedom that comes by allowing all knowledge to go into liquidation. 

14. Being unconcerned. 

15. Abiding with dignity and taking mahasamadhi with dignity. 

If all that is to be understood about those fifteen topics were understood, it would be enough. 

Here, there is no presumption that Maharaj's final talks could be "improved upon" . . . or need to be. Any final talks here would be quite similar. One topic that would be included in any final talks here was introduced earlier, namely, the invitation to see - as Maharaj taught - how very simple these teachings really are (or should be, if the teacher knows how to present them in a forthright and simple and easy-to-grasp manner.) 

The invitation is also to see how simple (that is, "natural") the relative existence becomes with the understanding of these teachings (or, actually, these "unteachings"). 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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