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“What Would You Say If You Knew For A Fact That Only Three Hours Of The Manifestation Remained?" Part Sixteen

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To review the key pointers that would be offered were the taking of mahasamadhi only hours away: 

The source of all relative problems always involves fanaticism. 

Fanaticism is always rooted in the agendas of personality identifications. 

Fanaticism also works hand-in-hand with higher-than-ever levels of the Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder are manifesting around the globe. 

“It’s all very simple so keep it that way.” 

“Seek what you are if you like, but it would be enough to simply find what you are not.” 

“Question everything and everyone.” 

“The relative existence will never be stable, but you can be.” 

 “If seeking authenticity, listen to the beat of your inner guru and allow that to be the drum which provides the beat to which you march.” 

“There are hundreds of sources of pain, but only one source of misery and suffering.” 

“If you would come to understand how to abide naturally, find a guide and then a model that are abiding naturally.” 

The next topic offered for consideration is excerpted from the book WHEN ONLY THREE HOURS OF MANIFESTATION REMAIN (The "Final" Talks of Floyd Henderson): 

You Really Can Just Be (Without Being Anything or Anybody), Part One 

Previously, the following invitation was offered: 

"Become aware of a sense of beingness ... of the I-Amness only" and then 

"belief in the “i” and the “I” will end," along with all sense of "I-ness" and "self-ness" and "Self-ness." 

Related to those pointers, reflect on this: of all of the considerations that have been offered throughout the last two decades, there are those dealing with one subject in particular that seekers have made light of or have even dismissed completely by calling the pointers "way too philosophical" or "mere hyperbole" or "pie-in-the-sky talk" or "notions that are far too theoretical" or "wholly unrealistic" or "an abstraction" or "entirely impossible." What are the pointers so many have considered "impossible"? 


1. "There is no do-er" and 

2. "There is no one to do anything" and 

3. "You really can just be (without being anything or anybody)" and 

4. "For you to merely be does not prevent anything that has been happening from continuing to happen, but whatever happens can happen even as you . . . 

(a) are merely being and as you 

(b) are clear that there is no "you" that is doing anything and as you 

(c) are aware that you are not someone who is doing something." 

Here, for example, teaching (or more exactly, "un-teaching") can happen without any belief in "teachers" and without any belief that "I am a teacher." Too, employment can happen without believing that you are "The Employee"; "employering" can happen without believing that you are "The Employer"; parenting can happen without the assumption the false identity of "The Parent"; "wifing" can happen without believing that you are "The Wife"; and "husbanding" can happen without believing that you are "The Husband." 

 Over the years, one pointer in that regard has been offered time and again to the many who have come here in misery because (A) they had assumed a co-dependent role but (B) the one who was sustaining that false image by playing the co-dependent counterpart had decided to stop playing. This consideration was offered to one person who was trapped in his mind-generated misery and suffering around the "loss" of a false role and who was convinced that, "if he could just make things right in his relationship, then he would be happy and peaceful": 

Neither happiness nor peace have anything to do with “being in love” or “being in a good relationship.” Your misery has nothing to do with “having lost love” or “being in a bad relationship.” 

Happiness and peace only come if you are living naturally . . . abiding as your original nature. The deer that live naturally in this area are at peace internally, no matter what the external conditions of their environment might be, including: hot or cold; with a mate or not; having the perfect bedding or not; having sex or not; having the perfect food source available or not. 

Any interruptions of your peace, and any manifestations of misery and suffering, are about your programming, your conditioning, your acculturation, your domestication, your indoctrination, your brainwashing, your concepts, your beliefs, your attitudes, your assumed personas, and your ideas. Programming and conditioning will always produce a warped "mind" which misperceives all. 

Acculturation will inspire blind belief in ancient myths and superstitions that will, in turn, control your behavior and dictate what you expect (and demand) from others; acculturation will also inspire you to allow outside influences to determine what you think is "good" or "bad," what you think is "acceptable" or "unacceptable," and what you (mistakenly) think is the source of "happiness" or "misery." 

And domestication and brainwashing and indoctrination will convince you that what is actually natural is unnatural and that what is actually unnatural is natural. It is not natural, for example, to become so emotionally-intoxicated in the name of “love” that one would strike out at the (former) object of that supposed “love.” 

It is not natural to believe that one who becomes emotionally-intoxicated and strikes out at you is evidencing “love.” It is neither logical nor sane nor natural to mistake being “in heat” for REAL LOVE. The deer that populate the area around this homestead do not mistake "being in heat" with being “in ‘love' " or "in LOVE." 

They are merely witnessing what happens without any concepts being involved in the process; thus, LOVE is NOT that which results when your limbic brain system releases pleasure-producing chemicals when you are attracted to someone, and LOVE is NOT the purely physical response that automatically drives all species to propagate. 

Moreover, it is not natural to assume an ego-state as an identity. In that regards, consider: ego is believing that there’s a vast multiplicity arranged in a hierarchy and that you’re the pinnacle; humility is knowing that you’re nothing, no-thing; LOVE is knowing that you are everything. As for your assuming several “love”-related ego-states, consider: 

If you cling to the false identity of "husband," you shall never find that which is real, so peace will never happen consistently. If you abandon all false identities, then "husbanding" or "not husbanding" can happen . . . and consistent peace will happen either way. To dwell as your natural state is to function as the no-concept, non-dual reality and Reality. As that natural state, no attachment happens since there is no “one” to attach to anything. 

Here, there is no belief in any concept, and there is no belief in anything that is dualistic. To believe that "A" can be attached to "B" is duality. That is quite different from knowing that you and your "partner" are not-two but are One. Persons are driven by fears and desires that are based in the delusions they take to be truth, and of all the delusions that drive persons, their desire to be loved and their fear that they will not be are the most influential. 

Too, all fears and desires and perceived “needs” are taken to be real as a result of unnatural programming, unnatural conditioning, unnatural acculturation, unnatural domestication, unnatural brainwashing, and unnatural indoctrination. 

The unnatural belief in personal attributes and the subsequent belief that “a,” “b,” and “c” are prerequisites for happiness and peace are, in fact, based in the body-mind-personality identifications which operate under the auspices of your programming, conditioning, acculturation, domestication, brainwashing, and indoctrination which, in turn, generate a sense of misery and suffering. 

Another seeker was offered the consideration in these terms: If you cling to the false identity of “husband,” you shall never find what is real, so peace will never happen consistently. If you find what is real, then “husbanding” or “not husbanding” can happen . . . and consistent peace will happen either way. 

To another, this explanation was offered: If you abandon all false identifications, then “husbanding” or “not husbanding” can happen without "disturbing the peace" either way.

At that point, ego, identities, and misperceptions shall be transcended. “Husband” was a figment of someone’s imagination, a label dreamed up only about 800 years ago after millions of years of “human-type experiences” happened without that false identity. 

You have bought into someone’s imagining and allowed someone else to assign that role to you. Ever since, that role has determined how you feel and think and behave. Now, misery (and even murder during "breakups") happens in defense of a figment of the imaginings generated by programmed “minds.” 

How to be free of the effects of the programmed “mind”? Understand that the “mind” is the root of all illusion. But how to be rid of the “mind”? It must be turned in on itself, so to speak, in order that all of its fallacious concepts can be seen to be untrue. (What actually happens is that some vestige of pure consciousness becomes aware of the condition of the blocked consciousness and discards the content of the fictional “mind.”) 

In that light of awareness, the “mind” is burned away like a skin cancer that is exposed to the light amplification of a laser; then, the belief in untruths is allowed to “die” (i.e., “to cease” or “to disappear”). Put more simply, because the mind is filled with notions and concepts and ideas and perceptions etc. and because notions and concepts and ideas and perceptions etc. can all be grouped into one category - beliefs - then one can get rid of the mind by simply abandoning all beliefs.

Afterwards, the “pathway” to Truth is cleared of the obstacles of deceit and can be followed step-by-step to full realization, to full liberation, to full freedom. 

Again, is the solution to never marry? Of course not, yet the only way to avoid your emotional intoxication and emotional pain is to accept that marriage might happen or might not, but in either case it must happen without the playing of phony roles and without the adoption of false identities if peace is to be maintained. 

By the way, what some call “the True Self,” just like the imaginary “husband,” is also formless. The "True Self" is not “the True Witness” if you assume that witness to be something with a form. More accurately, it is merely "formless, pure, accurate witnessing." Abandon the goal to preserve “husband” or to mourn the “death” of “husband” and make it a goal to develop the ability to witness objectively and purely. 

After that, "husbanding" or "wifing" might happen or might not . . . might continue or might not; in either case, however, there will be no persona-driven emotional intoxication and no destructive overreaction. Seeing that will free you of the effects of the emotional intoxication and the emotional hangovers that happen as false identities "come" and as false identities "go." 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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