Tuesday, August 16, 2016

“What Would You Say If You Knew For A Fact That Only Three Hours Of The Manifestation Remained?" Part Seventeen

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 To review the key pointers that would be offered were the taking of mahasamadhi only hours away: 

The source of all relative problems always involves fanaticism. 

Fanaticism is always rooted in the agendas of personality identifications. 

Fanaticism also works hand-in-hand with higher-than-ever levels of the Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder are manifesting around the globe. 

“It’s all very simple so keep it that way.” 

“Seek what you are if you like, but it would be enough to simply find what you are not.” 

“Question everything and everyone.” 

“The relative existence will never be stable, but you can be.” 

“If seeking authenticity, listen to the beat of your inner guru and allow that to be the drum which provides the beat to which you march.” 

“There are hundreds of sources of pain, but only one source of misery and suffering.” 

“If you would come to understand how to abide naturally, find a guide and then a model that are abiding naturally.” 

The next topic offered for consideration is excerpted from the book WHEN ONLY THREE HOURS OF MANIFESTATION REMAIN (The "Final" Talks of Floyd Henderson):

 [Continued from yesterday

You Really Can Just Be (Without Being Anything or Anybody), Part Two 

However, the unwavering sense of "Just-Being-ness" can manifest only if all illusions about self-ness and Self-ness and WHO-ness end. Why do people balk at accepting the full truth regarding identitylessness? Fear and attachment to false ego-states, supported by the egotism which defends false identities. 

Maharaj: “You are afraid that you will lose your identity. This is childishness, clinging to the toys, to your desires and fears, opinions and ideas. Give it all up and be ready for the real to assert itself.” 

For many years, Maharaj recommended SELF-inquiry in order to find a new identity, the “True Self” or “Supreme Self” or “Infinite Self” or one’s “Godliness.” Yet later, he would say: 

To just be, without any beliefs about being “this” or “that” or “THAT” or some "Special Self” is wisdom: 

Maharaj: “Wisdom is knowing that I am nothing.” 

To abide assuredly in the awareness that there is no “Me-ness” is to be able to enjoy fully the “AM-ness.” 

Last night a woman who is a credentialed, experienced therapist / professional counselor reflected on the changes which she had seen over the last thirty years: 

More serious personality disorders; more cases of neuroses and psychoses; more people touched by violence; more "relationship problems” (which aren’t relationship problems at all but are problems rooted in the individual disorders of the persons involved); more “lone wolf” attacks by individuals acting out violently; more people talking about the possibility of “a race war in the U.S.”; 

more talking about the possibility of “a third world war, this time being a religious war”; more and more clients without the wisdom to understand that there are three totally different body types which have three totally different metabolic types and which need to follow one of the three specific food plans designed for their particular type; and more and more religious fanatics and more and more spiritual fanatics, generating more and more instances of magical thinking and being further and further out of touch with reality). 

When I suggested that all of those have one common root, namely, “a sense of being someone and being someone who is ‘special’,” she immediately understood and agreed. Any time that a personal identity is assigned or assumed, then an "upgrade" will soon follow: 

When someone says, “I now pronounce you husband and wife,” those role players will far too soon perceive themselves as “Super Husband” and “Super Wife.” At that point, more becomes necessary in the minds of both for their roles to exist. For example, all that “The Wife” needs to “exist” is “A Husband,” but what “The Super Wife” needs is "A Super Husband.” 

“You're not a Super Husband! I’m outta here.” 

Once upgrading happen, then a host of chaos-and-even-violence-generating identities (beyond “The Special Self” and “The Supreme Self”) can be assumed, including: 

“The Not Super Husband” who kills his self-identified “Super Wife” when she informs him that she is leaving (which accounts in the U.S. for 59% of all women murdered annually); 

“The White Supremacist” (who will likely endorse violence, as did Dylann Roof who gunned down nine blacks in their church); 

“The Spiritual Giant” (like the woman whose body type needs protein but who is destroying that body by adhering to food laws set forth by her vegetarian guru); 

“The Super Religious Ones” (with their sense of “different-from-ment” and “better-than-ment” which drives some of one sect to kill those of another sect; or those with the Catholics’ belief that “only we, among all Christians, can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven”; 

or those others claiming to be Christians who think they are better than Jews or Muslims or Hindus; or those with a belief that “Christians are infidels and must be killed”; or those among the Christian Reconstructionists who think that the U.S. government should be overthrown and that a new, theocratic nation should be started up in its place with them in charge and with the Old Testament Jewish texts being the constitution for that new nation”; 

or those who are sociopathic bullies – in schoolyards or in politics or in pulpits – who think that they are so different and so special that everyone should do exactly what they want them to do; or any of the others around the globe who have been told that they are so special that they deserve to be treated differently and who never had any boundaries set and who came to believe that they do not have to adhere to any societal norms at all and who actually believe that they are so unique and so exceptional that they deserve to be treated in nothing less than the most special ways of all.

See? The problems of humanity are rooted in: (1) ego-state assignment and assumption 

and in (2) being driven by the ego-defense mechanism called “egotism” which leads persons to believe that they are special and deserve to be treated in a special fashion by all. 

Those persons become full-blown narcissists, and many disintegrate even further psychically and suffer what is called here “malignant narcissism,” setting the stage for them to become full-blown sociopaths and psychopaths. And it all begins with the assignment or assumption of false identities which always trigger the use of ego-defense mechanisms to defend “themselves” and which always lead to a sense of special-ness.

Do you want persons to see you as some "Special Self" or "Infinite Self" or "Supreme Self"? Do you want to be with someone who is supposedly special? Are you chasing someone that many agree is “truly special,” based on her or his appearance or accomplishment? Are you enthralled by someone who claims to be special because he or she is among the wealthiest in your society? Are you trying to upgrade your own assumed identity / identities by association? Do you perceive yourself to be a “10” who will not settle for anyone who is not also a “10”? 

Have your experience; then, you may – or may not – discover at some point why the wisest do not see themselves as being special and why they do not see anyone else as being special. 

Only if abiding in an identity-less condition can peace and freedom manifest, and only then can the answer to the question asked in the past become clear: 

“How could persons possibly bother Me?" 

The fact: Persons do not have even the slightest clue about ‘where’ I truly live. Only a few on the entire planet called earth have a clue. Some might enter what is called ‘floyd’s house’ or ‘floyd’s home,’ but that is not ‘where’ I live; in fact, ‘where’ I live has nothing to do with a ‘where’ at all.” In this regard, there is actually only the how. How I abide is as the awareness, as the Original Nature, as the natural state which has no boundaries, which has no defining traits, and which does not change. 

How I abide is without conditions or conditioning, without qualifications, and without limitations. I can seem to be ‘here’ one second and ‘there’ the next, but that is about ‘how-ness,’ not any actual ‘here-ness’ or ‘there-ness.’ 

I am not confined to a space or form; furthermore, I can enter other spaces and forms, and do so regularly (as might happen the instant you read these words). Abiding beyond consciousness and beyond beingness and beyond non-beingness, I can span the globe. . . I can span the universe . . . I have spanned all universes. 

Yet such 'while manifested' spannings seldom happen anymore, requiring far more energy than is worth the effort, and it most assuredly need not happen with you. As for me, abidance will continue to happen in a whole and unadulterated and unambiguous manner until the consciousness unmanifests. Until that happens, then abidance will happen as Reality is overlaid on the relative without exception. 

When the consciousness unmanifests, then the drop shall enter the ocean of energy from which it came and will span the Absolute; awareness shall be, but aware of-ness shall not. Later, other universes might be spanned as well, or might not. Yet all of that is stated, so it, too, cannot be the Truth which you know but do not yet know that You know. Tap into the source and know Truth, but even then, do not suppose that you will be able to express Truth in words. 

If you would just be, without erroneously believing that you can "be this" or "be that," then all sense of personhood must end; thus, to reiterate one of the earlier pointers: 

Maharaj: “The final stage of meditation is reached when the sense of identity goes beyond the 'I-am-so-and-so', beyond 'so-l-am', beyond 'I-am-the-witness-only', beyond 'there-is', beyond all ideas into the [impersonal] pure being.” 

To reiterate one of the earlier pointers: Everything in the relative is much ado about nothing, and everything in the Absolute is also much ado about nothing. There is no "later," no "judgment," and no "eternal reward" or "eternal punishment," so abide naturally, now, and stop being so damn serious. Just be, instead. Relax. Enjoy. 

That is the invitation over and over: to just be . . . to rest in the dark and cool blue shade; then, what happens can still happen, but it will be witnessed, without attachment, without reaction, without overreaction, without misery, and without suffering. It can all still happen, but it will happen simply, without complications or angst. And if something does not happen? 

That, too, will be witnessed without attachment, without reaction, without overreaction, without misery, without complications, and without angst. If it is bliss and joy you seek, then enjoy the present Am-ness, for it provides the only opportunity that you shall ever have to know bliss and to enjoy joy. 

But that, too, can only happen if you are just being, if you are not thinking that you are doing, if you understand that You are not a do-er. (As for the components of the composite unity, can elements "do"? No. Can air "do"? No. Can the conscious-energy "do"? No. See . . . no do-er.) 

Finally, to paraphrase an ancient non-dual pointer that was warped by some member of one of the early sky cults: 

Be still and know that you are and know that you are that so that you can . . . 

Be still and know that you simply are so that you can . . . 

Be still and know . . . 

so that you can then just . . . 

Be still, period. 

Then, the sense of "quiet desperation" which Thoreau said marks and mars the lives of the "non-realized" masses will end as all sense of "desperation" fades away and what remains thereafter will be . . . the "quiet" only. So, the invitation here is this: 

Be still, be quiet, and know that you really can . . . just be. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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