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“What Would You Say If You Knew For A Fact That Only Three Hours Of The Manifestation Remained?" Part Nineteen

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To review the key pointers that would be offered were the taking of mahasamadhi only hours away: 

The source of all relative problems always involves fanaticism. 

Fanaticism is always rooted in the agendas of personality identifications. 

Fanaticism also works hand-in-hand with higher-than-ever levels of the Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder are manifesting around the globe. 

The next topic offered for consideration is excerpted from the book WHEN ONLY THREE HOURS OF MANIFESTATION REMAIN (The "Final" Talks of Floyd Henderson):

Above All: Be Love, But Then Live In An "As If" Fashion So That You Can Enjoy Love As A Relative Expression Of ABSOLUTE, REAL LOVE As Well 
(Part One: Real Love vs. Not-Real Love) 

To summarize some of the other key pointers which would be offered if the final talks were limited to what could be shared during the final three hours of the manifestation: 

1. Find the simplest version of these teachings.

2. Abide naturally. 

3. Seek no identity, including "good" ones. 

4. Rest in the awareness of the nothingness. 

5. All things relative and Absolute is much ado about nothing. 

6. Settle not for instability. 

7. Question. 

8. Be free of the effects of your programming, conditioning, domestication and acculturation. 

9. March to the beat of your inner guru. 

10. Transition both religious and spiritual concepts. 

11. Understand that there are hundreds of sources of pain, that there is only one source of misery and suffering, and that you must return to the mind-less "Child No-Knowing Stage" is you would be free and happy. 

12. If you would abide naturally, find either a guide or a model that is abiding naturally. 

13. You Really Can Just Be (Without Being Anything or Anybody). 

14. Be still and know that you are and know that you are that so that you can be still and know that you are so that you can be still and know so that you can then just be still so that you can just . . . be. And then next: 

15. Above all: be Love, but then live in an "as if" fashion so that you can enjoy love as a relative expression of ABSOLUTE, REAL LOVE as well. 

Nothing is more misunderstood among the non-Realized masses than the differentiation between (A) True Love and (B) the false beliefs about "love" - that is, about that which is not-Real-Love - which the masses mistake for True Love. 

The number one priority for persons in the age range spanning from the mid to late teens and then throughout adulthood is the totally dualistic concept of "relationships," almost all of which operate for the most part on nothing deeper than a Subject-Object, false self-serving level. 

In the process, persons become objectified as they are assigned or adopt "relationship" roles, typically cycling through the playing of a series of false "relationship" roles time and again, endlessly moving along the gamut discussed by Maharaj, shifting their adopted identities from . . . stranger to acquaintance to friend to sex partner or lover to fiancé / fiancée to spouse to super spouse to enemy to mortal enemy to ex-spouse, after which another cycle will usually begin with a new partner plugged into that continuum of players and will lead to the next round of role-playing and game-playing. 

What has been seen during decades of dealing closely with thousands of persons who are seeking one thing or another is that there is tremendous resistance to seeing that their beliefs are false and tremendous resistance to abandoning their concepts and ideas; yet what has also been seen is that nothing compares with the resistance among persons to 

(1) admitting how deceptive and self-deceptive are their beliefs regarding the true state and nature of their "relationships" and resistance to 

(2) admitting that their beliefs about "love" are their number one source of deception. Real Love is the Love referenced by Maharaj when he said: "Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, Love is knowing I am everything, and between the two my life moves." 

What persons call "love" - while mistakenly believing they are talking about Real Love - can be for a time the most magnificent experience of all; yet it can also be the most horrendous experience of all. With such duality, how can that possibly be taken for The Real? As for feeling vs. emotion, if love happens as a feeling, take the ride and watch the feelings rise and fall; if love happens as an emotion—that is, if it is being "experienced" by a person in an ego-state—prepare for war. 

Persons desiring to know what Real Love is might benefit more (relatively speaking, of course) if they were able to understand what love is not, so that will be discussed in detail in the next chapter. 

For now, consider this pointer again: ego and egotism involve the belief that there is a vast multiplicity arranged in a hierarchy and that you’re the pinnacle; humility is knowing that you’re nothing, no-thing; and Real Love is knowing that you are everything. 

(That said, understand that ego, humility, love, and even Real Love are also merely concepts, thorns that can be used to remove thorns and terms that can be used to point to Truths that allow the remainder of the manifestation to unfold in a Loving and loving and peaceful and harmonious way.) 

Understand that completing "the journey" - which involves taking all seven of the steps along the direct "path" to Full Realization - is useless unless it brings about a shift in the way that the relative existence unfolds. Here, the phrase "As If Living" refers to the fact that, post-Realization, things relative seem to matter while knowing clearly at the same time that they do not; thus, employment can happen, "relationships" can happen, happenings can be engaged in, etc. Yet none of it is given any credibility. Seekers that have come here for the last twenty-seven years have been advised: 

"If you are seeking realization with any intent of adopting new and improved and 'good' and elevated or noble identities, with any desire to be 'a better person,' with any agenda about 'saving a relationship,' with a goal of 'finding that You are something special and different,' or with any other supposedly lofty and / or supposedly 'spiritual' reason, then you have not finished the search for your teacher because none of that is given any credence here." 

 Here, the invitation will be to complete all three legs of the total "journey": Leg One was the "coming in" part of the "journey" when the conscious-energy manifested and then became blocked from knowing Truth and Reality as a result of faulty programming, conditioning, acculturation, and domestication. Leg Two is the "going back" leg of the three-part "journey" which happens in the exact reverse order of the way that the "coming in" occurred. 

That results in a shift from identification with the false "I" to an understanding of the Absolute (and, in some cases, an understanding also of the Nothingness which is even beyond the Absolute). Leg Three involves "coming back again," but with the consciousness being manifested in a totally different, totally unblocked manner so that Reality will be overlaid on the relative. 

When Reality is overlaid on the relative, then there is both Real Love and the relative expression of Real Love which is what love is when expressed during the post-Realization relative. It is the post-realization understanding of the Oneness which allows for an awareness of what Real Love is; then, it is an awareness of what Real Love is that allows "love-as-a-relative-expression-of-Real-Love" to happen with a sense of Oneness that takes love-expression / Love-Expression to heights that the non-Realized cannot even begin to imagine. 

Furthermore, just as much as the summative statement of non-duality (" I AM THAT; I AM") might appear to be contradictory or involved with "two-ness" - though it is neither - so too is "Love / love" not contradictory and not involved with "two" at all, if “Full Realization” has happened. 

The fact about Love / love cannot be grasped, however, unless that Full Realization has happened and unless the third leg of the three-leg "journey" has been completed. The question then becomes, "Can you, from the position of 'as if living' that follows full realization, feel and share and be Unconditional Love?" The answer that has been offered here for over two decades is: 

"Not only can you, but you shall; in fact, no choice will be involved. It will just happen . . . spontaneously and unequivocally, and then any relative expression of love / Real Love can be enjoyed in a way that the non-Realized will never understand." 

Thus, the pointer offered earlier is emphasized: the teachings / unteachings here are not for those who want to Realize in order to see themselves as something "supreme," something "special," something "unique," and something totally dissociated from the relative existence. 

Here, the invitation is to Realize, to overlay Reality on the relative, and then to enjoy the relative existence (which is the only vehicle available for true bliss to be known and enjoyed). Here, it is understood that those who have said "you should encourage abstinence" have mentally discarded the "I AM" part of the summative statement and now delusionally take themselves to be "THAT only." 

(The debunking of their endorsement of the unnatural will be discussed in later.) 

[By the way, those types are invited to lower their heads, take a ten-step running start, and crash full on into a brick wall and then see if they still believe that "nothing is real," including bricks. What the Realized understand is that all is energy / matter, that energy / matter is real, but that in this existence nothing is ever as it appears.] 

Not only have such persons missed out on grasping the True Understanding completely, but they are now missing out on the only opportunity - namely, the opportunity that is available NOW - to know and enjoy the bliss. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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