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“What Would You Say If You Knew For A Fact That Only Three Hours Of The Manifestation Remained?" Part Twenty-Five

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To review the key pointers that would be offered were the taking of mahasamadhi only hours away: 

a. The source of all relative problems always involves fanaticism.

b. Fanaticism is always rooted in the agendas of personality identifications. 

c. Fanaticism also works hand-in-hand with higher-than-ever levels of the Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder are manifesting around the globe. 

To summarize some of the other key pointers which would be offered if the final talks were limited to what could be shared during the final three hours of the manifestation: 

1. Find the simplest version of these teachings. 

2. Abide naturally. 

3. Seek no identity, including "good" ones. 

4. Rest in the awareness of the nothingness. 

5. All things relative and Absolute is much ado about nothing. 

6. Settle not for instability. 

7. Question. 

8. Be free of the effects of your programming, conditioning, domestication and acculturation.

 9. March to the beat of your inner guru. 

10. Transition both religious and spiritual concepts. 

11. Understand that there are hundreds of sources of pain, that there is only one source of misery and suffering, and that you must return to the mind-less "Child No-Knowing Stage" is you would be free and happy. 

12. If you would abide naturally, find either a guide or a model that is abiding naturally. 

13. You Really Can Just Be (Without Being Anything or Anybody). 

14. Be still and know that you are and know that you are that so that you can be still and know that you are so that you can be still and know so that you can then just be still so that you can just . . . be. 

And then next: The next topic offered for consideration is excerpted from the book WHEN ONLY THREE HOURS OF MANIFESTATION REMAIN (The "Final" Talks of Floyd Henderson):

Above All: Be Love, But Then Live In an "As If" Fashion So That You Can Enjoy Love As A Relative Expression Of ABSOLUTE, REAL LOVE As Well 
(Part Five “A”: Loving Without Any Object Of Your Love) 

There is an end - post-Full-Realization - to the belief in Subject-Object pairings, after which there is the beginning of knowing and feeling the Oneness throughout each waking hour of each and every day. Thus, there is a woman in the U.K. that enjoys the bliss of sitting outdoors and watching her bees as they do what bees do, feeling at one with them. 

There is the child nearby that lies in the grass during the springtime and watches the clouds floating across the sky above him. It was from that position of rest that he saw a formation come together to shape "a profile of my grandmother's face during her last days, when she was so calm." 

Though they are not "together" any longer, he feels the Love and the love nevertheless, and he sees the beauty not of a "world-class fashion model" but the beauty of a face that showed not only the wear and tear of decades of a relative existence but also the beauty of a face that reflected a readiness to accept the end of the manifestation with perfect serenity and dignity. 

 And there is the example here where, at some point, each morning walk will be suspended and in that silent gap between moving from point one to point two and back to point one, an intermission is taken in order to watch the deer grazing nearby. 

There is something blissful about witnessing such natural abidance and feeling the Oneness. Post-Realization, a sense of Oneness allows for such bliss-filled moments when the Awareness facilitates an awareness of the beautiful Oneness of All . . . allows awareness of the freedom of the Nothingness . . . and allows awareness of the sense of Love and love that comes with understanding the Oneness. 

That awareness - which the Realized do not merely know but actually are - will allow the relative expression of Real Love to be wholly and boundlessly bathed in Absoluteness to such a degree that there will manifest a realization of (and an "experiencing" of) a harmonious happiness . . . an unsurpassable bliss . . . a transcendent joy that can only happen in a "not-two," Advaitin manner. Meaning? 

Meaning that the bliss registers on both THAT level and on "this" level, so its force and passion and intensity are unequaled . . . incomparable . . . unparalleled. Such is the way it is when Real Love manifests and is allowed to flourish daily on a second-by-second basis. 

Why would anyone settle for less? Why would anyone settle for false "love" rather than continuing the "path" to Realization first and thereby providing an opportunity to find - that is, to know and then to BE - Real Love? Why would anyone settle for "not-Love" if they know that Real Love is an option (if only they are willing to Realize and to be Love, which can happen with or without a "partner")? 

Because this message is offered only rarely and is seldom ever heard. How many might admit - if they were totally aware and totally honest - that the internal toll of years of clinging to "false love" has far outweighed any of the supposed "benefits of being with someone" instead of "being alone"? How many are avoiding the peace of being alone but free in the solitude as opposed to the many who are being driven to remain inside their mental and emotional prisons with company? 

Is it possible that you could find the courage to refuse to settle for less? Is it possible that you could be authentic enough to forgo even the greatest pleasures or "benefits" imaginable if you know or suspect those potential gratifications are based in something that is less than True Love? Moreover, if you took that step, would you be showing respect to the uninterrupted authenticity? 

And, as significantly, would you not also be showing True Love and respect to the authenticity of the one that you would refuse to use for your own self-ish motives? The "Fully Realized" will never take any action that would inspire anyone to behave in a way that places at risk their contact with authenticity; additionally, is it possible that those that accept having no "love" at all (that is, the ones that refuse to settle for "false love") might be more content with that circumstance? 

Is it possible that you could be perfectly content without having to "have someone"? After the spouse of Maharaj took mahasamadhi, there were continual efforts by would-be matchmakers to encourage him to remarry. Maharaj's response was that he was married, saying: "The day she died, I married freedom." 

Freed of all personality, he did not fear; he did not desire; he did not "need." Taking a position of neutrality can apply to every facet of one's relative existence and will assure freedom. Freedom, in turn, will assure the manifestation of peace. Stability and satisfaction come in not playing the games, in not playing in the plays, in not playing at all, and in the refusal to settle for anything artificial that robs persons of their sense of peace and sense of fulfillment. Little takes a greater relative toll than accepting "not-Love" as a compromise. 

Via the realizations which came by way of those past experiences, it can be shared that, though it might take years before the toll is accessed, it will be accessed. Offered herein is a Direct Path to authenticity and to the ability to enjoy fully all of the various forms of "the essence" which can (a) initiate and sustain the manifestation; (b) enhance the relative existence when the Authentic Self is remembered; and (c) manifest fully when authenticity is overlaid on every aspect of the relative existence. 

As long as the uninterrupted flow of the essence of plant food happens, then there is the possibility for authenticity to serve as the gateway to the essence of awareness; to the essence of sensing the Oneness and being the Oneness; to the essence of knowing Love; to the essence of delighting in the physical expression of Love and the Oneness "with someone" or delighting in the feeling of Love and the Oneness even "without someone," resting in the solitude of the all-one-ness as opposed to a false sense of "aloneness." 

Next, there is the possibility for authenticity to serve as the gateway to the essence of sensing the Oneness and being the Oneness; to the essence of the understanding of all that is revealed via Wisdom; and to the essence of the very beingness itself. Without authenticity, there can be no stability, no freedom, no independence, no Self-Knowledge, no Love, no Self-Love, and, therefore, no consistent happiness and joy and bliss. 

There can only be a series of counterfeit identities that result in counterfeit beliefs about one's self and one's motives. Authenticity provides the only means by which the relative existence can be dealt with in a manner that provides consistent contact with Reality and which can, therefore, assure on-going sanity and stability. Being authentic means that one will be in touch with the internal awareness of Reality rather than being swept along and swept about and swept away by external forces and / or internal fears and deceptions and delusions. 

To give away any degree of the essence of Oneness; of True Love; of Wisdom; of the phenomenal expression of True Love and Oneness; of the essence of Full Realization; of the essence of freedom from being driven by the agendas of personality / personalities; and of the essence of the very beingness itself is to give away authenticity, the Authentic Self, and freedom and peace as well. 

To abandon authenticity - for self-ish pleasures, for relative gains, for self-satisfaction, for self-indulgence, for self-seeking, for self-centered desires - is to abandon any and all opportunity to be free, independent, fulfilled, contented, and at peace. To be in touch with that which is authentic is to be in touch with the essence in all of its following forms: 

The essence of food, which is Consciousness; 

The essence of liberation, which is freedom from personality; 

The essence of the Absolute, which is Awareness; 

The essence of this existence, which is knowing and being the Oneness, the True Love, and Wisdom; 

The essence of the Oneness, which is a "no-relationship relationship," the transcendence of the false belief in two (in an "A" and a "B") alongside the understanding of "Advaita" . . . of "not-two"; 

The essence of beingness via Realization; 

The essence of authenticity via Realization; 


The essence of Full Realization, which is independence, freedom, happiness, joy, and bliss. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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