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Non-Duality Can Be the Ultimate Medicine for the Ultimate Sickness, But It Cannot Be the Ultimate Answer for EVERY Sickness, Part “L”

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To continue now with another excerpt from the book  Instability / Insanity: What the Advaita Teachings Can (and Cannot Address):

From Chapter Ten entitled

INSTABILITY / INSANITY, Part Ten: Inner Causes, Therefore, Inner Cures 

A discussion with a friend focused on the fact that her three, young-adult children had determined to change jobs and to move to different cities. During certain times, such as during trying economic times which still remain for many, moving and flexibility are required. Chaos in financial markets, in government, in relationships, in communities, in climate change and in turbulent weather conditions, will all continue to generate more chaos. 

But none of that was involved with the relocations mentioned above which all had to do with seeking a "geographic cure" for what those persons think is ailing them (while having no clue regarding what their real problem is). They are about the business of trying to escape that which is only thought to be bothering them. 

Of course, that which is actually bothersome will be carried along on all of the trips and will be just as evident in the new locales. No one can outrun the symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness, but almost all will try. How silly the repeated suggestion here seems to be to many, namely, that being is far more pleasant than doing and going and zooming

Yet persons are like cars racing along an open motorway: if the interior of an automobile - front seat, back seat, dashboard - are moving at 80 m.p.h. (130 KM/H), then the exterior will also have to move at 80 m.p.h. (130 KM/H). 

Likewise, if a person's insides are racing, then the outer - the body - must try to race at an equal speed as a result of the subconscious desire to reach a state of equilibrium between the inner and the outer and to end the sensation of feeling disconnected from one's self (which the Advaitin knows is about being out of touch with what can be pointed to with the term "the inner Authentic Self"). 

Common among the masses is the tendency to focus on an outer "cure" although "personal, individuated" problems always involve the need to treat the inner. Persons will consume or inject outer materials (for example, using alcohol excessively, and / or drugs) in order to try to change the way the inner feels, settling for a series of temporary respites rather than seeking the Real, Permanent Cure. 

[See yesterday's post for more on the failure of the magical, supernatural methods which many endorse as treatments or cures by those who believe that they can "Pray Away the Gay"; or can pray for rain and get it; or can pray away their addictions; or can pray for a hurricane or typhoon to miss them and it will happen; or can pray away their mental illnesses, any placebo effects or temporary respites which provide what they take to be "proof" notwithstanding.]

That within, which persons try to address without even the slightest clue about the proper treatment plan required, include . . . 

. . . the inner state of emotional intoxication or feelings intoxication, 

. . . the disharmony within, 

 . . . the dissension within among competing "selves," 

 . . . those dissonant and pounding and turmoil-producing vibrations within, and 

 . . . the cacophony of conflicting sounds and disagreeable noises originating between the ears. 

Such is the human condition when actual causes are not addressed, when the focus is on the outer and not the inner. At the Tokyo Electric Power Company's nuclear power plants at Fukushima, damaged during a tsunami in March of 2011, so ill-prepared was management that the workers initially had to supply their own protective gear to enter the facility as they tried to forestall a "China Syndrome" scenario. 

Similarly, in almost every home around the globe, children need protective gear to try to avoid a scenario that will render them - throughout their adult years and the entirety of their relative existence - not only unstable but plagued by what Maharaj called "learned ignorance" and "stupidity, verging on insanity." Yet in homes all around the globe, there is no protection available; therefore, by the age of six, the following has happened: 

. . . children have developed a primary personality type and subtypes have begun to form; 

 . . . an ego ideal has been adopted; 

. . . false identities have been accepted as real; 

 . . . 97% will have been exposed to myth-and-superstition-and-fiction-based dogma that is presented as truth, in fact, as "the ultimate and only truth"; 

. . . the stage will have been set for a multiplicity of full-blown personality disorders to manifest by the teenage years of those children; and 

. . . the children will have accumulated so many beliefs and ideas and concepts that a "mind" will have formed and will have filled the storage-retrieval part of the brain with utter nonsense. 

And that is where the life-long problem of the masses will be centered - in the "mind" - unless persons cross the path of "a Realized teacher" and receive the Ultimate Medicine for their Ultimate (mental and emotional) Sickness; or, unless they also find a means to address any other internal, physiological forces which are at play and which are disrupting the proper functioning of organs which, in turn, disrupt any opportunity for inner harmony to manifest and to be maintained. 

Unlike the workers at the Fukushima plant, however, there is no gear which can be put on and worn to protect children and adults who are walking about a planet where personality disorders and ignorance and insanity are pervasive; and there is no gear which can be put on and worn to protect the children and adults who are being exposed to the most toxic of all non-physical toxins, namely, faulty programming and perverted conditioning as well as the warped domestication which replaces all things natural with things most unnatural and things considered to be "supernatural." 

Add in the effects of acculturation and brainwashing and indoctrination and the resultant warping of the brain will be complete as the destructive content of the "mind" will override the constructive intentions of 

- the rest of the brain, 

- of the sixth sense, 

- of the intuition, 

- of the natural instincts, 

 - of the insight that can only come via the Pure Witnessing (a.k.a., True Self), and

- of the ability to feel while being free of the chaos and turmoil of excessive emotional intoxication. 

 As noted earlier in regards to acculturation, the case is in many cultures in particular that children are subjected by their parents and relatives and friends - who are themselves rigid and distant and excessively formal and remote and detached and aloof - to an intensive and extensive process of acculturation . . .

including acclimatization and nationalization and "education" and orientation and reorientation and accustoming and racial bias and a sense of racial supremacy and xenophobia and chauvinism and misogyny and  the resulting hatred and sense of different-from-ment and better-than-ment and the sense of separation and duality which accompany all of those. 

[Once the number of persons attached to such concepts crosses "the tipping point" where 50% or more in a nation are being driven by the agendas of those concepts, then buffoonery will prevail; then the majority will believe the grandest lies that a politician can dream up and spout; then they will be driven by anger and fear and arrogance to choose leaders who display unimaginable levels of "ignorance and stupidity and insanity"; and then the majority will happily "cut off their noses to spite their faces."]

Next, the children that are raised in the specific cultures on planet earth which have historically fostered a reputation for being cold and uncaring and rigid and distant and excessively formal and remote and detached and aloof, then those children will become adults who are cold and uncaring and rigid and distant and excessively formal and remote and detached and aloof, unable to "connect" and therefore forever exposed to the sensation of feeling "disconnected" (from "Self" and from all).

They will insanely complain that they feel lonely while actually wanting to be alone. Talk about a hopeless condition. Talk about being unstable. Talk about being unpredictable. Talk about being forever in flux. Talk about constantly fluctuating. Talk about never truly being at ease. Talk about generating chaos as a result of instability and / or insanity. 

Quite the dualistic conundrum, yes? Those who rightly could not trust their parents will (often wrongly) mistrust the motives of everyone else as well. 

As a result, they will have been rendered "uneducable" in terms of undoing the limiting effects of a bastardized "mind" and personality disorders, their intelligence level notwithstanding. Having no protective gear which could have prevented their exposure to the toxins of programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and brainwashing and indoctrination, a few of those children - as adults - might begin to seek something which will allow them to move peacefully through a relative existence on a planet which is packed with persons who have no peace (and who want no peace) but who have, instead, normalized the fact that they are unstable, unpredictable, inconsistent, and suffering from a variety of personality disorders which, in many cases, have deteriorated into insanity of one degree or another. 

In that search by the few for sanity and peace, many put on a cloak of religion; some put on a cloak of spirituality; some put on cloaks of escapism and avoidance; and some don a cloak of dissociation. During the search, most will look to add something to protect them from the planet-wide ignorance and insanity which they are exposed to daily (and which they unknowingly contribute to daily); 

unlike the Fukushima workers, however, what is required is not the addition of more protective gear; what is required is a stripping away of the gear which they have already been given: 

the gear of body identification; the gear of a nonsense-filled "mind"; the gear of assumed personalities and the disorders that accompany such assumption; the gear of learned ignorance; and the gear of bogus ideas and concepts and beliefs. Yet in the process they must find a willing guide, for "the non-Realized masses" can readily spot the insanity of "others," but they cannot spot their own. 

The so-called "Realized Advaitin teacher" will make clear to the seekers that come to her or to him that the seekers do not need more gear; they will be shown that they need, instead, to cast off the gear that has been cast upon them. 

The "Realized Advaitin teacher" will never offer more but will always suggest that the seeker needs less, and the skilled teacher will make clear that the seeker needs to learn nothing more but needs to unlearn all that has been taught or acquired or accrued, all added by way of programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and brainwashing and indoctrination. 

Thus, this series is offering for consideration the obstacles which now block the seeing of Truth and which prolong the Ultimate Sickness. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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