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Non-Duality Can Be the Ultimate Medicine for the Ultimate Sickness, But It Cannot Be the Ultimate Answer for EVERY Sickness, Part “B”

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From Instability / Insanity: What the Advaita Teachings Can (and Cannot Address)


Most of the problems of this planet are centered in the mind, including . . .

. . . the belief that man has been given dominion over plants, animals and the resources of the planet and has the right to use all of that as he chooses - thus negatively impacting the environment - is a mental problem; 

. . . the arrogance and sense of separation which lead to conflict on all levels is a mental problem; 

. . . the anxiety and stress and preoccupation with efforts to live according to the dreamed up rules and regulations and laws and commandments of someone else's dogma in order to spend eternity in an upgraded version of "this world" as opposed to a downgraded version of "this world" is a mental problem; 

. . . the fact that Real Love is mistaken for what the masses call "love" is a mental problem (a mental illness accompanied always by a lack of Wisdom, a failure to understand Oneness, and an excess of ignorance), as is the chaos that follows when their version of "love" is seen to have been false; 

. . . the instability of persons' thoughts and words and actions is a mental problem (the Advaitin called "Jesus Christ" purportedly having said that "A dual-minded person is unstable in all ways"); 


. . . being unstable is one surefire sign of the presence of a mental problem. Each example and others shall be discussed, beginning first with instability being evidence of a mental problem. 

Persons normalize the abnormal, so the depressed will often deny or just fail to see that they are depressed; the narcissistic can spot that trait in others but seldom see it in themselves; and those who exhibit harshness with their words, coldness with their unavailability, meanness in their interactions, cruelty with their judging, and / or near-sociopathic levels of mercilessness while ignoring the impact of their words and deeds on the feelings of those around them are sometimes quite capable of tuning into their own feelings (or emotions), though they can eventually dissociate and feel nothing; however, they are often totally out of touch with the way others feel as a result of dealing with them (giving lip service only to their ability to empathize).

Such volatile persons, having normalized their instability, either are not aware that flux and unsteadiness and their ever-in-motion fluctuations are abnormal . . . or, they simply do not care. Many of those are actually addicted to chaos, so bored and /or depressed that they subconsciously require the adrenaline rush that comes with chaos in order to "feel alive." 

Their problems are rooted in the instability generated by their dual-mindedness, so they accept, seek, or ignore their unstable condition and the fact that it is a mental problem, a form of insanity itself. The Advaitin Shakespeare referred to such types in relationships as those with "inconstant affections" and called them "inconstant lovers." 

Consider some of the definitions of "unstable": 

1. inconstant and variable; that is, likely to change frequently without apparent or cogent reason; 

2. unsteady, forever subject to change, highly or violently reactive; 

3. unable to afford a sense of ease or reassurance to those who are around them, preferring consciously or subconsciously to manipulate others with covert methods of controlling in order to make them "walk on eggshells" or to keep them at a distance; 

4. overly-sensitive to self while being insensitive with others; 

5. of unsound mind; suffering from severe mental illness; insane; deranged; 

6. disposed to psychological variability; irresolute; moody; 

7. and exhibiting such personality traits as: - changeable -unpredictable -unsteady -inconstant -unsettled -irrational -erratic -inconsistent -unreliable -untrustworthy and -vacillating All of the above describes those who are trapped in the Ultimate Sickness of a dualistic mind (and, thus, mental illness) and who are swept back and forth by the tides of emotional intoxication. 

Consider waves crashing into rock formations along the shores of the planet's oceans: the rocks are there, steady, unmoved by the actions of the ever-changing waves that are crashing into them. Take the rocks (as in "she / he is steady as a rock") to be the relative existence when insanity is absent and when Reality is overlaid upon it; take the waves to be the ever-in-motion consciousness, the unstable mind, and the existence that many encounter everyday because they are unstable in all ways. 

The mind is the seat of duality, and duality is that which drives persons into constantly-fluctuating states of happiness and unhappiness; of shifting from loving to hate; of moving from idealizing and romanticizing to degrading and debasing; of upgrading and downgrading; of moving from "you light up my life" to "you drive me crazy"; of looking at a potential partner and writing a "pro / con" list of that potential partner's traits but having no "con's" on the list; and of arrogantly doing the same with one's own "pro / con" list of traits. 

Sometimes, the Ultimate Medicine can shed its healing light on unstable thoughts and words and actions and ignorance and allow persons to escape the drama and chaos of their instability; more often, the masses will remain unstable throughout the manifestation. 

As the deer in this neighborhood spontaneously move away from the chaos and noise generated by some in the community, so the sane will often finally tire of the insanity generated by the unstable persons in their lives and move on; others, driven by their own selfish agendas, will stay to receive "Perk A" while tolerating "Examples of Total Insanity A through Z" (all of which are often rooted in the duality and the insanity of "Psychological Splitting"). 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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He tried a religious version of the Medicine, a Spiritual version of the Medicine, and finally settled on a version which addressed to Sickness at its core . . . at the mental and emotional level.


“Dangerous” is a term that can only apply during the relative existence, but of those who do commit suicide, for example, how many shoot themselves in the foot over and over until they “bleed out”? None. They shoot themselves in the head. Why? In order to try to stop the noise - to try to stop the chatter of a thousand monkeys – to stop the noisy mind which is the area that stores the ideas, notions, concepts, mind-stuff, etc. which drives them into the depths of insanity.

And what are those ideas, notions, concepts, etc. called, collectively? "Their beliefs." The irony? They are not their beliefs at all. They are the beliefs of “others” that were set in place via programming, conditioning, etc. and which persons then think are their own.

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