Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Whether Living Spirituality (Supernaturally), Asleep (Unnaturally), Religiously (Unnaturally), Naturally, Philosophically, Ideologically, or otherwise, WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT? Part One

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Few ever stop long enough to look at themselves - at their false selves - and inventory their actual motives. Even for the few who do look, finding truth is further complicated because most never realize what their actual, hidden motivators are, namely the agendas of the many false personality identifications which have been assumed and the desires and fears of each of those identities. Why that is a complication? Those motivators operate at a subconscious level, so most persons (even seekers) are doubly unaware of their influence and effects.

In the last series, this was shared: 

Even the few who do seek will seldom really understand at all what it is that they should actually be seeking.

So, you're invited

(A) to consider some possibilities of what those persons among the masses are seeking and then

(B) to see which mode of living is driving them to seek whatever it is that they are seeking and then

(C) to see if you can relate to any of the following:

If Living Asleep, what is it you think you want?

#1 . . . Happiness? 

# 2 . . . Money, as in . . . 

Hit a jackpot? 

Have a rich relative die? 

Find a wealthy woman . . . that's the plan? 

Find a man . . . a man's a plan? 

Find someone to sue?

Receive a major settlement from a class action lawsuit? 

Passion / Sex / Killer sex? 

Emotional intoxication / Adrenaline rushes? 

Having power? 

Being in control? 

To avoid? 

To escape? 

To dissociate? 

To deny? 

To evade? 

To find a caretaker? 

To be admired? 

To be applauded? 

To find the love your parents did not give you when you were a child?

If Living Religiously, what is it you think you want?

Eternal life? 

Eternal reward? 

The avoidance of eternal punishment? 

A really good ___ (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, etc.) man? 

A really good ___ (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, etc.) woman? 






A positive image in the community? 

Emotional intoxication / Adrenaline rushes? 

Virgins, Wives and Whores in an eternal afterlife? 

Being pleasing to God? 

Having a Power to tap into? 


To convert others? 

To reform the world? 



The Next World? 

The Next Life? 

Elysian Fields? 


The Hereafter? 

The Firmament? 

The Wild Blue Yonder? 

To be seen as a super religious person? 

To be able to do whatever you want to others, to ask for forgiveness for screwing them over, to thereby get a clean slate, and then to start all over again? 

To be seen as the one with all the answers? 

To help and save everyone? 

And why is living religiously unnatural? Living religiously is a recent phenomenon in the history of humankind and its ancestors. Those ancestors lived and evolved naturally for 540 million years, and they did so without knelling and rising and knelling and rising; without smelling special smoke; without chanting and humming; without hitting bowls on pillows; without claiming to have been possessed by a "Holy Spirit" and then rolling around on the ground in a state of emotional intoxication, etc., yet they did just fine. The evidence: We are here. 

During the 8+ million-year history of humankind's more immediate ancestors, they lived and evolved naturally, and they did so without claiming to speak in foreign tongues; without wearing special, holy robes; without having special haircuts; without thinking that they were sinful at times and virtuous at other times; and without spending a fortune on religious accoutrements, yet they did just fine. The evidence: We are here. 

And in the 200,000 years since so-called "modern humans" evolved, excluding only the last 5000 years, trillions of humans have lived and evolved naturally, and they did so without reading special books; without allowing the content of special books written thousands of years before them to tell them how to live presently; without feeling guilty about having sex; without being killed or beheaded for being a member of "the wrong religion" or "the wrong sect," etc., yet they did just fine. The evidence: We are here. 

And while doing just fine, they did not abide unnaturally, and they did not abide supernaturally, buying into a few superstitions and myths dreamed up by their leaders notwithstanding. (It was that "buying into" which led during the last 5000 years to all of the present-day organized religions and cults and spiritual movements). 

Contrast hundreds and thousands and millions of years of abiding naturally with the unnatural and supernatural ways in which the masses abide nowadays.

If Living Spiritually, what is it you think you want?

A Pure Spirit? 

Having a Power to tap into? 



To be seen as a spiritual giant? 

To be seen as a wise one / the wisest one? 

To be seen as the all-knowing one? 


Realization (without knowing that, per Maharaj, "realization" simply means "being free of all learned ignorance")? 

Liberation (without knowing that means being free of being driven by the hidden agendas of personalities)? 

To be seen as a Knower? 

To find . . . 



The Supreme Reality? 

The Ultimate Reality? 

The Infinite Self? 

The Ultimate Self? 

The Authentic Self? 

The Eternal Self? 

The True Self? 

The Impersonal Absolute? 



A State Of Supreme Bliss? 

The Upper Regions? 

The Celestial Sphere? 

Rebirth onto a Higher Plain? 

If Living Philosophically, what is it you think you want?

To be seen as a deep thinker? 

To be argumentative for the sake of being argumentative? 

To be provocative for the sake of being provocative? 

To appear aloof? 

To appear lofty and superior and elevated? 

To isolate? 

To enjoy pushing the limits on moral relativism? 

To be Nietzsche-like? 

To be Kant-like? 

To be Socrates-like? 

To be Sartre-like? 

To be Confucius-like? 

To be Ayn Rand-like? 

If Living Ideologically, what is it you think you want?

To be able to tell everyone what the best political party is, unequivocally? 

To be able to tell everyone what the best economic system is, unequivocally? 

To be able to tell everyone what the best monetary policies are, unequivocally? 

To be able to tell everyone what the best form of government is, unequivocally? 

To be able to fixate on one subject and to become a fanatical about that one subject in an effort to use every second available to influence others to agree with your views? 

To be able to fulfill your "missionary complex"? 

To eliminate all compromise and overwhelm others in order to force your views on everyone else? 

To present lies as facts and truths in order to inspire others to accept all of the components of your belief system?

Yesterday, this was shared: 

If you are interested, may you find a final and viable and effective treatment, be freed from the machinations of the warped mind, then be done with seeking, and then finally unwind, calm down, slow down, let go, loosen up, lighten up, settle down, rest, chill out, take a break, and abide naturally rather than unnaturally and / or supernaturally. Of course, that is all just a suggestion. 

The invitation here is . . .

(1) to look objectively at what is driving your thoughts and words and actions 

and then to ask

(2) "How much fun am I to be around, really? Am I taking myself (my false selves) way too seriously? Am I actually boring the hell out of everyone around me with my fixations and obsessions and domineering ways?" 


(3) to find out what style of living you have lapsed into or been programmed and conditioned to follow


(4) To determine accurately if you are living naturally or unnaturally and / or supernaturally


(5) To find out if the mode of living you have accepted or adopted is really "working for you" (that is, actually providing a life marked by your being sane and sound and reasonable and peaceful and content and by enjoying unconditional happiness).

To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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