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A Review and Overview of Recent Non-Dual Quotes and Pointers: "So What's It All About?" Part Twenty-Seven

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Yesterday it was said that more would be offered today regarding the ill-conceived concepts which the masses hold about "love." 

At any given moment throughout earth's entire history of humankind on planet earth, there have only been a few persons who truly understand the difference in the True Love which Maharaj pointed to in his statement that "Love is knowing that I am everything" as opposed to the subject-object version of so-called "love" which the masses speak of. 

For them, it's always like in the sentence "I (subject) hit the ball (object)" except humans don't overuse the word "hit" the way that they overuse the word "love." The rate at which they use the word "love" is so frequent and so excessive that it has been trivialized like all of the words which are generated while humans are moving about while in their sleep talking, sleepwalking state: 

"I love the gifts I got for Christmas / Purim or Hanukah / Diwali (Deepavali) / a Potlatch, etc." 

"I love my dog / cat / hamster / goldfish / parakeet / horse, etc. It's so cute." 

"I loved the meal we had last night." 
"Me, too, and I loved the new wine that David and Mary served with it." 

"I love the new Lexus that my sweetie pie gave me as a retirement gift." 
"I know how you feel. I absolutely love the Ferrari my darling bought me with the Christmas bonus that the investment bank gave to all of their top-ranked employees last year." 

"I absolutely love my daily self-help meetings." 

"I love the people in our church / temple / synagogue, etc." 

"I'm like Linus: "I love mankind. It's just people that I can't stand. Haha." 

"I love the Bible / Qur'an / Torah / the book written by my favorite teacher / the book with my guru's talks, etc." 

"I love killing infidels / terrorists / people in that other sect, etc."

"I love my city / state / country." 

"I love this year's bachelor / bachelorette." 

"I love playing the slots in our local casino." 

"I love the new song just released by _____." 

"I love my counselor. I've been seeing her weekly for 22 years." 

"I love God / Allah / Yahweh / Jehovah, etc." 

See? In addition to the fact that the word is not understood to begin with, it is bandied about so much that it has been demeaned even further through conscious-less repetition. 

And what about when there was an occasional exchange of "I love you, Brother" with someone? The actual message of Oneness behind that was fully understood. And what about when I say, "I love you" to the ones called "my daughter and granddaughter and son-in-law or friend"? Do they understand the actual message behind that? Probably not. So it is. But when I say it, I understand. They can do with it what they will, but that is a far cry from the way the masses use and abuse the word "love."

For the masses, however, it's always about them - the subject - and what they claim to love at the moment - some object. 

Some say, "Well, I might have had some mistaken perceptions over the years about the people and things I thought I loved, but don't tell me not to love my God." 

Okay. I'll let Maharaj tell you: 

[For Maharaj, it was the "third stage" or the third of seven steps on "the path."]

Next, what about the advice from one Big Name Teacher which we've discussed recently, that you should love everything that is or the advice from some "religious" or "spiritual" people that you must love everyone or that you can "hate the sin but must still love the sinner."

To the notion that one must love everyone else: to think that there is any possibility that all “A’s” can love all “B’s” and vice-versa is duality. Real Love IS; subject-object love is not real, based in duality as it is.

At the purest level of understanding, there is no separation into “A’s” and “B’s,” so there can be no case in which any “A” can love “B.” It can simply be understood that there are no “A’s” and “B’s” and that Real Love simply IS. Love is, but it is known only when the Oneness is understood. 

Tomorrow: The Additional, Very Different Perspectives Which Came Via The Vision Regarding the "love" vs. "LOVE" Conundrum 

To be continued.

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